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Authorized Shares -    800,000,000 - a/o 05/02/2022

Shares Outstanding -  513,650,338 - a/o 05/02/2022

Float-  320,542,712 - a/o 01/31/2022


 Halberd Corp. (OTC PINK:HALB), is a publicly traded company on the OTC Market, and is in full compliance with OTC Market reporting requirements.            

HALB holds the exclusive rights to 3 granted U.S. Patents, no. 9,216,386 no. 8,758,287 and no. 11,186,629

See YouTube video,, concerning Dr. Felder’s discussion of the scientific basis underlying Premier’s extracorporeal treatment process for fighting cancer and other diseases.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Halberd Corporation Pursues Extracorporeal Radio Frequency Treatment  Against Covid-19 | BioSpace

In plain English: Halberd Corporation is a biotechnology company and with its partners (Dr. Qiang Shawn Chen and his team at Arizona State University; Dr. William Sturrus and his team at Youngstown State University) is developing an extra-corporeal (out of the body) treatment against PTSD, CTE, Alzheimer's Disease and other virusses and diseases. With the use of antibodies the disease antigens is targeted. Using radiofrequency / laser technology the "antibody-metallic moiety-antigens complex" is destroyed/eradicated. All based on 3 granted patents and 20 provisional (some PCT) patent applications.


Halberd Corporation's Proprietary Technology for Alzheimer's Disease Enters Stage 4 of 7 Stage Process

Jackson Center, Pennsylvania--(Newsfile Corp. - June 21, 2021) - Halberd Corporation's (OTC Pink: HALB) proprietary technology enters stage 4 to address Alzheimer's Disease (and other potential diseases), eradicating the antibody-disease combination through radiofrequency waves or laser or other means. Currently, there is no known effective treatment for Alzheimer's Disease which afflicts over 40 million people worldwide, equivalent to the combined population of the states of Florida and New York.

                                                                                            The seven (7) stages in Halberd's program are as follows:

  1.                                                                                                                                                                              1. Identifying target disease(s); (Done yes)
                                                                                                                                                                                 2. Creating patentable antibodies vs target disease(s); (Done yes)
                                                                                                                                                                                 3. Combining antibodies with metallic particles; (Done yes)
                                                                                                                                                                                 4. Eradicating the antibody-disease combination through radiofrequency waves, laser or other proprietary means; (Done yes)
                                                                                                                                                                                 5. Conducting animal tests to establish the safety and efficacy; (Planning phase, contract with mci Consultants Inc for FDA regulations/process yes)

                                                                                                                                                                                 6. Conducting human testing
                                                                                                                                                                                 7. Obtaining FDA Certification


Halberd Corporation Successfully Establishes Disease Eradication Proof-of-Concept - "Never Before Accomplished"

CEO William Hartman: "The principal competitive Alzheimer's drug treatment available today eliminates 5-15% of Beta Amyloid after one month of treatment costing over $50,000 per year. Halberd's extracorporeal process eradicates 100% within just 10 minutes."



* Halberd's on-going independent audit is anticipated to be completed within Q1 2022 yes

* Efforts are underway on filing Halberd's FORM-10 contingent on the completion of its independent audit leading to OTCQX exchange up-list by or within Q2 2022 yes

* Completion of the Top Ten Target Antigen elimination from CSF is expected to be completed within Q1 2022 yes

* Establish and execute meetings with the NFL and possibly the NCAA to seek endorsement for Halberd's PTSD/CTE research 

* Discussions have commenced and are in progress with a large medical university to develop potential cures for several neurodegenerative diseases with potential independent validation within the year 2022. We plan on sharing the name of this university once an agreement is established 

* We are looking into conducting initial discussions with an identified pharmaceutical company for potential partnering arrangements

* The next steps in Halberd's R&D program include eradication of the "Top Ten Target Antigens" from blood elements (serum and plasma)

* Plans are underway for generating scientific articles for publication within Q1 2022. The material will be carefully screened for patentable content prior to publication to protect our intellectual property and achievements

* Halberd is currently searching for an infectious disease specialist to be added to its company staff within Q1 2022 to assist in developing and testing cures for infectious diseases which have the potential of being treated with Halberd's proprietary technology yes

* Conclude current ongoing talks with a major university to acquire related abandoned intellectual property that could expand Halberd's value significantly

* Continue to protect Halberd's intellectual property by timely filing of patent applications











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