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Who is LIGA? DeviantImmortal 10/31/21 5:43 PM
I called Ecoplast homes a company that was Randy1111 11/17/22 4:31 PM
Exactly, building hurricane resistance homes was a thing scoobey-do 11/17/22 10:12 AM
Stick a fork in this one. Should have TrackDude 11/16/22 10:13 PM
I came in long ago on sustainable housing TrackDude 11/16/22 10:10 PM
Surprise surprise. Look at that balance sheet. staypuff 11/15/22 8:52 PM
Love the last paragraph, Gives me so much Randy1111 11/15/22 6:45 PM
Rumor confirmed: All parties involved in negotiations required 12yearplan 11/15/22 5:53 PM
https://www.otcmarkets.com/otcapi/company/financial-report/351951/content ketotrader 11/15/22 5:41 PM
Oh Man, you nailed it. I don't know 12yearplan 11/11/22 8:33 PM
Not sure who is even running this show Monroe1 11/11/22 6:28 PM
That was beautiful and spot on. No one 12yearplan 11/11/22 5:10 PM
Yes, A house is always a home. That Monroe1 11/11/22 11:27 AM
Removed my bid at .0006 upon rumor of 12yearplan 11/11/22 9:47 AM
As usual the market makers fiddle with the Randy1111 11/10/22 1:16 PM
I would bet they will leave that part Randy1111 11/08/22 2:58 PM
What will really be interesting is to see staypuff 11/08/22 1:02 PM
Wondering if they will have anything to report Randy1111 11/08/22 11:39 AM
LIGA will probably be at $.03 to .035 Aarin 11/07/22 6:04 PM
Keeps coming down. Liga is getting ready Randy1111 11/03/22 8:16 PM
Who finds it worth while to buy $12.25 Randy1111 11/01/22 1:07 PM
Sometimes the house of the future is better 12yearplan 10/30/22 9:18 PM
Arguably, the gig is never up ;), a 12yearplan 10/20/22 9:17 PM
The rats have been jumping ship as the staypuff 10/20/22 11:34 AM
Good point Stay. Showin' no loyalty or solidarity 12yearplan 10/20/22 10:36 AM
Now we probably know where all these shares staypuff 10/19/22 1:45 PM
“Taking longer than expected” That’s been the unfortunate TrackDude 10/19/22 12:54 PM
Yeah this tweet will give everyone that has Randy1111 10/19/22 10:12 AM
Bag holders, there is a new tweet: Aarin 10/19/22 9:48 AM
A new week and new lows. What a Randy1111 10/17/22 10:10 AM
Build Back Better plan in this BPTrader 10/12/22 3:04 PM
Perhaps the CEO would entertain turning the company Monroe1 10/12/22 9:59 AM
LIGA bought a business that had day to Aarin 10/11/22 8:01 PM
The sad destruction in Florida and LIGA. One Monroe1 10/10/22 3:59 PM
see ? told ya. .05 lol never hit nicoausto 10/09/22 6:46 PM
0001.s a comin’. Steady as she goes “DOWN “ Randy1111 10/01/22 12:03 AM
Also planning to cancel up to 200 million gman55423 09/27/22 6:26 PM
Coming up in a few weeks. tigerpac 09/27/22 10:56 AM
I'm not selling here...no way. ChannelTrader 09/27/22 9:54 AM
Thats a shame about the hurricane that hit Randy1111 09/26/22 11:34 PM
Yeah is a sad time for this one. BPTrader 09/22/22 5:09 AM
I honestly wish it was the other way Duffman3242 09/21/22 5:51 PM
Money laundering / disappearing act at its best. 12yearplan 09/16/22 10:03 PM
I remember I used to disagree with you. Randy1111 09/16/22 2:18 PM
Money laundering / disappearing act at its best. Duffman3242 09/16/22 1:56 PM
"Is it in the plans".. sounds like an 12yearplan 09/09/22 8:06 PM
I remember the one back around this time staypuff 09/09/22 12:50 PM
Remember that announcement back in February regarding the Randy1111 09/09/22 11:57 AM
Liga hasn’t Rallied in ages, why would it Randy1111 09/08/22 1:24 PM
We are bag holders for a CEO-less company Aarin 09/08/22 1:17 PM
Yet another monster day for this turd. Such Randy1111 09/07/22 3:27 PM
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10/31/21 5:43 PM
11/17/22 4:31 PM
11/16/22 10:13 PM
11/16/22 10:10 PM
11/15/22 6:45 PM
11/11/22 8:33 PM
11/11/22 6:28 PM
11/11/22 5:10 PM
11/11/22 11:27 AM
11/11/22 9:47 AM
11/10/22 1:16 PM
11/08/22 2:58 PM
11/08/22 1:02 PM
11/07/22 6:04 PM
11/03/22 8:16 PM
11/01/22 1:07 PM
10/30/22 9:18 PM
10/20/22 9:17 PM
10/20/22 11:34 AM
10/19/22 10:12 AM
10/19/22 9:48 AM
10/17/22 10:10 AM
10/12/22 3:04 PM
10/09/22 6:46 PM
09/27/22 6:26 PM
09/27/22 10:56 AM
09/27/22 9:54 AM
09/26/22 11:34 PM
09/22/22 5:09 AM
09/21/22 5:51 PM
09/16/22 2:18 PM
09/09/22 8:06 PM
09/09/22 12:50 PM
09/08/22 1:24 PM
09/07/22 3:27 PM

