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Thank you for visiting the S-8 Board.  This board is used to follow a companies progress through an S-8 dilution period.  We will track a number of S-8's, and the purpose of the board is find the bounce opportunity from the end of the S-8 selling period to make some money.  S-8's can be tricky, because not all go through the same process.  That is, sometimes after an S-8 is filed, the stock may enter a promotional phase and the price is driven up before the S-8 shares become sold.  Other times, S-8's can catch a breathing period where the S-8 shares were sold too quickly, so, the selling tapers off and a bounce occurs before the S-8 selling begins again.  This can happen the same with post forward split plays as well.  So, it is important to track a volume history report with a chart to track the progress of an S-8.  Not all are the same.  Again, if you don't know this, the market makers can trick you into buying a bounce when in essence they just might start selling again, and wham they caught you in the dump process.  So, we'll be measuring the end of the selling period, and will be looking for major bounce opportunities, or what some traders may even call pincher stocks.

The Form S-8 Process

S-8 registrations enjoy two immeasurable benefits:
1. S-8 registration statements are not subject to automatic review by SEC examiners, and become effective immediately upon filing.
2. Once the Form S-8 is filed, the S-8 shares are registered, free trading stock.

@ Edgar


Also, we will be tracking post forward split plays.

Promoter paid cash, free shares, or restricted shares per disclaimer which equals dilution:




IHUB promoters 

Shakerz disclaimer 

Willy Wizzard disclaimer 

Decent site that keeps up to date on promotions:








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