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ATTN: a word of warning for those who teapeebubbles 07/25/09 10:21 PM
Cherokee Chief Demands Apology From Scott Brown teapeebubbles 09/26/12 7:58 PM
Ryan Questioned On Defense Cuts He Voted For teapeebubbles 09/26/12 7:53 PM
let's hope so ! .. . ;) StephanieVanbryce 09/19/12 10:49 PM
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Mitt Romney's offhanded teapeebubbles 09/19/12 9:14 PM
Flip Flop Mitt... teapeebubbles 09/18/12 7:31 PM
BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Puts Voter ID Law teapeebubbles 09/18/12 6:18 PM
Paul Ryan Heckled During Value Voters Summit Speech teapeebubbles 09/16/12 11:34 PM
The Term “Teabagger” Is Vulgar, It IS Always teapeebubbles 09/16/12 11:19 PM
getting worried! jimmym4 09/15/12 7:52 PM
CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaida's most active branch in teapeebubbles 09/15/12 4:28 PM
The most difficult thing in life to do teapeebubbles 09/15/12 3:55 PM
Scott Walker Loses Court Ruling On Key Legislation teapeebubbles 09/14/12 11:18 PM
Romney Campaign Turns On The Press teapeebubbles 09/13/12 8:48 PM
Media Doubles Down On Romney: 'He Looks Like teapeebubbles 09/13/12 8:46 PM
Romney Rips Paul Ryan: Calls Running Mate’s Vote teapeebubbles 09/10/12 12:01 PM
Ryan: I Didn’t Vote For The Defense Cuts teapeebubbles 09/10/12 12:00 PM
Romney, Ryan Refuse To Identify A Tax Loophole teapeebubbles 09/09/12 8:17 PM
"Ryan's problem is he got too many Atomic jimmym4 09/08/12 9:38 AM
Fear Spurs GOP Delegates In Fight For Nominee teapeebubbles 09/04/12 2:52 PM
Romney Campaign Defends Lack Of War Talk In teapeebubbles 09/04/12 2:50 PM
Kristol: Romney Didn’t Make ‘A Positive Case’ For teapeebubbles 09/04/12 2:34 PM
Romney On Whether We’re Better Off: ‘Of Course teapeebubbles 09/04/12 2:31 PM
dow has doubled under obama teapeebubbles 09/01/12 7:27 PM
Paul Ryan Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions teapeebubbles 09/01/12 6:48 PM
Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan says he teapeebubbles 09/01/12 5:49 PM
Paul Ryan Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions teapeebubbles 08/31/12 12:22 AM
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Mitt Romney launched his teapeebubbles 08/30/12 7:41 PM
6 Worst Lies In Paul Ryan’s Speech teapeebubbles 08/30/12 4:52 PM
its congress as well you know going from teapeebubbles 08/30/12 4:32 PM
what if the Republicans win the election? teapeebubbles 08/29/12 2:14 AM
Ron Paul supporters put dent in unity at teapeebubbles 08/28/12 10:16 PM
am beginning to believe that no one in teapeebubbles 08/28/12 6:44 PM
Mitt Adviser: We Won't 'Let Campaign Be Dictated teapeebubbles 08/28/12 6:13 PM
S.F. archbishop-designate arrested for DUI in San Diego teapeebubbles 08/28/12 12:45 AM
Paul Ryan: Rape Is Just Another 'Method Of teapeebubbles 08/28/12 12:15 AM
Analysis on Republican problems and amusing/enlightening events teapeebubbles 08/18/12 10:01 PM
Bold Obama Speech--'trickle-down fairy dust' teapeebubbles 08/18/12 9:45 PM
Romney is not going to be on the teapeebubbles 08/18/12 5:17 PM
We are working on the issue of some teapeebubbles 08/15/12 9:42 AM
A Mormon and and atheist Randroid trying to teapeebubbles 08/13/12 2:50 PM
I had thought/hoped that Shrub/Cheney might have finally teapeebubbles 08/13/12 2:45 PM
McCain: Obama Attacks Succeeding At Painting Romney As teapeebubbles 08/13/12 2:09 PM
Obama Casts Ryan As Face Of Do-Nothing Congress teapeebubbles 08/13/12 2:07 PM
Ryan Could Make a Romney Victory Harder teapeebubbles 08/13/12 1:41 PM
Last week, London’s Evening Standard reported that a teapeebubbles 08/03/12 10:49 PM
Romney Says He Sympathizes With Struggling Middle Class teapeebubbles 07/17/12 5:52 PM
"If crazy was people, Michele Bachmann would be China." teapeebubbles 07/17/12 5:46 PM
The Affordable Care Act Is the Greatest Achievement teapeebubbles 06/28/12 6:16 PM
Breaking News Alert teapeebubbles 06/28/12 4:33 PM
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Republicans Cannot Be Trusted to End the Culture of Corruption

A Republican's word isn't worth the breath that forms it.