LIG assets (LIGA)

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LIG Assets, Inc.
Ticker Symbol: LIGA

110 3rd Avenue West
Carthage, Tennessee 37030

 Website: http://leaderingreenassets.com/ 
Email: Contact@LeaderinGreenAssets.Com

OTC Markets: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/LIGA/overview

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ligahomes/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LIGAssets


BGTV Direct focuses on original content and brands that deliver results on their worldwide syndication and advertising platforms. BGTV Direct and its broadcast and syndication partners are powered by NTR advertiser supported content across television, radio, mobile, Internet and other electronic advertising platforms. BGTV Direct currently has offices and sales teams in Nashville, Las Vegas, New York and Santa Barbara/Silicon Valley with plans to open new offices in the New England region and Florida in the near future. In May 2018, BGTV Direct acquired a controlling interest in the historic music venue Buck Lake Ranch. In 2017, Buck Lake Ranch was chosen as "Camper's Choice Rover Pass as one of the 10 Best Medium-Sized Campgrounds in The United States"

Website: http://www.bgtvdirect.com/
Buck Lake Ranch: http://bucklakeranch.com/

Reviving Buck Lake Ranch (May 19, 2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob1GrOOEAX4
Buck Lake Ranch: Nashville of the North (July 9, 2012): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk3ow0uyL5s

Live Stor America

In March 2018, LIGA secured an agreement with Live Stor Ltd. of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada to create “Live Stor America” which will develop live seafood storage, collection and distribution hubs for the seafood industry (Live Seafood Hub). Live Stor America will be setting up a million pound live holding system operation in the Portland, Maine area and the Seattle, Washington area to support import and export of live seafood from America, Europe and Asia. LIGA's Live Stor America operation will be based on the new live holding facility technology that is currently under construction at the first facility (Live Stor Sydney), which is located at 440 Keltic Drive in Sydney River, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
LIG Development LLC
Website: http://ligahomes.com/

Chairman:                        Aric Simmons
CEO & Director:                Allan Gillis
President & Director:        Marvin Baker
COO & Director:               Charles Gambino
CFO & Treasurer:              Douglas Vaughn
Director:                          Paul J. Wright

LIGA Security Details

A/S: 2,400,000,000 a/o 3/30/2019
O/S: 2,325,220,850 a/o 3/30/2019
Float: 2,042,357,573 a/o 3/23/2018

February 5, 2018: “As detailed in numerous official Company statements and releases, LIGA has no plans to reverse split the stock or engage in any dilution of Company stock until the share price reaches and holds for at least 30 days a common share price of 5 cents or no sooner than 3 years – this of course is a huge safety net for all LIGA shareholders.”
- Douglas Vaughn, CFO


2016:                                $0
2017:                  $1,651,513
2018:                  $4,126,373



Bella Serra Residential Development in Brentwood, TN

$52,470,000 projected in Gross Sales

A Luxury Mediterranean hillside resort development offering the variety of custom single family homes and the simplistic lifestyle living of condominium villas for the most discerning buyers of luxury living at its finest. The most unique feature of these homes will be the green sustainability factor built with consideration of the environment in mind. A high quality luxury resort lifestyle community with wellness in mind while reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption to improve our quality of life. Derived from the Latin/Italian influence Bella meaning beautiful and Serra meaning views from a high place or high ridge as our community rests at one of the highest peaks in Brentwood with our ridgeline facing south into Brentwood/Franklin and the lower lined development facing toward Nashville.

Bella Serra is a concept development using sustainable building products brought to us by well-known Environmentalist Robert Plarr. Bella Serra will be Nashville and Middle Tennessee’s first fully sustainable community.  A new approach to residential build application using light gauge steel framing versus wood framing with our high quality magnesium oxide panels where the combination creates a sustainable structure resistant to 185 mph winds, water and mold resistant, fire resistant to 3500 degrees with a burn rate of 5 hours before the material begins to breakdown.


