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The Picks For VMC PSL 16 SSKILLZ1 09/11/10 3:00 PM
Every Stock with Starting Price and # of SSKILLZ1 09/11/10 1:59 PM
Thanks to all for the warm congrats! Knowledge is King 12/21/10 1:59 PM
Congrats to Kik and CptMatt and Cl001! nsomniyak 12/20/10 12:08 AM
Cl001: Congrats on your 3rd place finish .... researcher59 12/19/10 12:30 AM
Congrats to KIK, very clever trades you have cl001 12/18/10 3:11 PM
There seems to be a pattern developing here......KIK Bobwins 12/18/10 1:09 PM
Congrats to KiK and everyone else with positive gains! yielddude 12/18/10 10:07 AM
I concur with what researcher said. Even ghmm 12/18/10 10:01 AM
Congrats as usual to Knowledge is King. researcher59 12/18/10 8:08 AM
Congrats to KiK and CptMatt ... !!! kozuh 12/18/10 6:54 AM
The amazing KIK- congrats. Looking forward to the timhyma 12/17/10 10:29 PM
Congrats to KIK on yet another PSL Victory. SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:24 PM
Final VMC PSL 16 Standings (Week 14) SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:19 PM
VMC PSL 16 Indexes SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:17 PM
The Buy A Trade Results SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:14 PM
Wildcard Returns SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:11 PM
Individual Stock Returns SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:09 PM
% of Portfolio up in % Terms for SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:05 PM
All 6 Units Positive SSKILLZ1 12/17/10 10:02 PM
VMC PSL 16 Top 2 after Thursday SSKILLZ1 12/16/10 6:07 PM
that's great, but I would think that Valuemind nsomniyak 12/15/10 7:34 PM
VMC PSL 16 Top 2 after Wednesday SSKILLZ1 12/15/10 5:13 PM
no it is not. Plus it is past SSKILLZ1 12/15/10 3:31 PM
If it is possible to double down on micham2012 12/15/10 3:16 PM
VMC PSL 16 Top 2 after Tuesday SSKILLZ1 12/14/10 7:53 PM
PSL 16 Trades SSKILLZ1 12/14/10 7:45 PM
VMC PSL 16 Standings (Week 13) SSKILLZ1 12/11/10 12:41 PM
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# Of Transactions Left List SSKILLZ1 12/11/10 12:36 PM
Individual Stock Returns SSKILLZ1 12/11/10 12:35 PM
PSL 16 Trades SSKILLZ1 12/07/10 8:36 PM
niles_carne3: Now that would have been something! bbotcs 12/05/10 4:18 PM
bbotcs, I don't think you could have John Bates 12/05/10 3:29 PM
niles_crane3: What an afterthought. Had I bbotcs 12/05/10 2:04 PM
I traded FTK when I was down 10% John Bates 12/05/10 1:04 PM
Did one transaction, a freeze, and it messed bbotcs 12/04/10 4:32 PM
VMC PSL 16 Standings (Week 12) SSKILLZ1 12/04/10 1:54 PM
VMC PSL 16 Indexes SSKILLZ1 12/04/10 1:52 PM
# Of Transactions Left List SSKILLZ1 12/04/10 1:48 PM
Individual Stock Returns SSKILLZ1 12/04/10 1:20 PM
KIK Takes the lead. Wow. SSKILLZ1 11/27/10 6:30 PM
VMC PSL 16 Standings (Week 11) SSKILLZ1 11/27/10 6:29 PM
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# Of Transactions Left List SSKILLZ1 11/27/10 6:23 PM
Individual Stock Returns SSKILLZ1 11/27/10 6:20 PM
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PSL 16 Trades SSKILLZ1 11/23/10 10:08 PM
The King is unstopable...... avandalay05 11/21/10 4:59 PM
Notice who is charging to the lead again SSKILLZ1 11/19/10 8:42 PM
VMC PSL 16 Standings (Week 10) SSKILLZ1 11/19/10 8:38 PM
VMC PSL 16 Indexes SSKILLZ1 11/19/10 8:36 PM
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Knowledge is King
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12/16/10 6:07 PM
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John Bates
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John Bates
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12/04/10 1:48 PM
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Value Microcaps Pick Six Lotto 16

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Moderator lentinman
Assistants nsomniyak Bobwins researcher59 Knowledge is King SSKILLZ1


This is the SIXTEENTH contest for the VMCboard. The first FIFTEEN contests can be seen and reviewed on the links below.

