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Boooom !
navycmdr 04/16/23 5:24 PM
Hello ? navycmdr 02/05/22 10:18 AM
I don't have a clue, Commons, buy, Wobbles 1 minute ago
for doing wrong and looting ordinary mom stockanalyze 6:17 PM
Everyone should get to blow up a hedge justradin 6:17 PM
The clown Ackman dropped his case? No justradin 6:11 PM
It was a very simplistic section, as if nagoya1 6:00 PM
Pagliara dropped his case. Berkovitz abandoned the ship.
Guido2 5:35 PM
Yeah. The takings cases have largely been dismissed bradford86 5:01 PM
No big surprise there. I feel bad RickNagra 4:29 PM
Sell JPS, Litigation Date has passed, Court stuff CatBirdSeat 4:24 PM
Are you suggesting there aren't any takings cases familymang 4:21 PM
Jr Preferred BIG SELL OFF TOMORROW! CatBirdSeat 4:16 PM
Are you suggesting there aren't any takings cases justradin 4:14 PM
JPs Sell Off Tomorrow. Paid JPS Pumpers Going CatBirdSeat 4:10 PM
Took the Sacketts, 16 YEARS to try to Robert from yahoo bd 4:01 PM
After 5+ decades of being ruled by Unelected Robert from yahoo bd 3:49 PM
problem is they are not even taking cases stockanalyze 3:32 PM
Only a matter of time.... Taking. justradin 3:27 PM justradin 3:25 PM
stole education money from children too from those stockanalyze 3:20 PM
Read closely: the largest year on record for NeoSunTzu 3:19 PM
Yes, you can thank the Chevron Doctrine Fannie Heyyyyy 3:10 PM
Hi Glen - you sound like Jason Thomas FOFreddie 3:01 PM
does JPS go to face value ---- if Donotunderstand 2:58 PM
and what about the new holders of new stock Donotunderstand 2:57 PM
You should pity me because I paid $ FOFreddie 2:54 PM
my thoughts ---- just thoughts Donotunderstand 2:54 PM
The danger of the conservatorship continuing in time Rodney5 2:29 PM
The Treasury’s Liquidation Preference increases dollar for dollar Rodney5 2:25 PM
I agree with Calabria's comment to Mark Warner. Guido2 2:14 PM
Help How does the GOV lose money with Donotunderstand 2:13 PM
just to clarify Donotunderstand 2:09 PM
I own both Donotunderstand 2:07 PM
Commons get almost nothing is right. Pfd have bradford86 1:52 PM
Good catch familymang 1:44 PM
From the Amicus Brief of Ilya Shapiro (Manhattan Robert from yahoo bd 1:23 PM
so true. stockanalyze 1:05 PM
your conclusion is correct but your logic to bradford86 1:05 PM
the facts of the report remain, look at bradford86 1:02 PM
Hi familymang, LuLeVan 12:41 PM
Calabria's book is meant to continue a narrative NeoSunTzu 12:17 PM
Ackman doesn't agree. Fannie Heyyyyy 11:50 AM
confused - (not unusual for me) JOoa0ky 11:37 AM
More from Catman's Fannie / Freddie navycmdr 11:30 AM
Catman's blatant BOOK arrogance - "continue trying to navycmdr 11:22 AM
I think the GOV stole FNMA --- especially Donotunderstand 10:46 AM
Smoking Gun ! Ace Trader 10:45 AM
"Thus, as Robert from yahoo bd 10:40 AM
whatever security means ? ---- commons have less Donotunderstand 10:36 AM
IMO That the steal was allowed by say 5 Donotunderstand 10:33 AM
confused - (not unusual for me) Donotunderstand 10:32 AM
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