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#DMAN: Demand Brands Receives $390 Million Valuation From captainscotty 05/12/22 3:10 PM
DMAN Valutaion PPS Target based on $50,000,000 EBITDA cuckoo 4 cocoa puffs 06/15/21 2:53 PM
The intelligent sold a long long time ago. #NeverPennyLand 11/28/19 10:54 PM
.0434 stock price was at late 2021’ BG1 01/30/23 1:34 PM
DMAN did say the audit would be complete BG1 01/30/23 11:57 AM
Captain / Cukkooooooooooooo disappear BG1 01/27/23 12:51 PM
Shareholders letter stated , in some sentences : BG1 01/27/23 10:23 AM
You notice all the twitter posts from DMAN BG1 01/26/23 10:11 AM
In June we engaged BF Borgers to audit BG1 01/25/23 10:17 PM
.0043 and looks like going lower on little volume BG1 01/25/23 11:41 AM
AUDIT ready by next week BG1 01/24/23 3:13 PM
Cannabis newbie vs king revenue wise in industry BG1 01/16/23 1:55 PM
#DMAN: CANNABIS KING....:-) go cuckoo captainscotty 01/14/23 11:57 AM
Great Action Today! 58's being mauled. cuckoo 4 cocoa puffs 01/10/23 12:41 PM
Appreciate Kevin Sparks honesty and update to all BG1 01/10/23 10:13 AM
Why ? BG1 01/09/23 6:41 AM
Why ? BG1 01/08/23 11:05 PM
Why are you here? homeshow 01/08/23 2:59 PM
Very funny : for many years in various BG1 01/07/23 11:22 PM
Tons of new shares shall be coming into BG1 01/04/23 3:04 PM
.001 direction is BG1 01/04/23 2:52 PM cuckoo 4 cocoa puffs 01/04/23 11:48 AM
.001 approx looks nice trend coming BG1 01/02/23 12:31 PM
#DMAN: LOOKS LIKE $0.0036 WAS AN X-MAS GIFT captainscotty 01/01/23 5:50 AM
Let the stock come in to .001 ish BG1 12/30/22 1:28 PM BG1 12/29/22 12:36 PM
$ 2.6 million market cap BG1 12/28/22 7:27 PM
You are very wise and have education based BG1 12/23/22 8:15 PM
Not necessary. This company boasts top management that Southern Gal 12/23/22 5:15 PM BG1 12/23/22 4:17 PM
Let the stock come in since management not BG1 12/21/22 11:46 AM
Let it come in BG1 12/20/22 9:40 AM
If a reverse stock split , incorrect , BG1 12/18/22 6:28 PM
There is money to be made here for
DollarDan 12/17/22 11:47 PM
Let it go below .002 which it seems BG1 12/16/22 2:28 PM
Yeah somebody's stocking up 4 the holidays! cuckoo 4 cocoa puffs 12/16/22 11:48 AM
Shall buy if this goes below .002 now BG1 12/15/22 3:23 PM
#DMAN: SOMEBODY GOT 3 Mil. Shares @ $0.005...:-) captainscotty 12/15/22 3:08 PM
#DMAN: READY FOR 2022 TAX SALE...:-) $0.005...go cuckoo captainscotty 12/04/22 5:48 AM
If in the .004’s range and below prior BG1 12/02/22 5:01 PM
My thinking is you could be correct . BG1 12/02/22 4:59 PM
I'll take option 1 please Howie1984 12/02/22 12:50 PM
2 scenarios possible : BG1 12/02/22 11:33 AM
Go to their Facebook page BG1 11/30/22 10:06 PM
Management TRANPARENCY the best , yes BG1 11/28/22 7:45 PM
What happened to this one? Looks like it died! PennyMillions852 11/28/22 10:45 AM
Kosk mj stock running dman is next . LINDSAY2010 11/23/22 6:03 PM
If stock goes into .002 ish area based BG1 11/21/22 1:27 PM
The lower the price goes the larger the BG1 11/21/22 10:21 AM
$DMAN Is PINK CURRENT! cuckoo 4 cocoa puffs 11/18/22 2:38 PM
Next company could be a business model that BG1 11/18/22 1:48 PM
What's next for DBAG? Solar panels, EV? loanshark007 11/18/22 1:34 PM
And a major reverse stock split BG1 11/17/22 11:46 AM
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Demand Brands Inc. (DMAN)

