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NeuroGenesis, Inc.
120 Park Ave.
League City, TX 77573


Phone: 281-332-4174/281-332-4624
Fax: 281-332-4753
Corporate Sales:800-862-5033

Period end date: June 30, 2013
Authorized Shares: 1,000,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 76,404,061
Public Float: 46,552,461

Transfer Agent - Gulf Registrar and Transfer 281-339-2451

NeuroGenesis, Inc. formulates nutritional supplements used since 1984 to assist in recovery from abuse of Alcohol, Opiates, Cocaine, Valium, etc. Primary product alleviates or eliminates symptoms of Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (Since 1991).


Published June 25, 2013



The NeuroGenesis Mission

To identify through clinical research and observation those areas of the brain functions that impact the negative aspects of health; Educate through reports, articles, website, and print media our findings of the cause and effect; and Develop targeted nutritional supplements to supply adequate dietary quantities of specific amino acids to naturally help the body return to a normal state of health.

Product PatentsThere are currently four patents that relate to the ingredients in NeuroGenesis products. Patent disclosures and claims are typically loaded with advanced scientific and legal languages. Below is a simple brief overview of just two of our patents to help you acquire preliminary understanding.

The significance of the words contained in these Patents is usually determined by Federal Courts of Law and made secure by Federal Courts of Appeal. The first two patents have been adjudicated in the 3rd Federal Court of Appeals (highest appellet court for patent defense).

Please note: A patent grant does not indicate that a product is safe or useful for any health-associated application. Many patents are granted for chemical products which cannot be marketed because they are not safe, or are only marginally effective. However, a use patent is the exclusive right to use a substance in a specific way.

The result of court case involved is that the coverage of these two portents was defined as follows:

Patent No. 4,761,429 is construed as including any preparation using D-phenylalanine or any effective combination of the following ingredients: D-phenylalanine, D/L-phenylalanine, D-leucine; D/L-leucine; and hydrocinnamic acid (folic acid), in the treatment or prevention of alcoholism, narcotic addiction and/or the treatment or prevention of cravings for alcohol and/or narcotics. This Patent is construed as including any preparation containing such ingredients used for the treatment or prevention of cravings for excessive amounts of foods containing carbohydrates; stress and stress-induced damage; ADD (attention deficit disorders) and AD/HD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorders) and other disorders that are related to neurotransmitter insufficiencies.
Patent No. 5,189,064 is interpreted to include, among its other claims, a composition used for the treatment of cocaine addictions and/or to reduce cravings for narcotics, including cocaine, consisting of
hydrocinnamic acid (folic acid), any D-form mono amino acid, D-phenylalanine, and/or D/L-phenylalanine; and
L-glutamic acid, L-glutamic, and/or L-glutamine and/or L-tryptophan (or a substitute).
The '064 Patent is also construed as including any preparation containing such ingredients used for the treatment or prevention of cravings for excessive amounts of foods containing carbohydrates; stress and stress-induced organ damage, attention deficit disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and other disorders that are related to neurotransmitter insufficiencies."

In short, the Patents are not adjudicated on ingredients; they are "use Patents." Any formulation containing D- or D/L-phenylalanine or any other enkephalinase inhibitor when used for the nutritional support or prevention of cravings for alcohol, drugs, carbohydrates, for stress related disorders or for ADD or AD/HD, is covered by the Patent '429. Further, Patent '064 states that the formulation is further augmented by the addition of L-glutamine or L-tryptophan precursor (or a substitute).

The complete story can, of course, be obtained from the claims at the back of each of the patents.

The United States patent numbers are:

No. 4,761,429
No. 5,189,064
No. 5,922,361
No. 6,159,506

Company Facts:

Philosophy and Values

NeuroGenesis has been on the cutting edge of neuroscience since our inception in 1984. Studies are continuing to show what NeuroGenesis has said for years - many of our health issues, as well as addictive behaviors, are caused from or intensified by the shortage or depletion of certain neurochemicals in the brain. It has been reported that "every illness involves amino acid abnormalities. Peak performance requires peak amino acid function. Optimal mental function demands optimal amino acid chemistry."

It is our greatest desire that individuals be free from neurotransmitter related symptoms and compulsions and begin to live and function without being controlled by undesired external sources or symptoms.

Corporate Headquarters

NeuroGenesis' corporate headquarters is located in League City, Texas (just south of Houston). Our product inventory is warehoused and generally shipped from this central location. Our business hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Please read the information included in the "Help Center" of our website carefully. If you still have questions, call 800-862-5033 or 281-557-7877 during regular business hours. If you leave a message late in the day or after hours, we will make every attempt to return your call the next business day.


