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The Oil and Gas Pipeline The Oil and Gas Pipeline is to inform investors of oil and gas news/plays from all over the world. Alternative Fuel Companies/Plays are also welcome. Simple Rules: Just post your information and news...That is all and anything that will help out the oil and gas investor. Also, the quicker you get and post information the more it helps people and will also draw more attention to your stocks. Oil and Gas Links: Oil.com: http://www.oil.com American Petroleum Institute: http://www.api.org Gas.com: http://www.gas.com NGSA: http://www.ngsa.org NaturalGas.org: http://www.naturalgas.org Natural Gas News: http://www.naturalgasnews.org Production Gathering Company: http://www.pgcgas.com/gasstatistics.htm WTRG: http://www.wtrg.com/index.html Energy Prices(Delayed):http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/commodities/energyprices.html ====================================================== Alternative Energy Links: http://www.h2fc.com/news.html http://magnumheat.com/ http://www.energydaily.net/ http://www.renewableenergystocks.com/Companies/RenewableEnergy/Stock_List.asp http://www.solarconnecticut.org/ http://www.switch2hydrogen.com// http://vegenergy.com/ ==================================================== Caspian Sea Resources: The Caspian Sea region, including the Sea and the states surrounding it, is important to world energy markets because of its potential to become a major oil and natural gas exporter over the next decade. http://www.caspianbusinessnews.com http://www.caspiansea.com http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/caspian.html http://www.caspianstudies.com http://www.parstimes.com/Caspian.html http://www.caspianenergy.com ==================================================== Ihub Links NetWorking with Moderator: mick,Assistants: 02opida, cbfromli... Billionaire Boys Club Member Forum...#board-3665 sons and daughters parent to BBCMF...#msg-10289807 Gas prices in your area - highest/lowest: http://www.gasbuddy.com/ Toronto Stock Exchange: http://www.tsx.com/ SEC & Forms: http://www.sec.gov/ http://www.pinksheets.com http://www.otcbb.com ==================================================== Energy Terms: Bbl: Barrel Bbls: Barrels MMBbls: Million Barrels Bpd: Barrel per day Mbpd: Thousand barrels per day Bopd: Barrels of oil per day Mbopd: Thousand barrels of oil per day Bcf: Billion cubic feet Bcfe: Billion cubic feet equivalent Bcfpd: Billion cubic feet per day BOE: Barrel oil equivalent Boepd: Barrels of oil equivalent per day MMBTU: Million British thermal units MMBTUpd: Million British thermal units per day BTU: British thermal units BTUpcf: British thermal units per cubic foot MMBoe: Million Barrels of oil equivalent LPG: Liquified Petroleum Gas Mcf: Thousand cubic feet MMcfepd: Million cubic feet equivalent per day MMcfpd: Million cubic feet per day Tcf: Trillion cubic feet Tcfe: Trillion cubic feet equivalent GAL: Gallon MMGal: Million Gallons Kwh: Kilowatt hour MW: Megawatt One barrel of oil: equivalent to 6 Mcf of natural gas =============================================================== For recent oil and gas news/plays bookmark and visit us daily at The Oil and Gas Pipeline on IHub: http://investorshub.com/boards/addBrdMrk.asp?board_id=5320
#3973   ok new stuff mick 10/27/16 12:37:15 PM
#3972   Ok..I had asked IH to delete that board...I Golden_Cross 10/27/16 12:30:44 PM
#3971   hi my friend title no show at favorite's board. mick 10/27/16 12:22:14 PM
#3970   This board is marked for deletion Golden_Cross 10/04/16 08:26:14 AM
#3969   chart still working; stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=$WTIC&p=W&yr=1&mn=4&dy=0&i mick 01/26/13 06:09:45 PM
#3968   Up and Coming, Royal Quantum Group (RYQG.OB) Woodford ToroGreen 06/22/09 10:12:45 AM
