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thanks cas_123 01/11/13 2:52 PM
I have not heard of anythng. I believe surfkast 01/11/13 2:28 PM
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS surfkast 12/24/12 11:39 AM
Negative......Just another POS P and D SCAM.................. SurgeGuy2.0 10/11/12 7:37 PM
L2-screenshot anyone please~~ S-BEES-BUMBLEBEE 09/11/12 1:16 AM surfkast 08/21/12 9:14 AM
anything new? wasnt there some type of cas_123 08/20/12 6:27 PM
Try it. LOL! surfkast 06/05/12 5:24 AM
We need to just call the brokers and HotStocks1 06/04/12 11:01 PM
That is the million dollar question. surfkast 06/04/12 6:14 PM
That's fine but where did Scottrade & many HotStocks1 06/04/12 3:58 PM
The shell was hijacked! That is why the surfkast 06/01/12 9:17 AM
I know lets get the MOASS going and HotStocks1 05/31/12 5:51 PM
If the authorities make the MM.s buy back Brad S 05/31/12 4:12 PM
This one could be an amazing play depending surfkast 05/31/12 10:30 AM
You own at least the entire A/S, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) S-BEES-BUMBLEBEE 05/31/12 6:58 AM
I am not sure how this would work surfkast 05/25/12 7:20 AM
HUGE MOASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTHER OF ALL SHORT SQUEEZES!!!!!!! HotStocks1 05/24/12 9:55 PM
They may all be fraudelent issued shares and surfkast 05/24/12 7:35 PM
Not sure but it is in the billions. HotStocks1 05/24/12 4:27 PM
What`re the actual A/S and Float-#s here, Bud?? S-BEES-BUMBLEBEE 05/23/12 9:11 PM
LSMJ SEC Suspension: Renee 05/14/12 7:19 PM
When the final hand is dealt, it could surfkast 05/09/12 9:22 AM
LSMJ Security Details ShareStructure MarketValue: $1(!!!) a/o May07,2012 S-BEES-BUMBLEBEE 05/08/12 5:55 PM
Last I heard it was 12 million but HotStocks1 05/05/12 9:28 PM
What is the float of LSMJ,I know another Dblast 05/05/12 9:07 PM
All I am asking for is .01 per share!!! HotStocks1 04/26/12 6:59 PM
personally I doubt it unless they find a surfkast 04/26/12 5:57 PM
Does this mean my 20 Million shares will HotStocks1 04/25/12 10:41 PM
News for LSMJ~ TORONTO, Apr 20, 2012, 2012 S-BEES-BUMBLEBEE 04/25/12 12:13 PM
Happy Easter. surfkast 04/08/12 1:15 PM
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Mother Of All Shorts Squeezes!!!!!! HotStocks1 01/23/12 1:23 PM
They should just put the bid at a HotStocks1 01/23/12 1:22 PM surfkast 01/23/12 12:45 PM
l.The payments ordered in paragraphs (h) and (i) surfkast 01/23/12 12:44 PM
I beleive it mean massive MOASS!!!!!!!!!!! HotStocks1 01/23/12 12:36 PM
recent news agreement from OSC on leasemart etc stockquest 01/23/12 12:28 PM
I beleive there is some ruling coming down HotStocks1 01/11/12 8:40 PM
Why do you say that? agapespreader 01/11/12 9:10 AM
MOASS coming next month HotStocks1 01/10/12 6:46 PM
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LeaseSmart Inc. (fka LSMJ)

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SEC Revokes Registration Of LeaseSmart


An Administrative Law Judge had issued an Order Making Findings and Revoking Registrations by Default of LeaseSmart, Inc., Administrative Proceeding No. 3-13511. The Order Instituting Proceedings (OIP) alleged that the firm repeatedly failed to file required annual and quarterly reports while its securities were registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Default Order found the allegations to be true and revokes the registrations of each class of registered securities of the firm, pursuant to Section 12(j) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.




