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Presentation today mgland 01/25/23 3:50 PM
Still like $NKLA as well! MWM 01/25/23 3:48 PM mgland 01/25/23 3:47 PM
$XXII I have built a massive stake in MWM 01/25/23 1:19 PM
Buys near $2 seem to be working... MWM 01/11/23 11:48 AM
We be headed north mgland 01/11/23 11:47 AM
News on APSI link back for more. mikeo56 01/04/23 1:52 PM
$NKLA a lot of short covering today in MWM 01/04/23 1:48 PM
Looks like it could go here mgland 01/04/23 12:55 PM
Nice. and needed here mgland 01/02/23 12:31 AM MWM 01/01/23 8:18 PM
Thanks for point that out. MWM 12/30/22 12:59 PM
I like Hydrogen. Cheap Hydrogen plays I think MWM 12/30/22 12:16 PM
Joined you accumulating NKLA. mgland 12/30/22 11:36 AM
And still liking $TGLO for the lotto! MWM 12/23/22 10:19 AM
$NKLA Loading Heavily. My FCEL play for 2023 MWM 12/23/22 10:18 AM
AMNL .0064 - lotto might run here eom7 12/21/22 10:07 AM
Apsi is coming . mikeo56 12/13/22 9:32 PM
$CLHI firing up!! Gotta be some news on Papes 12/06/22 3:35 PM
APSI keeps moving up. mikeo56 12/05/22 9:46 AM
Happy Friday Playaz! dr_praeses 12/02/22 4:21 PM
APSI Article recap. Keep in mind that Tradition Transportation mikeo56 12/01/22 3:09 PM
APSI taking off like back for information. mikeo56 12/01/22 3:08 PM
Keep $SLV on watch. $AGQ options are how ktcougar 12/01/22 3:06 PM
Looks like the sympathy is being extended to EdF 11/23/22 10:40 AM
$AMIH for a $COSM sympathy play. Low outstanding EdF 11/23/22 9:46 AM
“I know words. I have the best words.” MWM 11/21/22 8:29 AM
Covfefe EdF 11/20/22 1:25 PM
AMNL .0052 - lotto. FYI, I don't eom7 11/11/22 3:15 PM CORPORATE UPDATE mikeo56 11/05/22 7:47 PM
I sent you a message on Twitter. aquaspin 11/02/22 9:50 PM
Someone else was asking me about that one MWM 11/02/22 12:51 PM
$EMMA - Seems like this one has a aquaspin 10/29/22 11:18 AM
$APSI – THE Merger that is poised to mikeo56 10/24/22 2:20 PM
APSI Article recap. Keep in mind that Tradition Transportation mikeo56 10/21/22 12:26 PM
Where’s everybody been? dr_praeses 10/19/22 8:17 AM
$TORVF: We're betting on a winning horse here: Zardiw 10/09/22 4:12 PM
Most Indebted Companies MWM 10/02/22 3:51 AM
$TGLO this is Big MWM 09/30/22 9:06 PM
$APRN Monster Call option volume...High short interest... $$ Golden Cross $$ 09/27/22 7:33 PM
$TGLO it is happening! MWM 09/27/22 10:33 AM
MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Very Important Updates On DTGoody 09/25/22 2:12 PM
$TGLO gonna goo MWM 09/23/22 1:08 PM
Presidents are just puppets on The World Stage. DTGoody 09/23/22 11:28 AM
Biden getting the heat for this mess but EdF 09/23/22 9:09 AM
What happened here? Board is too quiet lvhd 09/20/22 4:26 PM
Haaaa, you know you want to try it! EdF 09/16/22 11:53 AM
Pat always was a rebel! Natty and the MWM 09/14/22 7:21 AM
$MMM I think is in trouble here, $125 MWM 09/02/22 11:15 AM
PUTS on $WEN BIG E.coli outbreak, Let the Long_shortguy 08/26/22 11:42 AM
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