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Telkonet (AMEX: TKOI), founded in 1999 and headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, is a leading technology systems application developer of innovative powerline communications (PLC) solutions for the commercial and government markets, establishing a range of patented award-winning systems. Telkonet’s PLC solutions are marketed and sold by resellers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

The Telkonet iWire System™ delivers wired and wireless broadband network access that is simple and cost-effective to deploy, with secure and reliable connectivity at every electrical outlet. The solution is ideal for any type of commercial building, regardless of the type, age of number of buildings. Telkonet’s leading-edge technology is deployed around the world.



Telkonet, Inc.
20374 Seneca Meadows Parkway
Germantown, MD 20876
Phone: 12409121800
Fax: 14108971144
Sector: Technology
Industry: Communications Equipment



Telkonet’s patented powerline communications (PLC) systems – the Telkonet iWire System and next generation 200 Mbps Telkonet Series 5 – use a building’s existing internal electrical wiring to enable Internet connectivity throughout an entire building, converting electrical outlets into high-speed data ports. This is an ideal solution for properties that are not wired with CAT-5 or where CAT-5 is cost-prohibitive.

The EthoStream Gateway Server (EGS) product line of gateway devices, which are developed in-house, deliver wired or wireless high-speed Internet access, integrating easily with any combination of WAN connections. The EGS products range from a cost-effective gateway for limited use applications to a feature-rich, dual-WAN, scalable gateway for full-service properties.

Telkonet’s energy management systems, Telkonet SmartEnergy (TSE) and Networked Telkonet SmartEnergy (NTSE), reduce in-room energy consumption by controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) usage based on occupancy. By eliminating unnecessary heating and cooling of vacant rooms, TSE typically reduces energy consumption by 30% or greater.

Telkonet’s proactive support center brings quality of service to a new level with its dedicated, in-house employees, 24/7/365 support, and integrated proactive monitoring and management tools that put property management in control. By integrating the EthoStream Gateway Server and the web-based Telkonet CENTRAL, our in-house support team has real-time visibility into a property’s HSIA usage and data, as well as ISP status.

Energy Management

Hospitality Savings

Telkonet SmartEnergy™ (TSE) controls HVAC usage and improves energy efficiency by adjusting and maintaining a room’s temperature based on occupancy, using a combination of occupancy sensors, intelligent programmable thermostats or packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) controllers. TSE eliminates wasteful heating and cooling of vacant rooms without compromising an occupant’s comfort based on our patented Recovery Time™ technology.


Building on the proven capabilities of the TSE system and incorporating Telkonet's unique Recovery Time™ technology, our new Networked Telkonet SmartEnergy (NTSE) advances intelligent HVAC building control with a flexible, resilient and low-cost energy management platform. NTSE utilizes a ZigBee wireless IEE802.15.4 “mesh” network, where each device functions as a wireless repeater and enables energy management thermostats to communicate with each other and aggregate communications up to a single master NTSE Gateway Server on site. NTSE enables central control without needing expensive back-haul wiring. Its key monitoring and analysis features ensure optimum energy savings, giving property owners the tools to identify and implement energy savings, providing total visibility and detailed data about a property's HVAC system and its energy consumption, together with real-time, instant remote management capabilities.

Key features and benefits of NTSE


  • Room occupancy detection – Detects when rooms are unsold, resulting in deeper energy savings
  • Proactive issue response – Detects changes in efficiency and operational effectiveness of HVAC equipment to resolve issues quickly and effectively
  • Remote management – Enables real-time monitoring and management of all NTSE devices via the web-based portal, Telkonet CENTRAL, where management can dynamically control, monitor status, and define rules and events for HVAC system operability, en mass and individually
  • Thermostat Operation Profiles – Enables easy adjustments of profiles via Telkonet CENTRAL, including Default, Maintenance, Unsold, Deep Setback, and Demand Profiles
  • Detailed energy management reports – Measurement and verification (M&V) analysis, including reports for System Efficiency, Occupancy, Savings, System Status, and System Diagnostics
  • Quick, easy access to management energy savings reports, analysis, payback information and ROI
  • Simple integration with Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Peak demand load shedding
  • Network outage and maintenance alerts

PLC Networking

Telkonet’s proprietary, patented powerline communications (PLC) products harness a building’s internal electrical wiring to form an IP network, turning power outlets into data ports, while leaving the electrical functionality unaffected. Telkonet’s PLC systems – the Telkonet iWire System and the 200 Mbps Telkonet Series 5 – represent a quick, economical, and non-disruptive way to achieve high-speed Internet connectivity throughout a building. Telkonet’s PLC systems offer the hard-wired security and reliability of a CAT-5 cabled network, but without the cost, physical disturbance and business disruption of wiring CAT-5. For properties looking to provide wireless coverage, Telkonet’s systems can be used to feed WiFi access points, which can be connected quickly and simply to any power outlet.