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Demand Brands, Inc. (OTCPK:DMAN), ("Company" or "DMAN"), and its wholly owned subsidiary Pacific Technology Group, are a vertically integrated cannabis business consisting of cultivation, processing, wholesale and retail distribution, and brand management operations. Over the course of 25 years, the Company has refined and perfected seed to sale processes with innovative solutions ranging from cutting-edge patented AgTech technologies to robust business models that optimize the cannabis supply chain capturing value at every stage of the supply chain.

The Company partners with regional businesses to institutionalize and consolidate them into a platform to leverage economies of scale and to capture market share growing superior AA and AAA grade cannabis products. Our proprietary technologies and SOPs give us a competitive advantage in a saturated market. We leverage the brand equity of consumer brands that want to enter the cannabis and hemp markets. Our focus is to build a footprint across the country to consolidate operators under one umbrella in anticipation of federal deregulation.

We have strategic alliances with some of the most well known names in the business, including HIGH TIMES, Revelry, True Leaf, GroupoFlor, CanEX and other household names in the business.

For more information please go to:

Freshly harvested plant ready to be dried for processing at Happy Frog Tim, a DMAN-affiliated farm $DMAN #DemandBrands #DB #HappyFrog


Kevin Sparks

Chief  Executive Officer


Kevin brings an encyclopedic knowledge of the cannabis world from seed to sale. Most recently, Kevin was Executive Vice President of Viridi Farms, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Previously, he was the Master Grower and Facility Manager of a vertically integrated cannabis company in Mendocino County. Prior to that Kevin was the VP of Sales for Can of Bliss, a pioneering cannabis retail brand. Kevin is an industry veteran who has built and operated various medical marijuana co-ops and indoor grow facilities in California for over two decades.   


      Viridi Farms

Cultivation, Processing, Brand & Supply Management

Acquired | March 2022


management and operations partner for small and medium enterprises.

proprietary cultivation and processing SOPs for partners to achieve superior operational efficiency.

robust network of distributors and retail partners: TruLeaf, Revelry Supply, Revelry Herb Co., CanEx, GrupoFlor and High Times.

currently manages 236,000 SF of cultivation and processing facilities.



forward & backward vertical integration

9 partner farms & 2 retail partnerships.

a full suite of DB in-house experts for the entire soil to sale process that enables us to effectively underwrite the potential for growth in prospective acquisitions and partnerships.

viridi team has streamlined the process forward for DB to scale its portfolio and footprint.



Zenith Land Management

Cannabis Real Estate Holding Company

Acquired | March 2022


a real estate holding company that leases properties to businesses in the cannabis cultivation, processing, and nursery management sectors.

current portfolio size is 236,000 SF of cultivation, processing, and nursery management.



backward vertical integration

long term leaseholds with renewal options.

we plan to grow the real estate portfolio through

  • Directly through acquisitions of specialty sector real estate properties, &
    indirectly via synergistic mergers and acquisitions with businesses that have substantial real estate holdings.



Sun Supply

Pharma Grade Cultivation, Processing, & Nursery Enterprise

Brand and Supply Management Partner | March 2022


sun supply enterprise is the exclusive tenant of a special purpose, permit-ready, hyperscale greenhouse development.

a highly experienced team with extensive knowledge in cultivation, facilities management, and compliance.

300-acre site in Southern California which will comprise of 1.8 million sf of pharma grade greenhouses and production facilities that will yield up to 500,000 lbs. of AA and AAA grade flower, annually.


Share Structure

Market Cap Market Cap                                    4,374,590                            09/09/2022

Authorized Shares                      999,800,000                            09/09/2022

Outstanding Shares                   754,239,603                             09/09/2022

Restricted                                     152,123,067                             09/09/2022

Unrestricted                                  523,401,603                             09/09/2022

Held at DTC                               Not Available
Float                                           248,111,602                                09/09/2022

Par Value                                  No Par Value 


Symbol Change 10/24/2018 DMAN Symbol change from INMG to DMAN

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