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Traditional age verification cause alcohol sales to children
A large part of the lives of adolescents and adolescents takes place outdoors, beyond the control of parents or guardians. It is therefore essential that those selling drinks strictly adhere to age limits. New insight suggests that the old-fashioned way of controlling alcohol damage works in hand. >
Until recently it was thought that "traditional control 'by the checkout staff was a good method to prevent the sale of alcohol to children. Meanwhile, nothing further from the truth. Any inquiries regarding compliance of age, no one exception, pointing out that in this control mode always one or more stores again where indeed is sold to children. Where children drink logically move to correct those outlets, not to shops where alcohol will be sold to them.
Traditional control works alcohol sales to children result in the hand. In some stores is indeed well controlled, there will not change anything in. The effectiveness of the method is simply determined in the weakest link (s). And because the weak links in old-control always seem to occur, this method is actually guarantee availability of alcohol to children. Calculation Tool, ID scanner or staff training: despite all this there is always sold again anyway somewhere youth.
Within Ageviewers vendors organize the age verification itself, but is performed by remote control - by experts. Because there is no sale without external authorization can take place, it is possible that there is no age verification takes place. The compliance level is Ageviewers system since the introduction of the system at or near 100%, without any external supervision. This compliance level is used for the central approach for each affiliated store.
This latter houses the solution. Even if errors were made, it is possible that children can know where or when that will occur again. The leak that is so typical of traditional audit, one or more retailers who sell to children, can not therefore occur within the Ageviewersysteem. Ageviewers making it the only system that alcohol sales to children permanently excluded, even with a very large number of stores.And therefore the only suitable for large-scale use.

Ageviewers in the Press: ;
(These sites are Dutch, so you will have to use a translator.  Your browser will either prompt you to translate, or right click on an area not containing an image, and one option in the drop down menu should be, "Translate to English".)

Hollandsche Operating Company (Ageviewers) vs Central Bureau of Food and Trade & Jumbo Supermarkets, March 9, 2016:
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