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Syntroleum can be reached at:

Syntroleum Corporation (Corporate Office)
5416 S. Yale Ave.
Suite 400
Tulsa, OK 74135
Telephone: (918) 592-7900
Facsimile: (918) 592-7979

Web Address:

 The current OS is

Our current shares outstanding is 81,683,000.

Thank you.

 Amanda Burns


Syntroleum Corporation

5416 S Yale, Ste 400

Tulsa, OK 74135

P: 918-764-3480

F: 918-592-7979





"Louisiana is about to make another first in the development of alternative energy. A new bio-diesel plant in Geismar will be the first of its kind in the United States."
Dynamic Fuels, LLC:
Company Overview:
Syntroleum Corporation (SYNM), along with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the commercialization of its technology to produce synthetic liquid hydrocarbons that are substantially free of contaminants found in hydrocarbon products. The Company's Bio-Synfining technology processes triglycerides and/or fatty acids from fats and vegetable oils with heat (thermal depolymerization), hydrogen and catalysts to make renewable synthetic fuels, such as diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, naphtha and propane. Syntroleum has identified 100 different fats and oils, for conversion to synthetic fuels via the Bio-Synfining technology

From the website:

Syntroleum Corporation has come a long way since its founding in 1984 by Kenneth L. Agee. The company’s synthetic fuel technologies make it a recognized force in the renewable fuels, biomass-to-liquids (BTL), gas-to-liquids (GTL), and coal-to-liquids (CTL) industries, and is one of the most vocal about introducing the possibilities of these technologies to the world.

Syntroleum’s recent announcement regarding its renewable synthetic fuels venture with Tyson Foods is the latest example of its leadership in the industry. Together with Tyson, Syntroleum will construct the world’s first renewable synthetic fuels plant utilizing its Bio-synfining™ technology and Tyson sourced agricultural feedstock. With an investment of over $150 million and the creation of over 300 jobs, the initial 75 million gallon per year plant will not only have a positive impact on the local economy where the plant is located, but will contribute much needed incremental clean and environmentally friendly fuel to our nation’s transportation fuel supply.

Biomass also continues to emerge as a significant potential source for clean, renewable fuels. The USDA and the DOE estimate that over 1.3 billion dry tons per year of biomass can be produced—enough to produce biofuels to meet more than one-third of the current demand for transportation fuels. Syntroleum’s Fischer-Tropsch and Bio-synfining™ processes are ideally suited to produce ultra-clean, renewable fuels from biomass, and the company is pursuing projects in this area.

Syntroleum’s Fischer-Tropsch GTL technology allows it to produce gas onshore and in marine environments. Our process realizes the advantages of building a plant on a much smaller footprint, thus enabling economic development of fields in the one-to-three trillion cubic feet range, many in remote locations. Our process also represents a solution to flaring. Because stranded natural gas is often associated with oil production, producers typically flare this valuable asset to get to the crude, burning off as much as 10 billion cubic feet each day. The practice is not only wasteful, it is the target of worldwide environmental laws designed to reduce global warming.

Our Fischer-Tropsch technology can be applied to coal as well. According to BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2006, identified world coal reserves in 2005 were approximately 909,064 million tons. The largest coal reserves are located in the United States, Russia, China, India and Australia. Much of these reserves are difficult and expensive to utilize because of environmental concerns and distance to traditional power markets. By applying the Syntroleum Process, these underused coal resources could be converted to ultra-clean transportation fuels, thus providing a new source of clean energy and reducing dependence on oil from politically unstable regions.

With 160 patents issued and pending, Syntroleum’s renewable fuels, BTL, GTL, and CTL technologies represent the perfect fit to actively pursue synthetic fuels projects. Syntroleum is in the right place at the right time to provide high-performing, ultra-clean fuels to global markets.

Additionally, Syntroleum has assembled some of the world’s best technical talent to work on its team. In their commitment to continually improve the process, they have achieved a 20% increase in Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reactor capacity, a significant increase in wax filtration performance and the development of a new generation attrition-resistant FT catalyst. Their work with the company’s Product Upgrading process has also spawned the commercial introduction of Syntroleum’s Bio-synfining™ technology for the production of ultra-clean and environmentally friendly renewable synthetic fuels.

Today’s substantially higher oil prices, the abundance of biomass and renewable feedstock supply, the need to monetize the world’s stranded gas and coal reserves, and the growing urgency for clean-burning fuels establish world-scale opportunities for Syntroleum. We’re offering an energy solution whose time has come.







 Great Video from the AirForce test of Syntroleum's Jet Fuel¤t=AFB52FuelTest.flv

Specifications (MSDS) on Fuel Products

US Air Force testing Syntroleums's jetfuel produce from Tyson feedstock.

Page #6

Bio-Based Jet Fuel Studies a "GR8" (Great R-8) Success

10/27/2009 - WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- In support of the Department of Defense Assured Fuels Initiative for securing domestic fuel sources to meet the military's energy needs, Air Force Research Laboratory and the Southwest Research Institute conducted tests of the first biologically based synthetic jet fuel to undergo detailed investigation. The ultimate advantage sought through the use of this bio jet fuel or similarly derived alternative is a reduced dependence on foreign petroleum sources with no loss of operational performance or reliability. 

AFRL propulsion engineers supported the effort by joining SwRI in testing 600 gal of Syntroleum Corporation's aviation-grade renewable research fluid, dubbed R-8 for short. The synthetic fuel is derived from an animal/vegetable oil blend via the company's proprietary Bio-Synfining™ process. Initial physical property and T63 engine testing indicates R-8's performance as indistinguishable from that of S-8, Syntroleum's Fischer-Tropsch synthetic (paraffinic-kerosene-based) jet fuel that first flew in 2006 aboard the B-52. Additional, "fit for purpose" property, combustor, and fuel pump tests of R-8 are under way, with the product also entering the first stages of the MIL-HDBK-510 Alternative Fuel Certification Process. 

The long-term plan directs that, beginning in 2010, Dynamic Fuels LLC (a Tyson Foods/Syntroleum joint venture) will produce 75 million gallons of alternative fuels targeting diesel, jet, and military markets. These synthetic fuel, naphtha, and liquefied petroleum gas products will be founded largely on R-8's biologically renewable animal/vegetable oil sources.


In support of the Department of Defense Assured Fuels Initiative, AFRL engineers tested 600 gal of Syntroleum Corporation's R-8 synthetic fuel derived from an animal/vegetable oil blend. This effort is geared towards securing domestic fuel sources to meet military energy needs. Syntroleum produces R-8 using its proprietary Bio-Synfining process.


Quotes from Karen Gallagher interview...

"Fuel does NOT need to be blended, can be used as is directly in your

"Plant will be completed in the next couple of months"

"Air Force already certified fuel from our Bio-Synfining process" 



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