#3966   EENI has low OS of under 2 million. InvestorQueen 05/26/09 01:40:17 PM
#3965   Royal Quantum Group Drilling in Woodford Shale, latest ToroGreen 05/21/09 08:59:09 PM
#3964   The Last American Wildcatter Golden_Cross 02/16/09 08:32:53 PM
#3963   Big Oil: Dark Skies Ahead? Golden_Cross 02/08/09 05:58:16 PM
#3962   The Top 10 Peak-Oil-Related Stories of 2008 Golden_Cross 02/05/09 02:00:17 AM
#3961   Last 10 Insider Actions for Continental Resources Inc Golden_Cross 01/11/09 11:24:17 AM
#3960   PPTL Premium Petroleum Corp.: Continues to Seek Turningbullet 01/11/09 11:00:08 AM
#3959   FRGY:Frontier Energy Signs Letter of Intent With Weekley Golden_Cross 01/09/09 06:28:52 PM
#3958   World's Worst Ecological Disaster Ignored By Mainstream Media Golden_Cross 01/09/09 06:27:15 PM
#3957   Anybody with any good oil and gas traders? Golden_Cross 01/08/09 02:23:08 PM
#3956   CLR should test support from here $21.87ish Golden_Cross 01/08/09 02:22:12 PM
#3955   CLR turning into a great trading play imo...GLTA Golden_Cross 12/18/08 03:32:28 PM
#3954   I play oil and oil stocks both ways Golden_Cross 09/30/08 08:47:34 PM
#3953   FPP - hope others picked it up on rrufff 08/14/08 09:06:00 AM
#3952   I don't really know except what I read Golden_Cross 08/11/08 08:37:38 PM
#3951   maybe a stupid question but why when I ken snyder 08/10/08 05:39:28 PM
#3950   What Does One Barrel Of Crude Oil Make? Golden_Cross 08/08/08 07:51:59 PM
#3949   CLR insiders keep on buying... Golden_Cross 08/08/08 07:45:39 PM
#3948   Loading up on CLR right now...My strongest play Golden_Cross 08/08/08 07:44:02 PM
#3947   BQI..Hope the dip today was it. I'm lexi2004 08/05/08 09:07:21 PM
#3946   Nice...great info. I love BQI as do the Golden_Cross 08/05/08 08:56:38 PM
#3945   Found this yesterday and thought it was worthy lexi2004 07/30/08 08:46:35 AM
#3944   it will hit and below it.... There is Golden_Cross 07/22/08 10:35:58 PM
#3943   I am so gladddd I can predict shit Golden_Cross 07/22/08 10:33:55 PM
#3942   Just as I predicted... watch it do as Golden_Cross 07/22/08 10:00:45 PM
#3941   Petrostar enters LOI to develop Sask. oil zones Golden_Cross 07/22/08 08:30:45 AM
#3940   Reece Energy tests and finds oil in first Golden_Cross 07/22/08 08:30:11 AM
#3939   Saskatchewan land sales leave Alberta in the dust Golden_Cross 07/22/08 08:29:44 AM
#3938   Tropical Storm Dolly May Become Hurricane in Gulf Golden_Cross 07/21/08 05:19:10 PM
#3937   BQI: Oilsands Quest, a Calgary-based junior, has spearheaded Golden_Cross 07/21/08 05:17:08 PM
#3936   Oil will now test the 100DMA of $121.38 Golden_Cross 07/21/08 05:05:50 PM
#3935   Russian oil company signs major energy deal with Iran Golden_Cross 07/21/08 01:16:22 PM
#3934   July 17, 2008...SIOUX FALLS, S.D. Golden_Cross 07/21/08 01:01:50 PM
#3933   Aspen Exploration Announces Two Successful Gas Wells Golden_Cross 07/21/08 12:54:17 PM
#3932   SCU (.98):Storm Cat Energy Corporation Provides Update on Golden_Cross 07/21/08 12:34:11 PM
#3931   ASPN 2.80 + .05 - nat gas - rrufff 06/23/08 01:31:01 PM
#3930   Saudi king says to increase oil output Golden_Cross 06/22/08 10:33:41 PM
#3929   BSIC 2.37 - continued success - microcap Oil rrufff 06/16/08 04:03:38 PM
#3928   Oilsands development in Saskatchewan - Golden_Cross 06/15/08 06:11:06 PM
#3927   BQI Breaking-OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Golden_Cross 06/15/08 06:10:43 PM
#3926   alternative fuel is not the answer right now Golden_Cross 06/12/08 07:12:59 AM
#3925   Storm Cat Energy Corporation Announces First Quarter 2008 Golden_Cross 06/12/08 06:51:05 AM
#3924   Admiral Bay Acquires 29 Wells and 39,000 Net Golden_Cross 06/12/08 06:49:47 AM
#3923   Admiral Bay Updates Activity in SE Kansas Projects Golden_Cross 06/12/08 06:49:00 AM
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