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Objective The Fund seeks to generate a high level of current income with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. The Fund has maximum flexibility to dynamically allocate among equities, fixed-income securities and alternative investments around the world. Approaching the Investment Process as a Team At Calamos Investments, we've established ourselves as leaders in the asset management industry by investing according to John Calamos' vision: positioning our portfolios for risk management and staying fully invested through all stages of the market cycle. If you look behind the scenes, you'll see an entire team of experienced investment professionals implementing that vision. Our "one team, one process" management philosophy means the same group of managers uses the same proprietary methodology to analyze companies and securities for every one of our portfolios. Although predicting the future is impossible, our research helps us hone in on indicators that a company may be undervalued or positioned for exceptional growth. Only after closely examining a company's balance sheet, credit quality, growth prospects, most probable range of price movement and fit within the portfolio do we determine whether its security is likely to benefit our strategy. We've shown our skill at growing wealth for our clients during our over 30 years in the business. As active money managers, our ultimate goal—no matter what the market is doing—is to achieve the optimal risk/reward balance. Investment Strategy The Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund (CHW) brings together multiple asset classes with broad flexibility to tactically shift among them as market conditions warrant. This enhanced fixed income strategy delivers worldwide exposure to higher quality growth stocks, higher yield corporate bonds, government bonds, convertibles and alternative investments such as arbitrage and call writes. The strategy invests across the globe in both developed and emerging markets, including debt and equity securities of corporate issuers and debt securities of government issuers. While emphasis is on producing a steady income stream, the Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund makes maximum use of our proprietary investment process featuring detailed fundamental analysis and quantitative screening across a company’s debt/capital structure. Fund Highlights as of 10/31/10 Attractive current annualized distribution rate of 7.28% 1 Flexibly blends global fixed-income securities, alternative investments and equities in order to maintain an optimum risk/reward profile Seeks a level-rate distribution policy* designed to provide stable, monthly distributions Designed to manage risk and enhance income Uses the same disciplined and time-tested, active investment approach as all Calamos funds Dynamically pursues areas of opportunity across countries, sectors, credit tiers and companies of differing size Can write call options against up to 100% of managed assets to generate additional income Performance Data as of 10/31/10 Performance-Calendar Year Total Return Data as of 11/30/10 2010 (Year - To - Date) 2009 2008 2007* Market Price 10.34% 52.70% -47.44% -11.08% NAV 8.12% 38.22% -41.45% 4.56% *2007 performance data from inception date of 6/27/07 through 12/31/07 View All Holdings Data as of 10/31/10 Portfolio Asset Allocation* Common Stock 60.6% Corporate Bonds 16.7% Convertible Bonds 14.1% Convertible Preferred Stock 3.8% US Government Securities 1.0% Sovereign Bonds 0.8% Options -0.5% Cash and Receivables/Payables 3.5% Sector Weightings*# Information Technology 19.7% Energy 14.2% Health Care 11.8% Industrials 11.7% Financials 9.6% Consumer Discretionary 8.8% Consumer Staples 8.1% Materials 7.2% Telecommunication Services 3.6% Utilities 1.5% Top 10 Country Allocations* United States 46.6% United Kingdom 11.9% Switzerland 7.0% Germany 5.2% Japan 4.0% France 3.4% Australia 2.8% Canada 2.7% Ireland 1.8% Sweden 1.3% Regional Weightings* North America 49.3% Europe 34.4% Asia/Pacific 10.7% Latin America 2.1% Middle East/Africa 0.6% Representative holdings^# Description Asset Type Nestlé‚ SA Common Stock 1.7% Alcon‚ Inc. Common Stock 1.4% Novo Nordisk‚ A/S - Class B Common Stock 1.1% ARM Holdings‚ PLC Common Stock 1.1% Infosys Technologies‚ Ltd. Common Stock 1.0% ABB‚ Ltd. Common Stock 1.0% Apple‚ Inc. Common Stock 1.0% Goldcorp‚ Inc. Convertible Bonds 0.9% Shire‚ PLC Convertible Bonds 0.9% Diageo‚ PLC Common Stock 0.9% Quality Allocation^5 AAA 4.2% AA 0.0% A 5.8% BBB 18.2% BB 33.1% B 12.7% CCC and below 1.9% Unrated Securities 24.1% The portfolio is actively managed. Holdings and weightings are subject to change at any time without notice. ^Data is based on portfolio holdings. *Data is based on managed assets. #Representative Holdings and Sector Weightings are calculated as a percentage of Managed Assets. The tables exclude cash or cash equivalents, any government / sovereign bonds or broad based index hedging securities the portfolio may hold. The most recent attribution data for this fund can be found in the semiannual report dated 4/30/10. View All Holdings Data as of 10/31/10 Fund Data Managed Assets $734,850,384 Total Common Share Assets $543,850,384 Shares Outstanding 59,006,992 Average Daily Volume (mo.) 239,759 Total Percent Leveraged4 25.99% Debt Coverage Ratio 385% Leverage Assets $191,000,000 Debt Leverage $191,000,000 Average Portfolio Turnover 36.85% Expense Ratio (based upon managed assets) 1.60% Call Option Overlay 7.05% Fees and Expenses Total Fund Management Fees 1.00% Debt Leverage Expense6 0.52% Other Expenses 0.08% Total 1.60% Distribution History (Latest 12 months) as of 12/1/10 December $0.05000 November $0.05000 October $0.05000 September $0.05000 August $0.05000 July $0.05000 June $0.05000 May $0.05000 April $0.05000 March $0.05000 February $0.05000 January $0.05000
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