10/29/2018 PR: "Phase One of the project will include 90 residential units total with 10 Luxury single family homes and 80 multi-family “Lifestyle Condos”. LIGA is in the final stages to propose our Master Plan for review by Metro Planning Board as permitting has already been applied for. There were several components necessary to determine the structure of this subdivision Survey/Topography, geotechnical tests and also cave mapping to determine all possible structural challenges in land integrity, along with changes made to visual placement of open space, nature trails, possible amenity areas etc. Additionally the unique nature and complexity of the terrain, a water stream located on the property as well as conservation measures of wildlife, trees and two caves. With our full intent to execute the purchase for Phase Two we found it necessary to not only file for 30 acres of zoning approval but for the full 60 acres of our beautiful Brentwood parcel."

02/28/19:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Successful Rezoning of Bella Serra Development in Brentwood, Tennessee
12/11/18:   LIG Assets Announces Non-Dilutive $5,000,000.00 Agreement for Bella Serra Residential Development Project and Subsidiary LIG Developments Joint Venture Partnership
LIG Assets Announces Completed Site Plan of Bella Serra Brentwood Residential Development Project to Return Projected Gains of $52,470,000 Gross Sales
04/25/18:   LIG Assets Retains Lose & Associates, Inc., for Conceptual Master Planning and Zoning Evaluation for LIGA's Brentwood Residential Development Project
02/01/18:   LIG Assets Closes on 60 Acre Upscale Residential Subdivision Project in Brentwood, Tennessee. Projected Sales Phase 1 $28,000,000

Panama City, Florida Sustainable Model Home

LIGA’s soon to be constructed sustainable and disaster resistant model home in Panama City will serve as a realization of the company’s plans to showcase LIGA’s exclusive homes and technologies and also a clear demonstration that LIGA is capable of mass producing the most amazing homes and structures available in the country at a price affordable to the masses and comparable to traditionally constructed homes – a first in the US.  Upon completion of construction the Panama City home will be used for one year as a model home and staffed by a LIGA representative.  The home will showcase all aspects of LIGA’s unique building system and technologies to the general public including potential home buyers, construction contractors and builders as well as local, state, and federal municipalities.

LIGA aims to deploy state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to bring sustainable housing to a price level that is competitive with traditional construction. Its business plan is to allow the average homeowner the ability to purchase a home in one of its developments that is sustainable, thus significantly reducing expenses for water and power. Additionally, LIGA will utilize construction materials that exhibit the highest ratings of moisture, mold and fire resistance and are far less susceptible to aging decay associated with traditional building materials. The company's designs are not necessarily intended for a niche market but scalable for mass development.

The model home on the Panama City Beach property will serve to demonstrate and incorporate all elements of the company's innovative construction, design, and technology. LIGA also plans to implement "Agrihoods" in this design -- a way for homeowners to grow quality food indoors for personal consumption or sale. Once completed, the home will be available for public viewing through open houses and online virtual tours.

Image result for lig assets panama cityImage result for panama city lig assets

01/29/19 PR: LIG Assets President, Marvin Baker, states, “After a few setbacks, some of which were beyond our control, we are happy to be progressing toward completion of our first sustainable home.  This model home will allow us to display what we believe will be the future of home building.  Upon introduction of our unique building materials and technologies to market we anticipate rapid growth within the sustainable housing market.....LIG Assets sees the future of real estate as not only high performance, climate resilient, and sustainable, but also technologically enhanced.  As has been seen in the rise of “Smart Home” technology, we will be utilizing technology to monitor and regulate home efficiencies and inhabitant experience.  Furthermore, we see the blending of real estate aesthetics with technology as something that is beginning to be seen in the commercial markets and is on its way as well in the residential markets."

01/29/19:    LIG Assets Announces Agreements with Childers Construction, Energeo Construction, LifeTec Group and Monumint for Completion of Panama City Model Home 
10/29/18:    LIG Assets has finally been given the “green light” for non-residents and non-essential service providers to safely enter the section of Panama City where the Company’s development lot is located to inspect the property for any damage or lasting effects due to Hurricane Michael’s impact in that region
09/24/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. To Begin Construction of Panama City, Florida Model Home Immediately & Unveils Significant New Company Developments

LIGA Sustainability Conference Pictures



04/02/19:     LIG Assets Announces the Release of the 2018 Annual Report on OTC Markets Showing Over $4.2 million in Revenues & Posting a Net Profit for the Year

02/28/19:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Successful Rezoning of Bella Serra Development in Brentwood, Tennessee

02/21/19:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Preparation of First Asian Carp Delivery and Potential Growth Through the Natural Resources Management Act

01/29/19:   LIG Assets Announces Agreements with Childers Construction, Energeo Construction, LifeTec Group and Monumint for Completion of Panama City Model Home