>>>>>[b]Winner: CWS9 (+95.16%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: Networm (+111.44%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: Bobwins (+57.95%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: DanLC (+156.22%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: Niles_crane3 (+35.69%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: Gilead (+68.11%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: Researcher59 (+40.49%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: THREES (+54.52%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: MSGI (+68.10%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: Researcher59 (+62.16%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner: ABH3VT (+141.02%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner:KnowledgeIsKing (+129.32%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner:Northernlight (+203.76%)[/b]
>>>>>[b]Winner:KnowledgeIsIing (+46.99%)[/b]

[b]The winner gets...[/b] A year's subscription to pride in being the #1 performer against a lot of very good stockpickers on the best stockpicking board on the internet. And, they get highlighted on the VMC Champions Board.

[b]ELIGIBILITY[/b] Solely up to the moderators of this board. Any contestant who is booted from IHUB during the contest is ineligible to win any individual PSLcontest.


All picks will be "blind" picks. By that, it means they will have to be based upon the person's best guess rather than by seeing what others have done. When the picks are made, they will be deleted (hidden) from the board. Once the deadline passes, all picks by each person will be shown in the Ibox.

PSL16 will begin on Monday, September 13 and end on Friday, December 17. Everyone must have their picks in before September 10 at 4PM EST. All beginning prices will be as of the the close on Friday, September 10th.

All picks need to be done on this board and not via PM so that we have a record. Also, you can never be sure if whoever you send it to is even around or reading PMs. If you post it on the board, it is permanent and fixed in time.

We will list each person's picks in the Ibox in alphabetical order.


Shown below are all the rules with respect to PSL16. THERE IS ONE RECENT RULE MODIFICATION.

[b]New Rule: "Buy a Transaction"[/b]

After a contestant uses their four trades they have the right to buy up to three trades at a cost.

The first transaction costs 3% of the unit (or stock position) you are trading out of.
The second transaction costs 5% of (see above).
The third transaction costs 10% of (see above).

1) Pick exactly 6 stocks that you believe will have the greatest appreciation during the period of the contest.

2) Only cash dividends of over 10% will be adjusted for. Stock dividends and splits will always be adjusted for.

3) Each stock must be at least 25 cents as of the deadline for making your picks. If one of your stocks is below 25 cents on the close, you will have until midnight (assuming no news) to pick another stock that qualifies. If not, a cash position will be assigned to your portfolio.

4) Stocks must meet VMC earnings & reporting requirements (see explanation immediately below this list) with the exception that one WILD CARD pick will be allowed (see #16 below).

5) A minimum $5,000 average daily dollar volume for the previous three months is required on any original or any new stock. This is calculated as the Yahoo 3-month average shares traded times the closing price of the stock.

6) Foreign stocks are allowed as long as they are trackable on Yahoo. Some foreign stocks have pinky versions and that is ok.

7) One of your 6 original positions can be a cash position.

8) No options or warrants or mutual funds. ETF's are ok.

9) No limit on market cap.

10) It is not required that you disclose whether you own these stocks.

11) First come, first serve. All [b]GROUPS[/b] of 6 must be unique. If a person already has your exact 6 choices you will need to make at least one substitution. This has not happened so far and is very unlikely.

12) You will receive 4 transactions during the contest. You can use 0, 1, 2, 3 or all four. That is up to you.

13) All transactions will be done as of the next closing price. If the transaction is done after the close, it will be as of the close of the following market day. There is a one half hour grace period to allow for [b]UNDOING[/b] a trade - assuming there is no news involved to either part of the transaction during that half hour.This is because many closing prices are not available until 20 minutes after the close.

14) A transaction can be a trade or an unfreeze (just like it sounds). A double down (see below) is also a transaction. All transactions should be done on the PSL board - and not via PM.

--- A double down will be allowed where you can trade one of your stocks (or cash) into a "double" position of one of your other stocks (or cash).
--- Once double downed, always doubled downed. In other words, when two stocks are merged into one, they cannot be unmerged. You can trade, freeze or unfreeze the merged unit just as you would a single unit.
--- Once two stocks have been merged via a double down they cannot be double downed into another stock or another stock cannot be double downed into them. A maximum of 2+2 of the 6 units can be merged together. In other words, you can have two double downs at once with two other stocks that are not doubled - ie 4 stocks and 6 units.
--- A maximum of two double downs are allowed per contest.
--- You cannot double down until two weeks have passed - after the close of Thursday, September 23 - which will allow it to be in effect as early as September 26 - two weeks into the contest.
--- Only stocks that meet the earnings rule, the volume rule and the .25 rule can be double downed into.

