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ELRA is at a low in the .05 sonicty28 02/18/14 1:43 PM
SKTO and management journey just beginning..eom 25 Kilos of Gold 02/01/14 10:23 AM
CVRG just woke up !!!!!!!!!! Financials just posted roger wilco 09/14/12 3:30 PM
Just out of curiosity, how do you figure flippy2 08/28/12 1:48 PM
NEWS on SYNJ: Information posted on BEEN Board: The Sarg 01/21/11 1:51 PM
AAPT looks like bottom here... .03 bullmarkethobo2000 12/04/10 10:24 AM
CVRG looks like a stock that is about TJ2369 11/15/09 9:04 PM
uvse up to .0006 from .0001 StochasticsRule 03/31/09 4:16 AM
SNSR is one to watch for a while. trunkmonk 02/15/09 1:36 PM
Gold play SGCP appears ready to take off. the cork 09/21/08 12:26 PM
WNBD -- hit the iHUB board and read Soapy Bubbles 12/26/07 10:25 PM
INXR DEMO P2 07/02/07 4:51 AM
PNMS ...NEWS.. SC. seeclear 06/26/07 7:15 AM
NNSR on RADAR...Eom TITAN 06/22/07 3:18 AM
Nice Board...eom TITAN 06/22/07 3:17 AM
it isn't selling off at the end of mick 06/14/07 3:34 PM
hi don, clbe is acting much better this week. mick 06/14/07 3:33 PM
If you hear of anything let me know... Ataglance2 06/14/07 8:14 AM
i think since we have started some dd mick 06/13/07 1:28 AM
can we see a a bottom or what.. Ataglance2 06/12/07 7:33 PM Ataglance2 06/11/07 1:36 PM
do you know o/s , flt? mick 06/11/07 1:16 PM
at that price its a give Ataglance2 06/11/07 1:10 PM
hi don, clbe is acting better today. mick 06/11/07 12:54 PM
afternoon mick.. Ataglance2 06/11/07 11:36 AM
it may do some good this week. some mick 06/11/07 8:53 AM
its way oversold ,thats for sure.. Ataglance2 06/11/07 12:05 AM
me again, maybe tglo will get off from mick 06/10/07 10:31 PM
Thanks Mick.. Ataglance2 06/10/07 10:24 PM
o.k., got it now. mick 06/10/07 9:56 PM
IS THERE A QUOTE? TLGO mick 06/10/07 9:54 PM
anything new on CLBE? mick 06/10/07 9:52 PM
haven't been trading stocks in about a year.. Ataglance2 06/10/07 9:33 PM
how have they done since you have the forum? mick 06/10/07 9:27 PM
hi don, don't know if i have it mick 06/10/07 9:25 PM
TGLO Ataglance2 06/10/07 9:15 PM
CEOA Ataglance2 04/15/07 4:34 PM
I would put it on watch.. Ataglance2 03/27/07 12:40 AM
When does anyone think that HTRE 'HipHopSodaShops' are foodcourt1 03/26/07 11:31 AM
I Think We are finally getting the Ball TexasRedGT 03/08/07 10:36 PM
PLRO: Platinum research org. Strong buy.. Ataglance2 02/05/07 3:11 PM
Nice job Jeff.. Ataglance2 01/21/07 9:27 AM
Hey Don whyaskwhyca 01/20/07 10:59 PM
check out BCYR moneytimeisback1 01/16/07 3:24 PM
MOBL wimax Doing whole city Chandler arizona pglum 01/10/07 12:43 AM
glad you were able to pull a buck..looks Ataglance2 01/06/07 7:45 PM
NHYB RAN UP TO 150% Today ocstocks 01/04/07 3:10 AM
just looking back on CVO... Ataglance2 12/27/06 7:32 PM
Merry Christmas everybody........... Ataglance2 12/25/06 12:27 AM
Hello board. amohedas 11/26/06 10:53 PM
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25 Kilos of Gold
02/01/14 10:23 AM
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the cork
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Soapy Bubbles
12/26/07 10:25 PM
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06/22/07 3:18 AM
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06/10/07 9:56 PM
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Stock tips under .05

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This is a Board for stock tips under 0.05 and ABOVE !! Please use this board to help investors to make money and not pump and dump,(unless you let us all know first). If a stock is ready for a breakout or will make money, short or long term, post with info and why.. Be helpfull to new investors and lets all try to make money. Don't let spammers peddle you into a loss The Virginian-Pilot © April 8, 2006 There are a million ways to lose in the stock market. Buy high, sell low usually works for me. In all modesty, I think I'm an expert on losing money in the market. I don't have much to invest, but I've managed to pick bad stocks with astonishing consistency through the years. Here's my technique: I hear about a hot stock. I do a little research. I find that all the "experts" predict stratospheric returns. I buy a couple of shares. Within 24 hours, the stock crashes. It won't budge up a nickel until the day I sell it. I'd make more money if I invested in lottery tickets. And yet, I believe in the stock market. Buying stocks is patriotic. It's a sign that you believe in capitalism and support the American economy. So what if you lose your skirt? It's only money. That said, even a small-time loser like me knows better than to act on stock tips that appear - unbidden - in my e-mail. Especially ones that come with this in the subject line: Infirm mouse knobs OK, I made that one up. What kind of dopes would send out stupid messages like that if they wanted you to buy shares of stock? Surely, they'd