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News: $SFUN Fang Holdings Limited (SFUN) Q3 2019 whytestocks 11/18/19 11:30 PM
News: $SFUN Fang Announces Third Quarter 2019 Results, whytestocks 11/18/19 11:15 PM
News: $SFUN Fang Announces Second Quarter and First whytestocks 08/30/19 8:20 AM
* * $SFUN Video Chart 07-03-2019 * * ClayTrader 07/03/19 3:06 PM
News: $SFUN Fang Announces Fourth Quarter And Fiscal whytestocks 04/26/19 9:14 AM
* * $SFUN Video Chart 01-10-19 * * ClayTrader 01/10/19 5:42 PM
Wow What a turnaround tradeologist 09/14/17 3:39 PM
does JP Morgan have an interest here I jimmytrain 07/08/17 10:54 PM
* * $SFUN Video Chart 03-31-17 * * ClayTrader 03/31/17 4:24 PM
Fundamentals imply Fang Holdings $SFUN is highly undervalued ValueInvestor15 02/22/17 10:33 AM
Second Quarter 2016 Highlights tradeologist 08/31/16 4:26 PM
Based on unfavorable Zacks Rank and negative earnings tradeologist 07/06/16 1:20 PM
shortsale 9.2 risk 9.33 standon23 11/21/14 12:49 PM
$SFUN DD Notes ~ stocktrademan 10/08/14 1:19 PM
From what I gather, I believe they did Marketwise 06/24/14 9:57 AM
No follow-up from Conference Call tradeologist 06/20/14 1:03 PM
Possible....The S&P is up about 45% over the Marketwise 06/18/14 3:31 PM
Waiting for comments on Unusual Market Activity tradeologist 06/13/14 2:19 PM
Major holders liquidated tradeologist 06/13/14 12:46 PM
Looks like bounce is coming IMO damondon 06/13/14 3:17 AM
Soufun Affected By Drop In Home Prices In China tradeologist 06/12/14 12:35 PM
SouFun Holdings Profits UP tradeologist 05/23/14 12:27 PM
SouFun Announces First Quarter 2014 Results tradeologist 05/07/14 1:57 PM
$350M Convertible Bonds issued tradeologist 12/06/13 2:39 PM
SouFun Holdings Q3 Net Up 108.9% tradeologist 11/08/13 4:23 PM
11% rise today tradeologist 11/08/13 4:18 PM
impressive run dshade 10/01/13 9:03 AM
Description said real estate.. Website said all kinds Penny Roger$ 09/04/13 4:28 PM
This is like REMAX or something. idk why Penny Roger$ 09/04/13 4:28 PM
Looks like another Chinese pump and dump lol.. I gixxer11 09/04/13 4:26 PM
Wow, this one is berserk. Interesting chart indeed. Penny Roger$ 09/04/13 4:24 PM
You watching this - powerhouse gixxer11 09/04/13 3:10 PM
~ Wednesday! $SFUN ~ Earnings posted, pending or Penny Roger$ 02/13/12 5:19 AM
Spansion Inc. to Acquire Saifun Semiconductor Aiming4 12/05/07 10:37 PM
Qimondo reduces use of Saifun technology midastouch017 10/15/06 9:08 AM
Spansion demos 4-bit-per-cell flash burn2learn 09/26/06 9:14 AM
CC transcript burn2learn 07/27/06 8:28 AM
Saifun maintains high profitability midastouch017 07/27/06 2:35 AM
SanDisk’s Harari: NAND will prevail midastouch017 06/30/06 3:09 AM
Hambrecht: Saifun decline is buying opportunity midastouch017 06/30/06 3:08 AM
Saifun’s Boaz Eitan: M-Systems’ x4 claims impossible midastouch017 06/22/06 3:35 AM
M-Systems, Saifun don't rule out future collaboration midastouch017 05/22/06 4:36 AM
Nextest Provides Saifun Semiconductors a Competitive Test Advantage midastouch017 05/15/06 4:30 PM
Oops: Misunderstanding M-Systems x4 creates Buy opportunity for midastouch017 05/14/06 11:03 AM burn2learn 05/11/06 2:05 PM Announcing x4™ burn2learn 05/11/06 2:00 PM;jsessionid=IPEA2TU1MN04MQSNDBESKHA?articleID=1870 burn2learn 04/28/06 8:31 AM
cc notes burn2learn 04/27/06 8:52 PM burn2learn 04/26/06 6:52 PM
"The Company wishes to advise all shareholders that Aiming4 04/26/06 6:19 PM
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Saifun Semiconductors (SFUN)

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Saifun Semiconductors, Ltd. provides intellectual property solutions for the nonvolatile semiconductor memory market. Its technology, NROM, enables semiconductor manufacturers to build products using a single process for nonvolatile memory applications. The NROM technology is used in four primary nonvolatile memory market segments: • Code flash. Code flash is typically used to store executable code, such as the operating system software of a cellular phone. One of our licensees is Spansion (formerly known as Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor LLC), the largest global vendor of code flash in 2004 with total sales of $2.4 billion representing 24.3% of the total code flash market, according to Web-Feet Research. For the six months ended June 26, 2005, we derived license fees of $4.4 million from Spansion, which we believe relate primarily to sales of code flash memory devices. • Data flash. Data flash is used for high density storage of information, such as in memory cards for digital cameras. One of our licensees targeting the data flash market is Infineon Technologies (with which we formerly had a joint venture with respect to data flash that we exited in 2004). According to Gartner, Infineon Technologies was the fifth largest vendor of semiconductors globally and the fourth largest vendor of memory semiconductors globally in 2004. In January 2004, Infineon Technologies launched its TwinFlash technology, which incorporates our NROM technology. • Embedded flash. Embedded flash combines non-volatile memory and programmable logic on a single chip for use in applications such as smart cards. One of our licensees targeting the embedded flash market is Matsushita, one of the world’s largest vendors of consumer electric and electronic products and, according to Gartner, the 15th largest semiconductor manufacturer in 2004, with revenues of $3.8 billion from semiconductor sales. To date, we have derived limited revenues from Matsushita. • Serial flash. Serial flash is characterized as small, low-power flash memory that uses a serial interface for data access used in applications such as computer graphic cards, hard disk drives, cordless phones and set top boxes. We are targeting this market through our collaboration with Spansion, pursuant to which Spansion shares with us the profits from sales of agreed-upon serial flash products. The company serves portable markets, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, USB flash drives, communication applications, and computer and peripherals applications. It licenses its NROM technology to semiconductor manufacturers primarily in Taiwan, Israel, the United States, Germany, and Japan. In addition, the company provides design and product development services. Saifun Semiconductors was founded by Boaz Eitan in 1996. Saifun Semiconductors is headquartered in Netanya, Israel. Saifun Semiconductors Contacts: Marsha Shalvi Investor Relations Tel: +972-9-892-8450 Email: This is the iHub Message Board about Saifun Semiconductors LTD, SFUN where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.Personal attacks will not be tolerated
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