15) Buy a Transaction: These are additional transactions beyond the four free ones. The first transaction costs 5%. The second transaction costs 10%. The third transaction costs 15%.

16) Any stock - whether frozen or not - can be traded for cash, or another stock. In all cases, the value of the entity that you are trading away must be reinvested in total into the new entity.

17) There will be one [b]Wild Card[/b] allowed. One of your picks can deviate from the VMC rule - either in terms of earnings or in terms of being a non-reporting pinky.

18) You are only allowed up to two short positions.

[b]SHORT POSITIONS: [/b] A short position must take the form of any ETF. Shown below are four double-beta shorts against the corresponding index...
--- QID: Nasdaq 100
--- SDS: S&P 500
--- MZZ: S&P MidCap 400
--- DXD: Dow Jones Industrial Average
and one single beta short.
--- DOG: Dow Jones Industrial Average

19) A stock does not trade the day AFTER you pick it.
[b]Trade:[/b] If one stock trades - whether Stock A (Sell) Or Stock B (Buy) you get a cash position and a transaction is used. If neither stock trades, the transaction is void.
[b]Freeze:[/b] If you freeze a stock, whether it trades the following day or not is irrelevant. The freeze takes affect.
[b]Unfreeze:[/b] If you unfreeze a stock, the unfreeze is voided and no transaction is used.

20) The 15% rule is designed specifically to discourage picking stocks that have low liquidity. Thus risk is associated with shooting the moon on a potentially bogus trade. However, this rule is NEGATED if the first trade the following day has a dollar volume of at least $50,000 OR if the stock ends above +15% on $100,000 in dollar volume.

---If you make a trade, and the stock you bought opens the next day up 15% or more on no news (and closes above 15%), the trade is voided. The stock you sold turns into cash. 1 Transaction used.
---If you unfreeze a stock and it opens the next day at 15% or more on no news (and closes above 15%), the trade is voided. 1 Transaction used.
---If you sell or freeze a stock and it opens the next day down 15% or more on no news (and closes below 15%), the trade is voided. 1 Transaction used.

-- Own ABC. You sell or freeze. It opens +15%+. Irrelevant
-- Own ABC. You sell or freeze. It opens -15%+. Rule applies
-- Don't own ABC. You buy or unfreeze. It opens +15%+. Rule applies
-- Don't own ABC. You buy or unfreeze. It opens -15%+. Irrelevant

21) If a stock is halted for any reason and a person freezes it during the time it is halted, their price for the contest will be whatever it is frozen at AS LONG AS it remains frozen until the contest ends. Otherwise, the price will be the close of the first day of trading after the halt is lifted. Also, you cannot use those funds to buy or trade into any other stock while it is halted - just as in real life.

22) Fill/Kill will be offered to anyone who wants to not have to watch the screen every day. It will be for one week only and only one at a time per person. It is based on closing prices. Explanation of Fill/Kill:

23) If a company gets sold during the contest, all normal rules apply. See this post.

24) DIGIRULE: This is a rule that comes into play only at the very end of the contest and only if the championship is on the line. It is designed to prevent extremely small dollar trades from affecting the outcome.

25) The deadline for all transactions is the market close on Friday, August 20 (one week before the end of the contest). A freeze (no longer a transaction) can be made up to the last day.

[b]EARNINGS REQUIREMENT:[/b] To qualify, a stock (other than the wild card) must meet VMC earnings rules which are explained in the IBox on the VMC board Essentially, it means that a stock must report** quarterly for at least a year or as long as it has  been public. No exceptions. Secondly, the company must have earnings in the most recent quarter - or if not, more earnings than losses in the most recent two quarters - or if not, more earnings than losses in the most recent three quarters - or if not, more earnings than losses in the most recent four quarters. In other words, there must be some interval of time (1, 2, 3 or 4 quarters) where the company has positive earnings.