use something more Dow Jonesy sounding. Like these: Elton a hyperboloidal Been freakish curd Nestor may tripod Gibberish? Yes, but these actual subject lines were cleverly designed to evade computer spam filters. If the spammers were being honest - and that's not in their nature - they'd call them "Penny Stock Picks." It's all part of a huge Internet scam that prosecutors say is just a high-tech version of the old "pump and dump" scheme. "They're trying to run up the price of a stock," Virginia Assistant Attorney General Russell McGuire said Friday. Once the stock goes up, the spammer bails out. For instance, McGuire says a spammer might buy a stock at 50 cents a share, send out millions of e-mails touting the company, then sell as soon as the stock goes up a dollar or two. The new investors - spam recipients - are the big losers. McGuire knows a thing or two about spam. He prosecuted the first case under Virginia's groundbreaking 2003 Anti-Spam Act. In November 2004, Jeremy Jaynes of Raleigh, N.C., was convicted in a Loudon Country court of violating the act. He later was sentenced to nine years in prison. Jaynes appealed that decision to the Virginia Court of Appeals last month. A decision will come later. "Illegal spammers will not be tolerated in Virginia," Attorney General Bob McDonnell sai d at the time of the appeal. McDonnell also said he was "confident" Jaynes' conviction will stand. Prosecutors say Jaynes trafficked in several kinds of spam , including stock tips. That's the beauty of spam. It comes in so many exciting varieties. In the beginning, spammers peddled Viagra, Cialas and other pharmaceutical wonders. Next, foreigners offered to wire us millions of dollars. Then came bogus offers for free goodies. Gift cards and loan approvals. All of those scams worried me. I feared that the more trusting souls among us - and say what you will about newspaper people, no one ever calls us trusting - might fall victim to these cyber creeps . But stock tips? Who buys stocks based on spam? Don't do it, McGuire warns. Don't worry. I prefer to lose my money the old-fashioned way. On that note your own DD before jumping in..!!! Guest Book.. Stock Analyzer.Chartinator,contractor10940,Heyjoe727, John Gyver,Jrod,PatD100,Sentinel,Thescientist,littlebrother, Gameplan, laptoptrader,oilbaron,mick,beufort05,wiredsky,derk5098,december, karmah02,lowman,pupman,lasombra,zeroluv,stocprof,oneluckguy, zeroluv,Gateway_Stocks,AlexChory,Stockprofit2023, Tycoonsoon,Analyzethis,Playindemstocks, RedCloudPaint,same53,Ezzard,Tjpainter,Axclr848,Wick50, Kumqwatt,Cmgibubba,Lady1242,Pensandoenti67,Investsalot, whyaskwhy,Rawnoc,Cho Cho Trader,Russelln,Onefreedude Beware of the Market Makers tricks : Market Makers and Specialists use their knowledge of the order book to move their markets in whatever direction yields the greatest volume. They will routinely manipulate trader emotions against the order flow to shake them out of their positions. Market players keep one eye on their markets and the other on external conditions that affect prices. Quiet times (lunch hours, holidays) offer prime conditions to gun key support and trigger common stop locations. And during long periods of little interest, price can reach important levels on very little volume. At these times, insiders will test the breakout waters to see how much new trading interest they can generate. Market Maker signals. 100--I need shares 200-I need shares badly,but do not take it down 300-take the price down to get shares 400-trade it sideways based on supply and demand 500-gap one way or another,to the direction of the 500 trade. In my expeiriance's I noticed when in sub penny add a zero!! LINKS Stock Chart School and Chart plays Traders Tool Box: American Bulls Pink Sheets (Level II): Stockscores: BigCharts: Prophet chart: Trader Nation Radio Pirate Radio: StockCharts: BB's Penny Haven "Swing" for the fence (Jrods method): Candlestick shop Security Exchange Commission: SEC Edgar Search: Interview with God Breakout bottom picks: free yahoo anti spy & pop up blocker software, Magic 8 ball Trading Day: Billionaire Boys Club Member Forum : FOREX TRADERS: Stock Power Ratings 100 Most Asked For At Pinkies: Rule 10a-1 -- Short Sales: Defining the OTC Market and the Pink Sheets: Heyjoe's Oil and Gas Plays: Real Time AMEP and O&G Chat Worth a good long look! Break Time !#board-4954 Interested in trading Forex ,try a demo account here.Awesome Chart and Indicators!! Forex News Forex training Currency Converter Currency Futures Tips for Trading the Major Currency Pairs .................................................................................................................................................... Technical Analysis from A to Zby Steven B. Achelis ebook: NEW FOREX WESITE ! http://www.TheForexClub.US
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