Number: C2755794 Date Filed: 7/6/2005 Status: active
Jurisdiction: California
Agent for Service of Process
Transfer Agent:
Select American Transfer Co., Toronto, ON M2N 7G2

LSMJ Antandsons 4/09/2007 8:04 PM EST Corporate Hijacking Hits LeaseSmart?
Thomas J. Catino
4/09/2007 8:04 PM EST
E-mail author | E-mail article | RSS | Link

"Common stock, no par value
Shares authorized -- 20,000,000;
Issued and outstanding -- 14,074,019

The next OSC hearing on these guys:

June 24, 2008

2:30 p.m. David Watson, Nathan Rogers, Amy Giles, John Sparrow, Leasesmart, Inc., Advanced Growing Systems, Inc., Pharm Control Ltd.,, Inc., Universal Seismic Associates Inc., Pocketop Corporation, Asia Telecom Ltd., International Energy Ltd., Cambridge Resources Corporation, Nutrione Corporation and Select American Transfer Co.

s. 127 and 127.1

P. Foy in attendance for Staff

Panel: JEAT/ST

Disclaimer: The Moderators of this Board have no special knowledge or information. We express our opinions only, as does everyone who posts on this forum, whether Moderators or not, and no one should rely on anything that is said herein by any Moderator or other person. Specifically with regards to LSMJ being halted from trading, we do not know and make absolutely no representations one way or another. Its a pure gamble. Some are willing to make the gamble while others aren't. Its purely your decision and should not be influenced in any manner by anyone, Moderators or otherwise. The Moderators do not make any recommendations regarding anyone's investment decisions regarding LSMJ or any other stock. The Moderators could be wrong or right with any opinion stated, express or implied, and make absolutely no representations whatsoever that should be relied upon by whomsoever that what is posted is "fact" or in any way "correct" in any manner whatsoever. All investment decisions should solely be made by the individual irrespective of whatever is posted on this forum.

The Moderators herein expressly disclaim any responsibility to be anyone's advisor, fiduciary, friend, confidant, babysitter or mommy. If you are on this forum, for whatever purpose or reason, you are here voluntarily and of your sole volition as a fully functioning adult. You are fully responsibility for your own decisions, including, but not limited to, your personal behavior on this forum. Please abide by the I-Hub TOU rules and attempt to conduct yourself in a civil, respectful and somewhat dignified manner.

Good luck and good trading everyone.

LSMJ was formerly XXsys Technologies, Inc., trading on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) market. See, e.g.,

LSMJ -- LeaseSmart, Inc.
Com (No Par)
Search for Dun & Bradstreet reports on this company.

Company Notes:
Formerly=XXsys Technologies, Inc. until 10-05

See also,

LeaseSmart Inc.

LeaseSmart Inc.

LeaseSmart Inc., formerly Xxsys Technologies, Inc., was organized to develop non-destructive testing and measurement techniques for advance materials in the defense industry. . . .

As an OTCBB Company, XXsys was required to and did file SEC documents. The last SEC Filing was a 10QSB filed on February 16, 1999, wherein it was confirmed that the authorized shares (A/S) was 20 million and the outstanding shares (O/S) was approximately 14 million:

"State the number of shares outstanding of each of the issuer's classes
of common equity, as of the latest practicable date: Common Stock, no par value
- - 14,074,019 shares outstanding on February 12, 1999."

After this SEC Filing, or shortly thereafter, XXsys became a dormant, non-operating shell. Everything was frozen in place, basically as left in this February, 1999 SEC Filing.

There is absolutely no documentation whatsoever, that we have been able to find, disclosing a merger, acquisition or any other sort of transformation from XXsys to LSMJ.

The contact person and former President of XXsys is Dr. Gloria Ma.

Contacting XXsys
Investor Relations
Gloria Ma
XXsys Technologies, Inc.

We have spoken with Dr. Ma via telephone who confirmed that there was no "merger" at all between XXsys and LSMJ. She futher confirmed that the Authorized Shares (A/S) was 20 million shares to the best of her recollection pursuant to the last SEC document filed by XXsys.

Dr. Ma has contacted the SEC and filed a formal Complaint, to which the SEC has not taken any action as of yet, to her knowledge. also reports a 1-for-1000 reverse split, which would bring the oustanding shares to a miniscule approximately fourteen thousand (14,000) shares:

Current Capital Change:
shs decreased by 1 for 1000 split
Record Date:
Pay Date: 2005-10-13

However, since that was effective after LSMJ came into the picture, it cannot be confirmed whether this is accurate.

LSMJ has been trading in the hundreds of millions of shares per for several weeks. How could this possibly occur where the A/S is confirmed to be 20 million shares?

Potential Mother of All Short Squeezes (MOASS)?

Unfortunately, BHUB has been temporarily halted from trading by the DTC after an exciting run from .0001 to .007. Trading in pink sheet stocks is extremely risky and everyone needs to be aware of the risks. Recently, some people have been coming to the LSMJ Board, which, by definition, is a forum to discuss LSMJ, seeking to compare LSMJ to BHUB, and, particularly, raise concerns whether LSMJ will be halted. But in so doing, this LSMJ Board is being transformed into a second BHUB Board. The LSMJ Board Moderators will not allow this to happen. Thus, I have set forth a discussion comparing and contrasting BHUB and LSMJ. This will be the final word on the matter. If you want to discuss BHUB, please post on the BHUB Board. This Board is to discuss LSMJ, please

This will be the last reply I make to someone referencing BHUB. Anyone mentioning BHUB again on this Board will be summarily deleted.