Our nutritional supplements are manufactured and packaged in one of our three state-of-the-art facilities located across the United States. These facilities were strategically chosen for their diverse locations (California, New York and Florida) so there would be little or no interruption in service due to weather related issues.

These labs all meet or exceed the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations set forth by the FDA and provide the highest grade, assuring our customers that our products are produced and packaged in a lab that adheres to the quality-control standards required to manufacture and meet the stringent demands of the Food and Drug Administration.


While many are concerned that nutritional supplements do not require approval by the Food and Drug Administration, the fact is that the FDA and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) are very active in policing the supplement industry. Labeling, advertising, laboratory facilities, basically every area, is regularly monitored to make certain that customers are given factual information. Safety is the number one concern for all regulatory agencies. We at NeuroGenesis, share their concern.

With the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in 1994, Congress recognized the role supplements can play in promoting health and preventing many chronic diseases. ( http://www.dshea.org/congressional_findings.html )

DSHEA ensures access to safe products, made to quality standards. It also promotes the dissemination of information about the benefits of supplements, so that consumers can make informed decisions about their own and their families health. ( http://www.dshea.org/key_provisions.html )

Article from 2009 on NeuBecalm'd (thanks to prawn for finding this)


How a 27 Year Old Neutracuetical Company is Helping People Cope with the Economic Tragedies of Today
It seems there is help for people suffering from the mental and physical devastations these tough financial times have brought upon them. And it seems to have been a well kept secret until now.

League City, TX (Vocus) February 26, 2009

Science has shown that when a person is under stress they are not functioning physically or mentally at their peak. NeuroGenesis, Inc. (www.neurogenesis.com) a 27 year old neutracuetical research and manufacturing company has been helping people for years cope with the everyday stresses in life. Today more than ever those stresses are building at an enormous rate. NeuroGenesis's all-natural flag ship product called "NeuBecalm'd" which has years of customer satisfaction and numerous medical studies behind it has shown a dramatic increase in sales. The company believes this has to do with the tough economic times this country is in right now and peoples need to manage those stresses.

NeuBecalm'd is a nutritional supplement that provides the brain with targeted nutrients which aid in balancing the neurotransmitters: dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, GABA and enkephalins (opioids).

NeuBecalm'd was developed through research at the University of Texas Health Science Center by several scientists at NeuroGenesis. Since 1984 four patents have been awarded. It is the ONLY product of its kind granted the use of selected neurotransmitter enhancing ingredients providing nutritional support for:

Increased Mental Focus
Limiting Anxiety
Decreased Stress
Limiting Overeating
Limiting Fatigue
Improved Sleep

The company (www.neurogenesis.com) has put together a 4 page overview on stress and how this patented product NeuBecalm'd has been helping people around the world including US military combat pilot flying combat missions, ADD children and adults and alcoholics to mention a few. It contains a chart showing the stress cycle as well as a chart showing how the ingredients in NeuBecalm'd have a positive effect on the brain to help reduce stress. To get a copy of this document go here http://www.neurogenesis.tv/StressandDepression.pdf Additional studies, articles and videos can be seen at www.neurogenesis.tv

People are losing homes, jobs and savings at an alarming rate. This leads to immense stress and causes the brain to deplete the nutrients required to maintain proper mental and physical balance.

Here is a quote from Psychology Today magazine "Stress does not just grip us and let go. It changes us. It alters our bodies and our brain."

Laura Hale, Vice President of Marketing at NeuroGenesis, Inc. has this to say "Science has shown us that more than 75% of all illnesses are stress related. Obesity, high blood pressure, ulcers, migraines, strokes, alcoholism, even outbursts of anger, are associated with periods of high stress." Ms. Hale went on to further state, "Neu-Beclam'd (www.neurogenesis.com) provides help to restore the brain's chemical balance and improve mental function through a natural supplemental approach. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in Neu-Beclam'd strengthens the brain and relieves many problems associated with stress and the inability to maintain concentration."

Here is what one customer has to say about NeuBecalm'd, "I was a time bomb, ticking away with only minutes left before I would explode. Then a friend pleaded with me to try Neu-Beclam'd. I was too stressed and did not want to hear about it. Finally after pleading with me, I said I would try it just to get him off my back. To this day I do not know how I will ever be able to repay my friend. I am the person I used to be before stress turned me into someone I did not even recognize. Today I am able to cope with the daily ups and downs. And as a bonus people have told me I am not as ADD as I used to be."

NeuroGenesis, Inc. manufactures an array of nutritional supplements for the brain. Persons interested in finding out more about these products can go to (www.neurogenesis.com).


Laura Hale



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