Series 5 Comparison “With 209 sites and limited numbers of IT technicians, we needed a reliable, plug-and-play system that was easy to install, maintain and operate. With Telkonet’s solution, we demonstrated that our own IT staff and contract electricians could install the system…”
Steve Custer, Supervisor CCTV/LAN Networking and A.V. Repair, Hillsborough County School District (SDHC)

Telkonet iWire System

The Telkonet iWire System is a robust networking platform that protects your investment by providing for today’s technologies and expanding for future technologies and applications, with many key benefits.

        Low cost – Significantly less expensive than rewiring a building
        Quick installation – Completed from hours to days, without construction or disruption
        Secure – Data is encrypted and secure from outside intrusion
        Hybrid – Delivers wired, wireless or a hybrid solution
        Reliable – Patented PLC technology for continuous network connectivity
        Scalable – Add users by adding more Telkonet iBridge units
        Convenient – Network access at every electrical outlet in every room
        Flexible – Supports any device or application using Internet Protocol
        Robust – Remote monitoring and management
        Compliant – FCC Part 15, UL60950 Listed, and CE approval
        Plug-and-play – Easy to connect to the Internet without drivers or software

Applications supported by Telkonet’s PLC system include, but are not limited to: HSIA, local area networking, VoIP phones, video conferencing, closed circuit security surveillance, digital signage, substation monitoring and a host of other information services.

The Telkonet iWire System is used by a wide variety of customers, including:


  • Trump properties in New York City
  • The historic ocean liner The Queen Mary
  • Hillsborough County School District, Tampa, Florida
  • The U.S. Department of Defense
  • WorldMark by Wyndham
  • Sandman Hotels, Inns & Suites
  • Best Western GB
  • Vacation Resorts International
  • America’s Best Value Inns

PLC Product Components

Telkonet’s systems comprise a set of compact building blocks – the Telkonet Gateway, which connects via a router to the site’s external broadband feed, and a Telkonet Coupler that interfaces with a building’s electrical distribution panel. A further unit, the Telkonet eXtender™, can be connected to the Telkonet Coupler to provide additional reach for multi-building sites. To access the Internet, a user simply connects their laptop into a Telkonet iBridge unit.


Telkonet Gateway™ The "brain" of the system, the Telkonet Gateway converts IP connections to a PLC signal and distributes PLC to the Telkonet Coupler. Through a web or CLI interface, the Telkonet Gateway allows management and configuration of the other Telkonet components. Each Telkonet Gateway supports up to 63 Telkonet eXtenders, 1,023 Telkonet iBridges (users) and up to 4,096 Ethernet endpoints.
Telkonet Couplers The Telkonet Coupler takes the PLC signal from the Telkonet Gateway or Telkonet eXtender and injects that signal into the in-building electrical wiring. Installation of the Telkonet Coupler requires a licensed electrician to meet National Electric Code (NEC) and local electric code standards. Also comes in a model with integrated disconnect switch.
Telkonet eXtender™ The Telkonet eXtender provides additional reach and scalability for networks that cannot be properly covered by a single Telkonet Gateway or multi-building environments. It can be used with wireless radio or wireline networks.
Telkonet iBridge™ The Telkonet iBridge enables a user to connect a computer or IP device to the PLC network. It contains a "test" function to determine the PLC signal strength and has an RJ45 user port connection.

Telkonet Series 5

Setting unprecedented performance levels for security, speed, QoS and capacity, the Telkonet Series 5 200 Mbps system takes PLC to a new level as a viable networking option for high performance, critical applications, including digital video surveillance, implementations in the utility substation environment, and harsh outdoor commercial installations. Telkonet Series 5 delivers a range of significant performance advances, including the following.


