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The main question is how to position our money to get through this Economic Crisis - and not only survive, but prosper.

Looking for information and discussion on the crisis and strategies to successfully navigate through it.   The ultimate goal is to survive and prosper.  Will also accumulate links to websites with related and useful information.

A common thread for around 90% of those who accurately forecast the economic crisis is to invest in:
    1. Gold and Silver and Gold and Silver stocks.
    2. Foreign stocks with high dividends - with preference toward commodity stocks in certain developed foreign countries with sound-based economies (e.g., Australia, Canada, Singapore, Norway, Taiwan).  For higher risk and potentially bigger payoff - emerging market country China is preferred.

Therefore, looking for ideas & discussion on gold, silver, & foreign stocks & funds (especially those w/ high dividends in Australia, Canada & developed Asian-pacific countries).  Prefer to buy directly on foreign exchanges, otherwise, on U.S. exchanges through ADRs, pink sheet, or ETFs.  Below is for assistance only-there are hundreds of miners.

Examples of types of stocks to invest in:

Gold and Silver mining and royalty company stocks - the magic in how companies benefit from rising precious metal prices:  As the price of gold rises a certain percentage, it potentially results in a corresponding larger percentage increase in the profitability of the companies who mine gold and the royalty companies that buy gold from marginal producers. For example, with gold priced at $1,000/oz. and the cost of production at $600/oz., the gross profit margin of gold mining companies would be $400 or 40%.  If, however, gold were to increase to $2,000 and the cost of production were to increase by only 20% to $720/oz., then the mining companies’ gross profit margins increases from $400/oz. to $1280/oz., or 320%!!!  Of course, like with all stocks, must still watch out for dilution, bad management, scams, bad governments in mine location, characteristics of the deposit, infrastructure, and other risks. 



ETFs/ETNs/CEFs/Mutual Funds:  DGP (gold), GLD (gold), IAU (gold), SLV (silver), SIL (silver), SIVR (silver trust), CEF (gold & silver), IAE (asian-pac high dividend), EWS (singapore), DAG (ag), APB (asian-pac high dividend), RJI (Rogers commodity index), HAP (Rogers hard assets), TFC (Taiwan greater China fund), EWT (Taiwan), MEAFX (Asian currency fund), RJA

Foreign Stocks with High Dividends:  HIMX, NM, SIN: A17U, ASX:DUE, SIN: S99, HKG: 0751[SWDHF], HKG:0345 [VTSYF] ---- (DD on these stocks)

The complete list of commodity ETFs and ETNs

International Investing:  http://www.wall-street.com/foreign.html

Peter Schiff Quotes

* "The secret is buying a combination of value and high dividends in developed foreign economies enjoying strong growth"

* "...maximize returns by buying common stocks through foreign exchanges, thus minimizing transaction costs, and getting the benefit of yields that have inflation protection and are enhanced by profits on currency exchange."

* "Gold's financial role is unique.  Money gravitates to gold as a safe haven, a store of value when the purchasing power of currencies is threatened by inflation or economical instability.  The United States has both problems in spades."

* " As prices of precious metals move higher, many economists, myself included, expect silver to outperform gold..."

"And so we are told this is the golden age, And gold is the reason for the wars we wage."

--Names of those who fairly accurately predicted the crisis and the cause -- OldPro believes it would be irresponsible to not look first to those who predicted the crisis for guidance on how to solve it and prosper: Schiff, Rogers, Roubini, Prector, Celente, Faber, Schiller, Mish, Shostak, Polleit, Paul, Janszen, Dohmen, David Wiedemer (Aftershock)

Valuable Websites on Investing & Crisis Related Info:

Schiff (Austrian economics): Euro Pacific & http://www.peter-schiff.com/ & youtube video page & Precious Metals & Schiff Radio++

Gold:  Gold news &  Goldseek & Kitco quote + chart & VMC Junior Miners & Goldbugs & 24hGold & Gold Eagle & Gold Review & World Gold Council & 321gold

Silver:  Silverseek & Silver Investor

Mish:  Global Economic Analysis

Roubini:  RGE Monitor

Reich (Keynesian economics):  Robert Reich blog

Janszen:  itulip

Jim Rogers:  Jim Rogers blog

Jim Sinclair: JS Mine Set

Marc Faber:  GloomDoomBoom  Marc Faber blog

Infectious Greed:  Paul Kedrosky blog

Angry Bear:  Angry Bear blog

Baseline Scenario:  Baseline Scenario

The Big Picture - Ritholz:  Ritholtz blog

Seeking Alpha:  Seeking Alpha

Clusterstock:  Clusterstock

Calculated Risk:  Calculated Risk blog

Econ Browser:  Econ Browser

Revolutionary Politics:  Rev Pol

Financial Sense:  Financial Sense

Max Keiser:  Max Keiser

Dohmen Capital Research: Dohmen

Armstrong Economics:  Armstrong Blog & Links Unoffical Site

Trader Dan Norcini:  Dan Norcini

King World News:  King World News

Zero Hedge: Zero Hedge

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