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Trading for
$0.061 as of Thurs. March 29th, 2018, well under two recent Price Targets of $2.00 and $0.50.
Increased chatter amongst investors of a Partnership or Buyout, see below. 

Latest Analyst Ratings:

March 29th, 2018 3:07 AM EDT
Neovasc Inc. PT updated to $2.00 at Leerink Partners, states that 'Tiara Clinical Trials Continue to Progress' Maintains 'Outperform' Rating.

March 29th, 2018 
Canaccord Genuity Updates Neovasc Inc (US) (NVCN) Price Target to $0.50 and has a "Buy" rating.

Latest Earnings Report - March 28th, 2018
EPS of $-0.28 misses by $-0.02 
Revenue of $5.39M (- 43.3% Y/Y) beats by $1.29M

Trader's takeaway from the latest Earnings Report: (Updated on April 1st, 2018)
1. No R/S mentioned, 2. Tiara Prescreen implementation in Europe soon (as early as this week), 3. Updates on Tiara / Reducer enrollments shown to have been very successful and increasing in size, 4. Cash to last through Q3 2018, 5. Revenues were down/but so were expenses.

Also on the conference call, they reported that the $112 M lawsuit has been fully paid and settled. Neovasc said that “there are no other monetary damages arising from the award,” and announced that it will remain the joint inventor of its ‘964 patent related to its Tiara transcatheter mitral valve replacement device. Neovasc will share the patent along with 2 employees of CardiAQ Valve, with both parties “having freedom to use the patent without an obligation to pay royalties to the other", according to a press release. Source: NeoVasc shares surge 45% on affirmed Tiara patent case decision against Edwards.

Possible Partnership in the works?
This was taken from the latest Earnings Conference call on March 28th, 2018 (link to entire transcript provided above, courtesy of
Newly acquired CEO/President Fred Colen hints at being open to a partnership.  Have a look at what he says:
Possible partnership?

Possible Buy Out in the works? 
Check out newly acquired CEO Fred Colen's bio below (spoiler alert: he worked with $BSX for 8 years as CTO) and see how this all ties together. 

Don't Be Surprised if Boston Scientific (BSX) Buys Neovasc (NVCN)- JMP  

MARCH 30, 2018 Article:

Neovasc has a unique opportunity to take a share of that US$16.2 Billion with this patent along with many other patents that they own.
Patent # 

Neovasc's Tiara and other TMVR devices
US$75 MILLION AGREEMENT 12/02/16}}}}

Neovasc and Boston Scientific Reach US$75 Million Agreement 
12/2/2016 7:00:00 AM - PR Newswire 

Boston Scientific Announces Agreement to Acquire Neovasc Advanced Biological Tissue Capabilities 
12/2/2016 7:00:00 AM - PR Newswire 

NVCN + BSX = 15% stake = +350% for stock


Fred Colen - President and CEO

Neovasc Inc. (Nasdaq: NVCN), a front-runner in minimally invasive transcatheter mitral valve technologies today announced that its board of directors (the "Board") has appointed Fred A. Colen as president and chief executive officer effective immediately. This leadership transition is a key element of the Company's strategy to support plans for the commercialization of its new-to-market Reducer™ ("Reducer") product in Europe and the advancement of its Tiara™ ("Tiara") mitral valve clinical program. Alexei Marko, Neovasc's outgoing CEO, will maintain his role as a Director on the Neovasc Board of Directors and continue to serve as an advisor to the Company.  

"After ten years building Neovasc, I am convinced that now is the time for new leadership to take the Company to the next level. I am especially pleased that an industry leader of Fred Colen's caliber has accepted this opportunity," said Alexei Marko, outgoing CEO of Neovasc. "I look forward to my continued involvement as a board member." 

Fred Colen has contributed to many significant turnarounds in his career, including the post-acquisition Guidant Company, which became the CRM division of Boston Scientific, a firm with which he held progressively senior executive roles over 11 years, including Chief Technology Officer from 2001-2008 and Member of the Executive Committee from 2001-2010. During his tenure at Boston Scientific, Mr. Colen is credited with numerous successes. As President of the company's Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Group his team regained trust and confidence in the division's implantable pacemakers, leads, defibrillators and re-synchronization devices, increasing annual product revenue growth by over 10% in a flat US market and growing global divisional operating income from below 10% to 25% of sales, exceeding the planned annual free cash flow goals. As Chief Technology Officer, he led the development and global commercial launch for the Company's first- and second-generation implantable drug-eluting coronary stents (the Taxus Express and Taxus Liberte), leading to global market leadership with incremental revenues of US$2 billion annually. The Taxus Express market introduction is viewed as one of the most successful launches ever in the medical device industry. 

Also note:
$BSX Boston Scientific laid off 300 employees just recently on March 27th, 2018
, perhaps to make room for the takeover of $NVCN ?? Who knows?? They already own 15% of NVCN.


                                                                      About Neovasc                                                                        

                                                     Neovasc Inc. is a specialty medical device company that develops, manufactures,
                                                     and markets products for the rapidly growing cardiovascular marketplace.

                                                                        Our products include the Tiara™ technology in development for the transcatheter
                                                                        treatment of mitral valve disease, the Neovasc Reducer™ for the treatment of
                                                                        refractory angina.

                                                                         A Canadian Biotech company, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, we are a
                                                                         publicly traded company, listed on NASDAQ: (NVCN) and the Toronto Stock
                                                                         Exchange TSX: (NVC) 




                                                    BUYOUT POTENTIAL                                        
              ------------------>>>>>>>>>>>>>Recent deals involving mitral valve companies<<<<<<<<<<<<<<--------------
"Great info and a MUST READ on the demand and for acquisitions for these type of companies here from last year this month now that remainder or any legal issues are getting ironed out through the final appeals days now , EVEN SHOWS THE $$ VALUES OF THE BOUGHT COMPANIES TOO:"


Concensus Recommendation courtesy of 
Updated: April 1st, 2018:   STRONG BUY.

STRONG BUY                                  
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