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Terayon Communication Systems, Inc. NASDAQ SYMBOL: TERNE SECTOR: Technology | INDUSTRY: Communications Equipment |SEGMENT: IPTV IPTV Growth Highlights • Worldwide IPTV service revenue will grow to over $44 billion in 2009 • IPTV services infrastructure capex will grow 1,377%, from $304 million to close to $4.5 billion • The number of IPTV subscribers worldwide will grow to 53.7 million in 2009 • The number of IPTV subscribers in North America will increase 12,985% between 2004 and 2009 What do investors care about in STOCKS? It’s growth. Simply because growth is what drives the stock up. Look at MSFT and CSCO. Both at one point were small cap growth stock with huge 1377% and 12985% growth prospects. Now they both grew into those growth numbers however both stocks are flat line and no more growth stocks, no more returning big gains because growth has leveled off. They still make tons of money but valuation will not make you huge gains as growth will. Fot those reasons I believe Terayon is well positioned for sector growth mentioned. Sector growth sources: IPTV Set to Skyrocket: 53.7M Subscribers, $44B in Service Revenue by 2009 IPTV Growth To Skyrocket Nearly 1000% Senate approves 2009 for end of analog TV Homepage TERAYON as Inventor's of technology and best of breed award-winning technology. As the world’s leading provider of innovative digital video technology, Terayon delivers the solutions that turn the promise of the all-digital network into reality. Terayon invented digital video grooming and further revolutionized the distribution of digital video with the best-of-breed rate shaping and statistical remultiplexing capabilities of its innovative CherryPicker platform. Terayon’s legendary technology has enabled hundreds of millions of digital ad insertions to date and has been deployed in over 6,000 systems worldwide. Terayon’s CherryPicker. DVS’s flagship products are its award-winning CherryPicker line of second-generation statistical multiplexers. CherryPickers deliver picture-perfect picture quality in every application thanks to their proprietary ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) which designed for the unique computational requirements of MPEG-2 digital video, unlike competitive solutions based on a combination of software and generic DSPs (Digital Signal Processors). This greater processing power enables a single CherryPicker to support multiple digital video applications simultaneously on every program, such as rate shaping while ad splicing. Complementing the ASIC’s performance advantage is its ability to be programmed, allowing Terayon to continually add new functionality, improve quality and support new standards. Terayon CEO: Jerry D. Chase Audio Interview.. Scroll down to TERN link below. Click and you have register 4 free to listen. Copy and paste Link with Id again. Management Products News Terayon's inside pictures of Building, CEO, Employees and Network Operation Center [b]TERAYON - FULL DESCRIPTION OF COMPANY BUSINESS Terayon develops, markets and sells equipment for digital video solutions (DVS). Its DVS equipment allows broadband providers to deliver digital video services, such as high-definition digital television (HDTV) to generate advertising revenue by carrying advertisements for local advertisers and to build their brand awareness by overlaying their corporate logo directly into their programming. The Company markets and sells its DVS to multiple vertical target markets consisting of cable and satellite operators, and broadcasters in each geographic area, including North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia. The Company's customers, Adelphia and Comcast, accounted for approximately 18% and 12%, respectively, of total revenues during the year ended December 31, 2004. DVS Products Terayon's Cherry Picker line of digital video processing systems gives cable, telecom and satellite operators flexibility in managing their digital video content. These include the rate shaping of video content to maximize the bandwidth for serial digital (SD) and high definition (HD) programming, grooming customized channel line-ups, carrying advertisements for local advertisers and branding themselves by inserting their corporate logos into their programming. The Cherry Picker line includes two models, the DM 6400 and the DM 3200. Its DM 6400 helps cable operators insert commercials for local advertisers into their digital programming without the need for a digital-to-analog-back-to-digital process that requires additional equipment. Its DM6200 provides statistical remultiplexing functionality, advertisement insertion and advance stream processing. Terayon's BP5100 digital video processing system has been developed specifically for television broadcasters, utilizing the same statistical remultiplexing technology and components from the Cherry Picker line. The BP5100 provides broadcasters with flexibility in managing their digital video content, including the rate shaping of video content to maximize the bandwidth for SD and HD programming, grooming customized channel line-ups, carrying advertisements for local advertisers and branding themselves by inserting their corporate logos into their programming. Terayon's CP 7600 professional grade digital-to-analog multi-channel integrated decoder enables operators to optimize their digital infrastructure by reducing the need for analog equipment. This in turn allows operators to focus their efforts on transitioning the rest of the networks to all digital operation. The Company's CP 7585 off-air demodulator allows cable and satellite operators to convert SD or HDTV programming transmitted over-the-air by television broadcasters from the 8VSB format to the asynchronous scsi interface (ASI) format used by cable and satellite operators. This allows cable and satellite providers to retransmit broadcasters programming over their own networks. Insider’s transactions Institutional Ownership Institutional trades Short Interest After hours trades Technical Analysis 5-day chart daily 1-year chart daily Legal Disclaimer: All info on this board is designed for discussion purposes ONLY.
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