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Flexpoint Sensor Systems

FLXT SHARE STRUCTURE, as of May 14, 2015

Outstanding shares 58,827,114
Authorized shares 100,000,000

Contact Information Business Description
Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc.
106 West Business Park Drive
Draper, UT 84020 

Flexpoint Sensor Systems (FLXT) was founded in 1995 to develop thickfilm sensing technology for the automotive industry.

In 1995, Flexpoint was a Sensitron company and became part of the operations of Micropoint, Inc. through a merger in April 1998.

Soon after, Flexpoint’s principal members saw a potential application for the more sophisticated Bend Sensor in “smart” airbag development. They trademarked the new technology as the Bend Sensor.

Flexpoint will continue to produce the Bend Sensor for other applications, including those in the medical, industrial controls, consumer products and toy industries at its 14,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Draper, Utah.

The company is also developing a line of products that will be widely available through manufacturer’s representatives and online at this site.

From 10-Q dated 5/14/15 (Please read document in its entirety as this is just a part of the entire disclosure)




Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. is an innovative technology firm specializing in developing products that feature the Company’s patented Bend Sensor® and  related technology.  The Bend Sensor® is a groundbreaking sensing solution that is revolutionizing applications in the automobile, safety, medical and industrial industries.  The Bend Sensor’s single-layer, thin film construction cuts costs and mechanical bulk while introducing a range of functions and stylistic design possibilities that have never before been available in sensing technology.  We currently own six patents and through our research and development, efforts are in the process of filing for more that include fully integrated products being sold and supplied to our limited customer base. We have also jointly developing additional commercially viable products, including a universal sensor that will be used in the automotive, medical and industrial industries.

Our plan for the balance of 2015 is to concentrate our marketing efforts and limited financial resources on current projects that we believe can be brought to market in the shortest period of time. We anticipate having additional products featuring our patented Bend Sensor® technology on the market over the next 8 to 12 months including products in the medical, sport shoe, residential home care and industrial control industries.

Over the past year we have been enhancing our relationships with various automotive Tier 1 suppliers as they have continued testing and proving our patented horn and seat switch reliability. Previously we announced that our steering wheel horn pad received implementation ready status for a U.S. Fortune 100 automaker that has also identified up to four vehicle platforms being considered for the Company’s longer lasting and more cost effective horn switch.  The horn system has successfully completed in-vehicle testing which requires that the system be installed in a vehicle and driven for 150,000 miles without failure.  The horn passed the extensive testing process without failure.

We continue to develop new types of products for our Bend Sensor® technologies and continue to receive small repeat production orders from existing customers. We have made improvements on our initial prototype for a Home Monitoring Presence Detection System using our Bend Sensor® technologies and have received development and design orders from various industries.  In addition to the horn switch, we have continued to work with market makers and Tier I automotive suppliers in the U.S and Europe on numerous other applications for our sensors and devises.   Based upon our discussions within the automotive industry in the U.S. and Europe our unique sensor systems meet the requirements for manufacturers to have lighter weight, more fuel efficient cars.  Our Bend Sensor®is lighter in weight, has fewer moving parts than conventional sensing devices, is more versatile and, due to its unique design is more cost effective. Product and design changes in the automotive industry are slow, averaging two to three years before actually being incorporated into a commercially viable automotive platform. Because of our recent work with several Tier 1 suppliers, we have shown the Bend Sensor® to be viable as the next generation of sensing devises to the industry. Due to the advanced technology of the Bend Sensor® and its versatility of applications, we anticipate being a part of the changes taking place in the automotive, energy and technological industries.  

We previously announced that we had completed the electronics and software that will be used in a running shoe and other sports related products. It also is a critical piece of the golf training aid that Bend Tech LLC will market. Beyond its sport and recreational value, golf is a major industry that generates jobs, commerce, economic development and tax revenues for communities throughout the country. The total size of the golf economy nationally was estimated at $68.8 billion in 2011, up from $62 billion in 2000.  

As part of the golf training project the Company entered into a development agreement with Bend Tech, LLC to manufacture working prototypes of a golf shoe and golf shaft that will utilize a series of Bend Sensors® in a high tech training aid for golf. Flexpoint was paid upon completion of various milestones during the development process.  The agreement provided an added source of income for the Company during the 2014 year. In July, the Company and Bend Tech announced that all work under the development agreement has been successfully completed and that they were working on finalizing a manufacturing agreement.

In January 2015, at the CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Veristride received an award for a shoe utilizing our sensors. The use of sensors in wearable shoes and devices is a significant market.  In March 2015, we announced the finalization of a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Bend Tech LLC for the company’s smart shoe insole system.  We will produce and distribute sensors to Bend Tech which will be used to create the Mettis Trainer.

We successfully completed PhaseTwo of the disposable directional colonoscope for Haemoband Surgical, Ltd, a Northern Ireland based company that specializes in unique medical devices last year. We subsequently made a partial delivery of the products required by Phase Three and completed the delivery of all products for Phase Three by the end of the 2014 fourth quarter.  Under the terms of the agreement, we received a milestone payment upon completion of delivery for Phase Three. We are now proceeding through Phase Four and Phase Five, the final phases that will bring the project to completion and commercialization.  With the successful completion of Phase Three management believes the Company moves closer to an agreement for a long-term contract with Haemoband. The estimated volumes quoted for this device are between 500,000 to 1 million sensors annually. The application will use a sensor that is an adaptation of a sensor that we already have commercially available; therefore, the cost associated with the development of this medical application has been marginal. It is estimated that the annual demand for colonoscopy procedures ranges from 2.21 to 7.96 million in the United States and as the overall population continues to age more procedures will be required. One of the difficulties with the procedure is providing an inexpensive means of locating the exact position of the colonoscopes. With the use of our sensor array and monitoring equipment, the initial testing has shown that with the Bend Sensor® technology it is possible to locate the positioning of the colonoscopes. It is anticipated that completion and commercialization of this product will open up significant other markets for additional products that uses similar equipment for other unrelated products in the medical industry.