Okay, the comparison to LSMJ and BHUB:

Comparisons between BHUB and LSMJ

BHUB has a 50 million A/S and 21 million O/S, yet several hundred million shares per day has traded in BHUB for weeks.

LSMJ has a 20 million A/S (100 million A/S, maximum) and 14 million O/S, yet several hundred million shares per day has traded in LSMJ for weeks.

The T/A, for BHUB, American Select, apparently issued the shares over and above 50 million based upon the assumption that the "BHUB" they represented was a Delaware Corp. In reality, it turned out that the T/A was issuing shares for the wrong company. The true Company was a shell known as BHUB, domiciled in Florida. Darrell Peterson, the President of BHUB, confirmed that his shell company had no relationship whatsoever with the Delaware company for which the T/A was issuing shares.

The T/A for LSMJ, American Select, apparently issued the shares over and above 20 million based upon the assumption that the "LSMJ" they represented is a Company known as LeaseSmart, Inc. In reality, it turned out that the T/A was issuing shares for the wrong company. The true Company is a shell known as XXsys. Gloria Ma, the President of XXsys, confirmed that her shell company had no relationship whatsoever with LeaseSmart, Inc., which is the company the T/A was issuing shares.

Darrell Peterson, the President of BHUB, confirmed in his interview today on Traders Nation that he did not know who John Sparrow is.

Gloria Ma, the President of LSMJ, confirmed in her telephone conversations with several posters that she did not know who John Sparrow is.

Distinctions Between BHUB and LSMJ

Darrell Peterson, the President of BHUB, stated that he "only recently" discovered that the T/S, American Select was issuing shares for his Company wrongfully. He responded by issuing several Press Releases stating that the T/A issued more than 1.5 billin "unregistered" shares.

Gloria Ma, the President of XXsys, stated that she was aware that an entity known as "LeaseSmart, Inc. (LSMJ)" took over her shell company as soon as it happened. She accordingly filed formal complaints with the SEC nearly a year ago as soon as she discovered the "hijacking."

Darrell Peterson, the President of BHUB, issued numerous Press Releases publicly challenging the T/A, which caught the attention of the DTCC. With the information so public and "in your face," of course the DTCC had to respond.

Gloria Ma, the President of XXsys, which was hijacked and transformed into LSMJ, has never released any Press Releases concerning the situation. She took her complaint directly to the SEC, nearly a year ago.


BHUB ran for over one month before its halt, and even when it was halted I-Hub posters had advance warning. BHUB ran in phases, the first phase from .0001 to .0007, retrace, .0002 to .0023, retrace, .0005 to .007, halt.

LSMJ is in the midst of its run. Will LSMJ be halted, who knows, certainly I don't and I don't make any representations one way or another. But I'm taking that gamble. Anyone who does not want to take the gamble should not invest in LSMJ and therefore have no reason to visit the LSMJ Board.

LSMJ is also running in phases but with higher highs and higher lows than BHUB. LSMJ ran from .0001 to .0025, and is currently retracing, to a low of .0007, and preparing for the next phase of its run.

Now people from the BHUB Board are running over here trying to "save" LSMJ from running to .007 and higher. Okay, thanks, but no thanks.

Once again, we are charting into some very speculative waters, but hey isn't that why a lot of investors trade stocks on Over the Counter and PinkSheets market? The stock that we have been trying to dig up some information on is Lease Smart Inc. (OTC: LSMJ) which is a full service commercial loan company according to their last public release back in April of 2006. Lease Smart stock tripled today on over a billion shares traded, though it is difficult to see why since there has not been any news releases issued since last year. Since there is relatively little information out there ranging from non-existent contact numbers and a lack of a corporate website, we started using a resource that has proved to be reliable in the past. We logged on to the PinkSheet's website to find something... anything. Unfortunately, not much of the information was updated for Lease Smart on the site, but we did discover that the company was formerly known as XXSys Technologies Inc., a developer of composite retrofit systems for infrastructure renewal.

But this is where it gets a little fuzzy. How did XXSys Technologies become Lease Smart? Could a reverse merger have been the cause? There was a symbol and name change back in October of 2005 that was accompanied by a reverse stock split, but there is no other evidence of a corporate change. The most likely scenario for such a move would have been a reverse merger.