12/11/18:   LIG Assets Announces Non-Dilutive $5,000,000.00 Agreement for Bella Serra Residential Development Project and Subsidiary LIG Developments Joint Venture Partnership

12/07/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Asian Carp Beta Testing Results And First Order of 42,000 lbs. of Asian Carp

LIG Assets Announces Completed Site Plan of Bella Serra Brentwood Residential Development Project to Return Projected Gains of $52,470,000 Gross Sales

08/30/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Addresses Recent Stock Trading Activity and Welcomes New Shareholders

08/15/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Highlights Significant Improvements in Balance Sheet in Q2 2018 Financial Results More Than Tripling Revenue Over Q2 2017, Surpassing $2 Million YTD

07/24/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. to Host LIGA 2018 3rd Annual Sustainability Impact Conference on September 24, 2018 at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center

07/09/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Eclipses All of 2017's Revenue Early In The 2nd Quarter of 2018 And Enacts Share Reduction Strategies Equivalent to Almost 210 Million Shares

05/16/18:   BGTV Direct Acquires Controlling Interest in Historic Buck Lake Ranch and Launches BGTV LIVE Events Agency

05/15/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Achieves Significant Increases for Q1 2018 Financials Exceeding $1.26 Million in Revenues - Nearly Surpassing $1.6 Million for 2017 Revenues

05/08/18:   LIG Assets Appoints Marvin Baker as New Company President and Empire Stock Transfer as New Company Transfer Agent

04/25/18:   LIG Assets Retains Lose & Associates, Inc., for Conceptual Master Planning and Zoning Evaluation for LIGA's Brentwood Residential Development Project

04/03/18:   LIG Assets Posts Record Revenues for March 2018 of Nearly $500,000, Helping the Company to Eclipse the $1 Million Revenue Mark for Q1

03/28/18:   LIG Assets Announces the Release of the 2017 Annual Report on OTC Markets Showing Over $1.6 million in Revenues & Posting a Net Profit for the Year

03/08/18:   LIG Assets and Live Stor Create Live Stor America That Will Build Global Live Seafood Storage, Distribution and Logistics Hubs in USA

02/05/18:   LIG Assets Monthly Revenue Growth Continues with Over $450K Being Reported in January 2018

02/01/18:   LIG Assets Closes on 60 Acre Upscale Residential Subdivision Project in Brentwood, Tennessee. Projected Sales Phase 1 $28,000,000

01/22/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Appoints Linda Byrd as President of LIGA Homes and Paul Wright as New Board of Directors Member of LIGA

01/16/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Launches New Wholly Owned Subsidiary LIGA Homes

01/04/18:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces New Board Resolutions, Review of 2017, and Plans for 2018 Including $10 Million in Signed Contract

11/14/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Highlights Significant Improvements in Balance Sheet in Q3 2017 Financial Results through Doubling Revenue over Prior Quarter, Surpassing $1 million YTD

11/09/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Secures Two Additional Steel Framing Contracts and Deposits

10/20/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Attends METALCON 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Submits Multiple Steel Framing Project Bids

10/18/17:   LIG Assets, Inc., Secures New Office & Manufacturing Facility and Additional Steel Framing Contracts

09/18/17:   LIG Assets, Inc., Announces Launch of New Wholly-Owned Subsidiary and Secures $1.7 Million Steel Framing Contract

08/15/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Highlights Significant Improvements in Balance Sheet in Q2 2017 Financial Results through Elimination of over $1.1 Million in Debt and Completion of Two Acquisitions

08/02/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Chairman of the Board, Aric Simons, Webcast Interview Now Available

07/10/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces New CEO and CFO to Lead LIGA Into Next Phase of Growth

06/30/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Comprehensive Search for New CEO and CFO to Lead The Company Into Next Phase of Growth

06/13/17:   LIG Assets acquires industry leading steel framer Precision Steel Framing Corporation

05/24/17:   Traditional Home Builder Dream Homes & Development Signs Strategic Partnership with LIG Assets, Inc.

05/15/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. to Host LIGA 2017 - 2nd Annual Sustainability Impact Conference on Monday, June 12th, 2017 at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center

04/27/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Reaffirms Commitment to Full Transparency and Communication with LIGA Shareholders

04/20/17:   LIG Assets Acquires BGTV Direct Worldwide Media Solutions

04/17/17:   LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Creation and Ownership Interest of Earth Revival LLC with Leading Environmentalists, Doctors and Scientists



LIG Assets, Inc.
110 3rd Avenue West
Carthage, TN  37030
(833) 544-2466



Empire Stock Transfer Inc.
Transfer Agent
1859 Whitney Mesa Dr.
Henderson, NV 89014



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