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Goldcorp Inc. Celebrates Listing Anniversary 05/24/2005 Goldcorp Inc. (NYSE-Listed GG) Celebrates its 10th listing anniversary on the NYSE. In honor of the occasion, President & CEO Ian Telfer rings The Opening Bell. Goldcorp Inc. Goldcorp is one of the world's largest gold mining companies with the strongest production growth profile among all major gold companies. Goldcorp, a Canadian based company with its corporate office based in Vancouver, Canada, employs more than 9,000 people worldwide. Goldcorp has 18 world class operations and development projects focused throughout the Americas with over 70% of reserves in low risk NAFTA countries. In 2006, Goldcorp acquired over $10 billion of assets positioning the Company to be the best senior gold producer in the world. The integration of new assets and the commitment to concentrate efforts in core operating districts is a focus for Goldcorp in 2007. In the third quarter, ended September 30, 2007, gold production increased 28% to 556,200 ounces compared with 431,800 ounces in 2006. Goldcorp’s cash costs remain the lowest in the industry on both a by-product and co-product basis at $140 per gold ounce and $299 per ounce respectively. Goldcorp paid $31.7 million in dividends to Shareholders in the third quarter. Goldcorp is the fastest growing, lowest cost senior gold producer. The Company does not hedge or sell forward its gold production. Goldcorp shares are traded on the Toronto (TSX:G) and New York (NYSE:GG) stock exchanges. Goldcorp shareholders enjoy about 100% interest/year - on the Goldcorp LT investments over last 10 years + the Goldcorp gives good dividends - Goldcorp dividends - Gold remains the time-honored standard of wealth - that no other currency can match. dd.... dd.... GATA - Gold go to $3000 or $5000 or more? - GATA's advertisement in The Wall Street Journal - This advertisement, sponsored by GATA and costing $264,426.26, is scheduled to appear in The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, January 31, 2008. Complete documentation of the statements cited in the advertisement can be found as follows: Paragraph 2, statement by J. Virgil Mattingly, general counsel for the Federal Reserve: Paragraph 3, statement by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan: Paragraph 4, motion by Barrick Gold Corp.: Paragraph 5, statement by William S. White of the Bank for International Settlements: Paragraph 6, U.S. Treasury Department international reserve position reports: Paragraph 7, Sprott Asset Management report: Paragraph 7, Cheuvreux report: Paragraph 7, Citigroup report: Paragraph 7, Redburn Partners report: View ad as PDF Wall Street Journal Ad Legend in record US chart debut - Link to related URL: [b]Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 1 of 3 Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 2 of 3 Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 3 of 3 A must see video clip on the Federal Reserve and the current state of the Dollar... It is being driven by the plethora of money flooding private equity firms by large institutional investors desperately searching for rate of return. Being aware of the magnitude, weight and direction of fiatsmoney in the aggregate at any point in time is more than half the battle in trying to maintain a level head and flexibility as investors. Attention to the greater US credit cycle, the manifestations of which go far beyond SUV's and residential real estate prices - Far beyond - GOLD (Au) PRODUCERS SILVER (Ag) PRODUCERS COPPER (Cu) PRODUCERS TSX Gold stocks low cost producers - DD ... Precious Metals Spot Price's - Gold Trading Boot Camp - How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor - Uranium History Snippets ... Welcome to join and enjoy Precious Metal Producers - InvestorsHub forum... tell us your opinion and ask your questions... Imo. Tia. Brgds. Bob HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS - Before the U.S. House of Representatives - The End of Dollar Hegemony - Second wave LT trend started - of the 5-wave Elliott pattern - This Gold bull market rise is going to make the 1970s spectacular rise look small in comparison. It will take time, but it's powerful because it's more of a global market today compared to the 1970s. By Aden sisters. Gold - Afternoon Fix (Source N M Rothschild) (INDEX) - AMEX - Gold Bugs Index (INDEX) Phlx - Gold Silver Index (INDEX) GOLD the real value about fiatz$35,000.-/oz today.... THE AMERO IS REAL, I HAVE ONE TO PROVE IT! (Hal Turner) - Dollar hits new low versus euro - Welcome to the Precious Metal Producers discussion board
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