The Company continues working with HTK Engineering, LLC and Vista Brake who are currently marketing their safety mechanisms specifically designed for garbage trucks and other large commercial and emergency vehicles. Most commercial vehicles have an "air braking system" which can lose pressure and disengage the brakes while the vehicle is still running. Our Bend Sensor® technology is the key component of the HTK and Vista's systems, which provide a backup braking system preventing the vehicle from inadvertently rolling into people, buildings or other vehicles. Part of the marketing effort has been to involve insurance companies who have paid claims related to the initial brake failure. Because our jointly designed systems are easily installed and adaptable to most vehicles, insurance companies have indicated they would provide a reduction in premiums should their customers install one of these systems. There are over 179,000 garbage and recycling trucks in use in the United States and HTK is also pursuing opportunities for the system throughout Europe and Asia.

We continue to receive development orders from Intertek Industrial Corp. for their ProTek System. The ProTek System is an automotive seat-monitoring device integrated into emergency response vehicles.  This monitoring device places the Company’s Bend Sensors® in each rear passenger seat with a monitor viewable to the vehicle’s driver.  The foolproof system informs the driver if the emergency medical technicians are seated and properly secured prior to departure and while the vehicle is in motion. The system is installed in the seats of the rear compartments of the emergency vehicle and provides the driver with constant feedback as to the “seated and secured” status of passengers and personnel in the rear of the vehicle. The system is currently installed in ambulances and is being tested for use in other types of emergency vehicles. Through its relationship with Intertek, the Company has further validated its technology in the automotive and safety industries and is currently working with other companies on similar systems for buses, cabs and heavy equipment operators to ensure the safety of the their passengers and drivers. A national surge in ambulance accidents has called for increased safety standards for emergency vehicles. Due to the rise in injuries and fatalities that result from these accidents, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has taken on the task of rewriting the ambulance standard.  The proposed legislation will require a safety system similar to Intertek's ProTek System, which will give Intertek a significant competitive advantage being first to market with an already proven system that will meet the legislative requirements.


Using our Bend Sensor® technology the Company has developed a patented medical bed and with the settlement with R&D Products and Mr. deGreef we are now able to openly market this unique bed. Because of the Bend Sensor’s® predictability the accompanying electronics of the bed are able to determine the position of the person in the bed and how they are moved. The bed has the ability to roll a patient left or right to relieve pressure areas that can cause bed sores or other life threatening complications for patients that are bed ridden as well as facilitate dressing changes.  Needed adjustments can be programmed into the bed to relieve pressure areas to meet the required standards for patient care and comfort. We anticipate that progress on this application will follow completion of the running shoe application.  Our Bend Sensor® technology has many other medical applications that the Company is pursuing.

The Company anticipates marketing a similar bed as part of an in-home specialty mattress. The specialty (non-innerspring) segment of the bedding market has been growing rapidly over the past six to seven years. With the increasing demand of specialty mattresses, almost every commercial mattress company has a specialty bed they promote. The Company has had some discussions with mattress companies who have expressed interest in the concept. Mr. deGreef has been intimately involved with the medical mattress and other products that have been placed on hold during the lawsuit, and has successfully marketed these products in prior years. Mr. deGreef is currently in discussions with additional interested clients.   

Our patented technology continues to gain recognition in various markets and industries as evidenced by the recent receipt of an initial production order from CPS Color Equipment S.p.A Italy and orders from a Fortune 100 automotive maker for our horn system.  Although, so far the volumes for our applications and devises have been relatively small we continue to receive follow up orders for the universal sensor that we jointly developed last year. We expect to receive additional orders from other customers for this sensor as it becomes more recognizable in the market. Currently our customers for this type of sensor include companies in the following industries: automobiles, trucking, emergency vehicles, public transportation, military and other governmental entities. As anticipated, the Company is beginning to see the potential for more significant volumes and revenues from the sale of this sensing devise over the next year and beyond.

Finalizing additional long-term revenue generating production contracts with other customers remains our greatest challenge because our on-going business is dependent on the types of revenues and cash flows generated by such contracts. Cash flow and cash requirement risks are closely tied to, and are dependent upon, our ability to attract significant long-term production contracts.  In the short term, we must continue to obtain funding to operate and expand our operations so that we can deliver our unique Bend Sensor® and Bend Sensor® related technologies and products to the market.  Management believes that even though we have made positive strides forward with our business plan, it is likely that significant progress may not occur for the next three to six months, primarily due to the time it takes for negotiating such contracts.  Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that we will realize significant revenues or that we will become profitable over the next six to nine months.

Management believes with the signing of the development agreement with Bend Tech and receiving the exclusive rights to a group of products that have proven in the past to generate revenue streams, and the recent orders received for its automotive and industrial control devises, the Company is on the threshold of growing its customer base that should help in producing long-term production contracts that will be sustainable in the near future.

The information provided here has been obtained from publicly available sources.



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