It's just dead air.

Reality-Based Commentary, Analysis, and Tirades on Politics in America

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We are committed to exposing and actively resisting the Bush Administration.

Even though Bush has been irreparably damaged by Iraq and Hurricane Katrina, his administration's disregard for law, separation of powers, and lack of accountability must be stopped.

We expose the incompetence, the politicization of almost every government function, the secrecy, the deliberate lack of transparency, the nonaccountability, and the disinformation in this administration - an administration that abuses the powers of crony capitalism to enrich itself, the GOP, and the wealthy, while dividing the rest of the nation on religion and wedge issues.

We are an anti-Bush, anti-war, progressive site.

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rabid dumbya supporters.....

it's obvious they are mostly ignorant, angry, gullible, and insecure people and need you to tell them so.

This sticker was specifically designed for progressives living in red states or red counties surrounded by right wing extremists.

It's also the perfect "put-down" sticker for the 2006 and 2008 elections.


Help JACK abram OFF his neocon pals in crime

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The Neocons Exceed Their Known Capacity For Stupidity....

So many GOP hypocrites, so little time

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

In the Bush Administration, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure.

opprobrium \uh-PRO-bree-uhm\, noun:
1. Disgrace; infamy; reproach mingled with contempt.
2. A cause or object of reproach or disgrace.

would you buy a used car from jack?

Abramoff Investigation “Is Now In The White House”...

Abramoffed; The Abramoff scandal is "simply the currently most visible excrescence of a truly national scandal: the fearful domination of private money over the public interest."

Casino Jack Screws the Indians -- Yet Again

the gop hall of shame:

"It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."-William Shakespeare

dumbya bush
trickie dickie cheney
jack abram off
sean insanity
bullshit o'lielly
druggie limpbaugh "Lord of all Bush apologists."
'cooter' libby
karl 'marx' rove...a real gay guy
bill kristol...not gem quality
cry-on york
derf yarns-weakly non standard
cry-wolf blitzer
sex change coulter...born as adam now is 'ann', hmmmmm
chris wallace...not a mike 4 mouthpiece
mark foley- r-fla...a real gay who likes male pages
ken mehlman...a real gay guy
david drier...a real gay guy too
josh bolton...another real gay guy
snottie mcClueless...a lie a day
mary matalin ...snide mary, bad hairdo, bad facelift
john fund ....what a fraud
tucker carlson...choked by a bow tie
kate o'berine...old 60 grit herself
terry jeffrey...old sqeeaky
tony snow...the newest gop snowjob

avoid these neocon tv shows:

Meet the Depressed...NBC
Deface the Nation...CBS
Hide the Real Situation...CNN
The Late Sedition...CNN

"candid always trumps cryptic"

Bend your heads in sorrow because America used to stand for excellence.

Now, with Bush at Its Helm, it stands for mediocrity, arrogance, torture, and failure.

this is soooooooo true

I shall call him.... MINI ME!

The Scourage of team bush.....Patrick Fitzgerald

His CIA-leak inquiry has cast an unflattering light on the inner workings of the White House and the press. But the tight-lipped federal prosecutor, the son of a Manhattan doorman, has won respect for his independence—a Washington outsider in the best sense of the word.

dumbya is.....

neocons favorite magazine.....


A MUST READ before posting here....

to all -- re bans, I should perhaps also note that I do have an omnibus 'finally and completely utterly insufferable jackass' rule -- I can be quite patient, especially when dealing with new posters who may not yet have a feel for how I run things here -- but my patience is NOT infinite, and I will NOT indefinitely put up with anyone whose primary purpose here appears to me to be to taunt/bait/disrupt

Freedom Of Speech is guaranteed by America, not iHub, iHub is a privately owned company, and they have their own rules, ones which the posters have agreed to follow.

Another fine point that a lot people seem to miss is that being banned from one or more boards is not denial of free speech if they are still free to post elsewhere here.

iHub is one of the greats because people do not have to put up with childish behavior, fools, and bullies who do not contribute, and cannot disagree without bashing, trashing, and belittling.

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