**"Reporting" can be done via a number of ways: SEC filings, PR's, Website or


[b][pre]      MEAN  MEDIAN
      AVG.   AVG.  WINNER  #5   #10   #20   #40 
PSL1   28%    28     95    68    62    48    25 
PSL2   26     22    111    89    64    44    26  
PSL3   -4     -5     45    21    12     5    -5     
PSL4   15     14     58    44    39    24    15 
PSL5   23     19    156    61    54    34    20 
PSL6   -2     -1     36    27    20    11     1 
PSL7    8      4     68    49    39    22     4 
PSL8   -3     -5     40    21    12     3    -4
PSL9  -12    -14     55    22    10    -2   -14
PSL10 -41    -46     68    -6   -24   -36   -44
PLS11   8     12     62    37    28    15     5
PSL12  35     30    141    72    61    36    12
PSL13  31     33    129    67    54    42    14
PSL14  11      2    204    36    28    16    -4
PSL15  -5     -8     47    15     4     2   -11[/b][/pre]
[b][pre]         HIGH      LOW      DIFF 
PSL1  + 95.16%  -38.54%  133.70%  
PSL2  +111.44%  - 9.42%  120.86% 
PSL3  + 45.32%  -32.03%   77.35% 
PSL4  + 57.95%  -24.05%   82.00% 
PSL5  +156.22%  -27.99%  184.21%  
PSL6  + 35.69%  -31.45%   67.14% 
PSL7  + 68.11%  -29.28%   97.39% 
PSL8  + 40.49%  -33.21%   77.70%
PSL9  + 54.52%  -56.07%  110.59%
PSL10 + 68.10%  -69.62%  137.72%
PSL11 + 62.16%  -35.81%   97.97%
PSL12 +141.02%  -32.42%  173.44%
PSL13 +129.32%  -14.40%  143.72%
PSL14 +203.76%  -28.08%  231.84%
PSL15 + 46.99%  -31.54%   78.53%[/b][/pre]               
[b]PSLs 1-10 versus the Wilshire 5000: [/b]


                PSL1  PSL2  PSL3  PSL4  PSL5  PSL6  PSL7  PSL8   PSL9  PSL10  PSL11  PSL12  PSL13 PSL14 PSL15[/b]
Mr. Sheep        68%   68%    4%   12%    5%   21%   26%   -2%   +31%   -48%    +5    +40%   +72%  -11%   +3%
Avg. Portfolio   28%   26%   -4%   15%   23%   -2%    8%   -3%   -12%   -41%    +8    +35%   +31%  +11%   -5%
Differential    +40%  +42%   +8%   -3%  -18%  +19%  +18%   +1%   +43%   - 7%    -3    + 5%   +41%  -22%   +8%
Mr. Sheep Rank     6     8    22    47    64     7    15    31      3     57    40      17      5   47    13[/pre]               

A word from MR. SHEEP: ....................
MR. SHEEP Himself: ..........................
MR. SHEEP Explanation: ....................
Complete MR. SHEEP Ratings: ............

Foreign stock allowance......................
How to calculate your returns...............
Excuses for doing poorly......................  


PSL1 : No tournament
PSL2 : Lentinman over Digitech
PSL3 : Cl001 over MikeS
PSL4 : Cl001 over Bobwins
PSL5 : Cliff over Kipp
PSL6 : TMCal over Valuemind
PSL7 : Stevenrisk over Bobwins
PSL8 : Swick over SWB
PSL9 : Gilead over MikeS
PSL10: Bucfan over Gilead
PSL11: 2Morrow over Worthylion
PSL12: ABH3VT over R59

PSL1 : 10Bagger, SkepticalOptimist
PSL2 : Kipp, Lentinman, Linuspop, Pattydady, Pnnymn, Researcher59, RRainman
PSL3 : Cl001, Mike056
PSL4 : 10Bagger, BlueBear, Cliff, Kipp
PSL5 : 10Bagger, Nelson, Southacres, Arnie, Cliff, Roguedolphin, SWB173, CRKranz, JustForFun, Rsadey, WillLyons
PSL6 : None
PSL7 : 10Bagger, Fructose, Gilead, Lentinman, MichaelT
PSL8 : Researcher
PSL9 : None
PSL10: None
PSL11: Cliff
PSL12: 10Bagger, Gilead, Larrybaz, MichaelT, MikeDDKing, Northernlight, Reasearch59, Stiffler, SWB173, Valuemind
PSL13: ABH3VT, Digitech, Northenlight, Knowledge, StanU
PSL14: None
PSL15: None
PSL16: Knowledge

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