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About SecureTech Innovations
SecureTech is an emerging growth company focused on developing and marketing personal and automobile security and safety devices and technologies – our products preserve life, protect property, and prevent crime.  SecureTech is the maker of Top Kontrol®, the only anti-theft and anti-carjacking system known that can safely stop a carjacking without any action by the driver.  For more information, visit and
Top Kontrol is unlike any other product on the market – it prioritizes the safety of drivers and passengers. Top Kontrol is the only anti-theft and personal safety device able to thwart an active carjacking attempt without any action by the driver.

Simply put, lives matter. Your life and those of your family are irreplaceable. Hopefully, you will never experience the nightmare of being carjacked, but if you do, then Top Kontrol is there to maximize getting you out safe and alive.


Top Kontrol is amazing. Watch these demonstration videos!


See more videos on the Top Kontrol YouTube Channel!

Carjackings Skyrocketing!

 Carjackings more than doubled during 2020. Top Kontrol is presently the only known automobile safety device that can thwart an active carjacking attempt without any action by the driver. Below are just a few reports about this growing problem without any long-term solutions:

Through the fiscal period ended September 30, 2021, carjackings continued climbing to historic all-time highs:

Minneapolis, MN police report carjackings up more than 222% in 2021 YTD (source: FOX9, May 20, 2021);
Indianapolis, IN police report carjackings up more than 82% in 2021 YTD (source: Wish TV, August 9, 2021);
Oakland, CA police report carjackings up more than 115% in 2021 YTD (source: OPD, June 2, 2021);
Chicago, IL police report carjackings up more than 135% in 2021 YTD (source: Civic Federation, April 1, 2021);
New Orleans, LA police report carjackings up more than 120% in 2021 YTD (source: KFLY10, June 14, 2021); and
Washington, DC police report carjacking up nearly 74% in 2021 YTD (source: Daily News, July 16, 2021

Stock Information (OTCPK: SCTH)


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