Here is what happens in such a transaction; typically, shareholders of a private company gain control of a public shell by merging it with their private company. Then the public shell company issues a substantial majority of its shares and board control to the shareholders of the private company. Since the transaction process is not too complicated, the reverse merger can be accomplished in as little as two weeks, resulting in the private company becoming a public company.

However, we are a little skeptical about if this did legitimately take place considering the events surrounding The Inc. (OTC: BHUB) and because there was never a formal announcement issued by the company. Adding to the suspicion is the fact that the transaction does not go through a review by state and federal regulators.

So we looked to Lease Smart's transfer agent, Select American Transfer Co. to continue our due diligence process and made our first phone call. What we found out is the company has apparently not paid its bills for months, and as a result, the transfer agent has stopped working for the company and has tried to get in contact with corporate officers for weeks but to no avail. The representative declined to give out any additional information, only to add that most of it would likely be outdated.

Yet, XXSys is not a dormant company and is still active according to filings with the state of California so that begs the question why the company would undergo a reverse merger if its operations have not ceased. To get some answers, we spoke to XXSys CEO Dr. Gloria Ma. Naturally, she did not reveal much and would not comment on the situation except to clearly distance herself and her company from Lease Smart. She firmly stated there is no relationship between the two companies.

However, what is interesting is the relationship between The Inc. (OTC: BHUB) and Lease Smart. Both companies, besides sharing the same transfer agent at one point in time, list the same corporate address which just so happens to be a UPS store according to state filings. If you recall from a previous article, we noted that is likely a victim of corporate identity theft.

In 2005, individuals by the name of John Sparrow and Jason Wong registered a corporation using the name The Inc., according to Florida Secretary of State documents. It is not certain at this point, but there is speculation that Sparrow and Wong might have opened an account with Select American Transfer and claimed ownership of the company which would have given them the ability to change the share structure and sell shares on to the open market. Recently, the has traded in excess of half a billion shares on a daily basis. Interim President Darrell Peterson told Ant & Sons that the company is working diligently to update their corporate information. The company's legal team is being very pro-active and investigating the irregular trading activity that could have occurred as a result of unregistered or illegal shares hitting the open market. Peterson confirmed that there has been no share authorization increase that he is aware of since the last 10-Q SEC filing that indicated there were 50,000,000 shares.

Could the exact same thing be happening with XXSys? The last annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicated an outstanding share count of just over 14 million shares (before the stock split). If there is more substance to what could turn out be another possible corporate hijacking that has involved millions of unregistered or illegal shares hitting the market, than Lease Smart shares are in for a wild ride. We hope to find out more in the coming days, so stick with Ant & Sons for the latest coverage.

The author does not have a vested interest in Lease Smart Inc. (OTC: LSMJ) nor The Inc. (OTC: BHUB).

See, also,

Posted by: TikiGal
In reply to: CuttinRog who wrote msg# 5271 Date:4/12/2007 10:25:55 PM
Post #of 5315

Gloria Ma owns XXsys Technologies. Her company has been dormant since the end of 1999 for it is involved in lawsuits. She does not know the fate of her company until the lawsuits have been settled.
Her company is the victim of identity theft. Thus LSMJ. She has been in contact with the SEC for over a year now for them to do something about this situation and she is quite upset that nothing has been done. The A/S before it was highjacked was 20ml..
T/a for her company is American Stock in New York( I forgot the complete name but it is in one of my buried posts here) She told me they have been gagged and cannot discuss this situation with anyone.

I called Select in Canada. The CEO of LSMJ(Scam Co.) is Aaron Chaze. The A/S they stated was around 100ml, but they believe it is higher. They haven't been able to contact anyone from the suppose LeaseSmart. I wonder why? The Pr sent out from Leasemart in 2006 I proved to be bogus for the contact name they gave at the bottom of it was for LeaseMart who I emailed and they responded back that it wasn't their pr and they have nothing to do with LSMJ. Scamsters used their company at the bottom of the pr due to the fact that the names of the companies were similar LeaseSmart/LeaseMart.. How clever..
LSMJ and BHUB have same Florida address, same T/A out of Canada. Both bogus filings were done within days of each other in July/2005.. Both gave out bogus prs in 2006 which brought high volume to a normally non moving position.. Both had R/S. Symbol change from XXYS to LSMJ was in Oct/2005(I posted the link to this in another one of my prior posts)
I do not know what is going to take place here and I suggest everyone do their own dd on this one.



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