  • Secure transmission – Incorporates hardware-based 128-bit AES encryption that meets stringent commercial requirements and provides industrial users with a highly secure remote management solution
  • Incorporates additional optional physical access ports – Including both RS232 and RS485 to enable a wide range of different devices to be networked, such as non Ethernet-enabled monitoring and metering devices used in electric utility substations
  • Optional support for both DC and AC applications – Meets environmental standards for both AC and DC operating environments for utility substations and the utility marketplace
  • Withstands extended temperature ranges – Enables monitoring and control in tough, outdoor industrial environments
  • Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) – Handles up to 8 different communication levels, across high-speed data, Voice over IP (VoIP) and surveillance, with rate-limited bandwidth management per application
  • Integrated energy management – Incorporates an optional ZigBee adapter for the initial integration of Networked Telkonet SmartEnergy, combining Ethernet connectivity with wireless-based monitoring and management

Series 5 Comparison Matrix

PLC Product Components

Telkonet’s systems comprise a set of compact building blocks – the Telkonet Gateway, which connects via a router to the site’s external broadband feed, and a Telkonet Coupler that interfaces with a building’s electrical distribution panel. A further unit, the Telkonet eXtender™, can be connected to the Telkonet Coupler to provide additional reach for multi-building sites. To access the Internet, a user simply connects their laptop into a Telkonet iBridge unit.


Telkonet Gateway™ – AG5 The Telkonet Gateway is a remotely manageable network interface that converts Ethernet connections to a power line carrier signal and transmits the signal to the Telkonet Coupler. The Telkonet Gateway allows management and configuration of the Telkonet Series 5 via a web browser or Telnet command line interface.
Telkonet Couplers – MVC-200 and DPC-200 The Telkonet Coupler is wired to the AC or DC low-voltage bus and connected to the Telkonet Gateway with a coaxial cable. The Telkonet Coupler takes the power line carrier signal from the Telkonet Gateway or Telkonet eXtender and injects the signal into the AC or DC electrical wiring. The Telkonet Coupler is also available with an integrated disconnect switch (coupler breaker).
Telkonet eXtender™ – AX5 The Telkonet eXtender provides additional power line carrier signal reach and scalability for networks that cannot be covered by a single Telkonet Gateway.
Telkonet iBridge™ – AB5 The Telkonet iBridge is wired to the AC or DC supply at each point requiring a communications interface. The Telkonet iBridge recovers the power line carrier signal and converts it back into an Ethernet or serial connection for the devices or applications. It contains a test function to determine the power line carrier signal strength.


EGS Gateway Servers

The EthoStream Gateway Server (EGS) product line of gateway devices deliver wired or wireless high-speed Internet access and a hybrid solution, integrating quickly and easily with any combination of WAN connections, including T1, DSL, cable modem, fiber and wireless connections. Our comprehensive range of turnkey, standards-compliant gateways meet the requirements of all major hospitality franchises and support a variety of applications, such as VoIP, printing from rooms, surveillance, and point-of-sale terminals.

We provide a complete line of related components, including wireless access points and bridges, Power-over-Ethernet devices, Ethernet switches, DSL equipment and digital video recorder (DVR) equipment, helping you to integrate all of the necessary products into a comprehensive solution.

EthoStream’s support center is directly integrated into the EthoStream Gateway Server and the web-based Telkonet CENTRAL, giving our dedicated, in-house support team and property management real-time visibility into a property’s HSIA usage and data, as well as ISP status. EthoStream leads the hospitality industry in providing innovative, standards-compliant customer solutions and support. Our proactive, responsive, knowledgeable customer support ensures guest satisfaction and retention.

EGS Product Comparison

The EthoStream Gateway Server line of gateway devices provides a simple all-in-one solution for Internet access within a commercial public-access network, while creating a productive work environment and end-user satisfaction.

“This (EthoStream’s Remote Management Console) is an invaluable tool, enabling us to access and monitor all our properties and Internet users from a single location. It is exactly this sort of innovation that puts EthoStream on a different level to other vendors, and is behind our selection of its technology as our preferred option”.
Jeff Henschel, Assistant VP of Technology, Destination Hotels & Resorts

  • EGS 4.0 – The most scalable and feature-rich HSIA gateway
  • EGS Pro Dual – Completely eliminates network downtime with its unique dual wide area network (WAN) interface architecture; provides redundancy, scalability and load-balancing
  • EthoStream Bandwidth Management System – Provides complete control of bandwidth allocation across a property’s network, with both dynamic and manual bandwidth control, as well as bandwidth up-sell options for users’ bandwidth-intensive applications, such as online video gaming

EthoStream Gateway Servers are providing HSIA to more than 2,400 properties, servicing more than 1.9 million users per month, including:

  • Choice Hotels International
  • AmericInn
  • Destination Hotels
  • Vantage Hospitality
  • Red Lion
  • Hospitality America
  • La Quinta
  • Hampton Inns


Management Team

Warren V. "Pete" Musser

Chairman of the Board
Warren V. "Pete" Musser, 81, has served as Telkonet's chairman of the board since January 2003. Mr. Musser has taken more than 50 companies public during his distinguished and successful career as an entrepreneur. He is currently the managing director of The Musser Group and chairman emeritus of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. Mr. Musser's distinguished affiliations also included: director of CompuCom Systems, Inc., director of Internet Capital Group, Inc., vice chairman and director of Nutri/System, Inc., vice chairman and director of the Eastern Technology Council, chairman and director of Economics PA, and vice president of development at Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Musser received a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.

