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In 2015, Yasheng Group (OTC: HERB) swapped out 7 subsidiaries in China to a sister company, and swapped in 5 high value plantations located on the East Coast of China in order to improve future profitability and free cash flow.


Shares Outstanding 157,165,783 a/o March 16, 2022
Float 14,154,622 a/o Sept 06, 2021
Authorized Shares 800,000,000 a/o March 16, 2022
Par Value 1




Source :

DEFM14C : Xianju Dongkui is known for its waxberry production. Dongkui waxberry grown in Xianju has a beautiful color and sweet taste. It has a big shape and a small kernel with shorter maturation period. It becomes ripe and available in the market in early June. Our waxberry is strictly managed. It has characteristics of short maturation period, and high yield. The fruit looks beautiful from the outside. It’s big, juicy and has a unique taste. The average fruit weight is 21grams. The highest record weight is 54grams. Our waxberry abounds in protein, sugar, AHA, calcium, iron, glucose, fructose, citric acid, malic acid and multivitamins. It contains 10.9-14.6% soluble solids, 0.97% titratable acid, 15.23mg vitamins per 100g. Dongkui waxberry is a premium quality fruit.

DEFM14C : E. The land contracted management right of the tangerine plantation (9,200 mu) located at Taozhu County Linhai City.
(1) Asset overview:
The asset is planted with the honey tangerine, a specialty of Taizhou City. The plantation is located at Chengwai Village Taozhu County Linhai City, starting from Tao Zhu County in the east, Shangjiang Village in the west, and stopping at Jiansi Village in the north and Donggua Village in the south. The total area is 9,200 mu, among which 132 mu are planted with tangerine trees in the age group of 4 years with an average height of 2.3m and an average crown diameter of 2.2m, 141 mu in the age group of 5 years with an average height of 2.7m and an average crown diameter of 3m, 163 mu in the age group of 6 years with an average height of 2.8m and an average crown diameter of 3.2m, 189 mu in the age group of 7 years with an average height of 3m and an average crown diameter of 3.4m, 8,575 mu in the age group of 8 and plus years with average height of 3.2m and an average crown diameter of 3.5m. Tangerines are planted in the standard way of 60 plants per mu on average. The tangerine fruits are of premier quality and for export only, mainly to Canada, etc. Contract period: through 12/12/2039

This picture shows Dr. Yong Li (far right) after he became Yasheng Group Chairman of the Board in 2017, in a meeting with Warren Buffett.
He is also a director and member of the Omaha Team

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Yes, but it is just s small step RealDutch 06/23/2022 04:07:43 AM
pumper The dividend you seem to refer to snow 06/23/2022 03:08:33 AM
I think "other measures to solve the problem" Petrejus 06/23/2022 01:19:33 AM
It could still be a cash dividend (from RealDutch 06/22/2022 10:26:25 PM
No dividend coming, but talk, excuses, and blame pumper_stumper 06/22/2022 06:50:25 PM
I think the dividend will be distributed eventually, Petrejus 06/22/2022 06:48:28 PM
I wouldn't say denied. I'd say "not yet Petrejus 06/21/2022 12:12:21 PM
#8187 RealDutch 06/21/2022 12:08:16 PM
Are you saying you received an update that aandt 06/21/2022 11:54:27 AM
FINRA is obligated to give a reason, or RealDutch 06/21/2022 11:45:07 AM
"Nor do we know for what reason that Petrejus 06/21/2022 11:30:27 AM
The problem with HERB is, when you start RealDutch 06/18/2022 01:06:08 AM
I assume if FINRA had an ironclad reason Svalby 06/17/2022 07:26:35 PM
lol. Yes, lets just say there is a RealDutch 06/17/2022 02:44:37 PM
I am beginning to get worried now. This Petrejus 06/17/2022 02:42:14 PM
petrejus What I had reason to expect did snow 06/15/2022 02:36:07 PM
Is it not happening or is it just Petrejus 06/15/2022 02:01:34 PM
same train wreck - how do people continually Traderfan 06/15/2022 11:15:47 AM
Excuses are of no interest. We are all Petrejus 06/15/2022 08:33:03 AM
There's always an excuse for YaSheng not meeting pumper_stumper 06/15/2022 08:14:53 AM
On May 11 you expected the share price RealDutch 06/15/2022 08:11:44 AM
If you can get $2 worth of Equity Petrejus 06/15/2022 08:01:44 AM
But this train wreck has a "dividend"! pumper_stumper 06/15/2022 07:47:05 AM
Why would things start to move here? Based RealDutch 06/15/2022 07:40:35 AM
But it's not just about qualifying for the Petrejus 06/15/2022 07:32:36 AM
same train wreck - how do people continually zerohedge 06/14/2022 10:58:55 AM
So, are they compelled to tell us before RealDutch 06/13/2022 02:33:30 PM
So, are they compelled to tell us before Petrejus 06/13/2022 02:16:20 PM
Petrejus Nice! Thanks for staying contact with management snow 06/10/2022 02:52:46 AM
Thanks for sharing. I remain quite confident aandt 06/09/2022 09:06:49 PM
Perhaps you can tell them to prepare a RealDutch 06/09/2022 06:35:42 PM
Nope. This is just pink sheet pumper_stumper 06/09/2022 06:06:31 PM
75% chance IMO that the dividend will be RealDutch 06/09/2022 05:54:44 PM
I received an email from the company. They Petrejus 06/09/2022 05:52:24 PM
What you can do, is write to the RealDutch 06/08/2022 07:41:58 AM
And because there are only 2 potential outcomes RealDutch 06/08/2022 07:32:14 AM
pumper Some of the shareholders in this stock snow 06/08/2022 03:15:00 AM
Why would a shareholder letter affect a 2-month RealDutch 06/07/2022 05:29:50 PM
Near 2 months lows here! I thought shareholder pumper_stumper 06/07/2022 05:23:55 PM
still waiting Kazorchian 06/07/2022 12:28:55 PM
It's probably tough for him to answer this. RealDutch 06/07/2022 05:02:38 AM
So what you are saying is that we Petrejus 06/06/2022 02:21:20 PM
I perfectly understand all that you are saying. RealDutch 06/04/2022 07:39:15 AM
I am still able to buy with Fidelity. aandt 06/04/2022 07:34:11 AM
When you try to sign up with Fidelity, RealDutch 06/04/2022 06:32:41 AM
How about Fidelity? RealDutch 06/04/2022 05:50:30 AM
E-Trade operates a brokerage business in Sweden, Britain, RealDutch 06/04/2022 05:28:01 AM
Yep, TDA didn't accept me as a client, Petrejus 06/04/2022 05:26:20 AM
Does Tradestation let you buy HERB now? Probably not. Traderfan 06/04/2022 05:25:09 AM
Does Tradestation let you buy HERB now? Probably not. RealDutch 06/04/2022 05:18:58 AM
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