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Welcome to the No Koolaid Zone

The purpose of this board is two-fold...

The first is to present topics that should be classified as Koolaid. Koolaid is defined simply as something people want to believe because it sounds so good but actually isn't at all true (i.e. it tastes great but will make your teeth rot--please don't sue me KoolAid). These are ideas floating around iHub that should be dispelled in the hope that people stop being sucked in by them.

The second is to share trading ideas/techniques and to provide reviews of those trading techniques/methods. This board is not for the promotion of any particular stock (there are plenty of other boards out there that do that). You're welcome to post a chart for a particular stock if it's being used to illustrate a particular trading idea or technique, but please do not post your favorite pick simply to promote it. Those posts will be deleted.

Feel free to agree, disagree, and/or critique the ideas presented...just be nice when you do it. The goal is to either learn something or teach something and to stop drinking the Koolaid.


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If you ever get so bored that you end up looking through some of my past posts, you'll find that I used to be a serious Koolaid drinker, mainly of the float lock down (FLD) variety. I totally bought into the whole “massive naked shorting, we’re going have a life changing short squeeze” craziness. This board is an outgrowth of my journey out of that craziness. It's been quite the learning experience for me, although some days I wish I could just delete some of my old posts...

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