Jason L. Tienor

President & Chief Executive Officer
Jason Tienor, 33, is the president and chief executive officer of Telkonet. As the former president and CEO of EthoStream, Mr. Tienor co-founded and grew the HSIA vendor to become one of the largest high-speed Internet providers to the hospitality industry in the nation. Prior to EthoStream, in 2000, Mr. Tienor was co-founder of a Milwaukee-based IT consulting firm. Mr. Tienor received a BBA in MIS and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and an MBA with an emphasis on Computer Science from Marquette University.

Richard Leimbach

Chief Financial Officer
Rick Leimbach, 39, is the chief financial officer for Telkonet. Mr. Leimbach joined Telkonet in January 2004, and was appointed as vice president of finance in 2006, and then CFO in December 2007. Prior to Telkonet, from 2001 to 2004, he was the financial controller at UltraBridge, an applications solution provider, headquartered in Maryland. Mr. Leimbach joined the company at the start-up stage, tasked with building up the financial organization. From 1998 to 2001, Mr. Leimbach was corporate accounting manager at Snyder Communications, Inc. – a global organization focusing on design, development and implementation of value-added outsourced marketing services. Rick was involved with consolidating the group's extensive operations and working with the SEC. Mr. Leimbach held various positions within public accounting firms, including the Reznick Group and Wolpoff and Company in Maryland from 1991 to 1998. He holds a degree in Accounting from Towson University, Maryland.

Jeffrey Sobieski

Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Sobieski, 32, is the chief operating officer for Telkonet. From December 2007 to June 2008, Mr. Sobieski served as Telkonet’s executive vice president, energy management. Mr. Sobieski joined Telkonet in March 2007, following the acquisition of EthoStream, where he was CIO. As the former CIO of EthoStream, Mr. Sobieski co-founded and grew the HSIA vendor to become one of the largest high-speed Internet providers to the hospitality industry in the nation. Prior to EthoStream, in 2000, Mr. Sobieski was cofounder of Interactive SolutionZ, a Milwaukee-based IT consulting firm, and from this gained experience in the telecommunications and insurance industries. From 1998 to 2000, he was involved in consulting and system development projects, including the project lead on developing a new software package for GE Medical, and software tools development for North Western Mutual Insurance. Mr. Sobieski received a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and his MBA from Marquette University.

Jeremy Griesbach

Vice President of Global Sales
Jeremy Griesbach, 34, is the vice president of global sales for Telkonet, joining the company in October 2007. Prior to Telkonet, from 2001 to 2007, Mr. Griesbach was the director of business development for a Midwest regional accounting firm, Virchow Krause, focusing on building the tax services group that specialized in state and local use tax, tax credit and incentives. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Griesbach was business development manager for Metavante, a financial services and software support company. He holds a BS degree in Marketing from Upper Iowa State University.

Matt Koch

Vice President of Hospitality Operations
Matt Koch, 31, is vice president of operations for Telkonet. Mr. Koch joined Telkonet in March 2007, following the acquisition of EthoStream, where he was a systems engineer from 2004 to 2007. Prior to EthoStream, from 1998 to 2000 and from 2001 to 2004, Mr. Koch was a system administrator for Geneva OnLine, a regional Internet service provider specializing in wireless broadband Internet access, managing system administration and integration for web hosting, billing systems, and workflow automation. In 2000, Mr. Koch was a system and network administrator consultant in the Silicon Valley for various companies, including Sun Microsystems, Uptilt, and SalesCenter.com, a web-based sales team automation system. He received a BS degree in Business Administration in Management Computer Systems from University of Wisconsin Whitewater.



44 West Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003
Tel: 610 649 7300
Fax: 610 649 7302





SHARES as of June 30,2007 per Q2

OUTSTANDING SHARES: 66,806,986 million
RESTRICTED SHARES: 56,932,926 million
FLOATS: 58,310,000 million

HOLDERS AS OF 03/14/07////AS OF 9/1-07

Institutions 40 Holders 38 HOLDERS
Mutual Funds 21 Holders 19 HOLDERS
Other Major Holders 48 Holders



Current Price
Bid Ask Day's Range
  • 1D
  • 1M
  • 2M
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  • 6M
  • 1Y
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  • 5Y
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