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New $300k toxic note courtesy of maxim

Latest 10-Q observation 


The accompanying consolidated financial statements have been prepared (i) in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States, and (ii) assuming that the Company will continue as a going concern, which contemplates the realization of assets and the satisfaction of liabilities in the normal course of business. After a period of no income, the Company has recently generated increasing income. However, the Company is subject to the risks and uncertainties associated with a business with growing revenue, as well as limitations on its operating capital resources. These matters, among others, raise substantial doubt about the ability of the Company to continue as a going concern. These consolidated financial statements do not include any adjustments to the amounts and classification of assets and liabilities that may be necessary should the Company be unable to continue as a going concern. In light of these matters, the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern is dependent upon the Company’s ability to raise capital and generate revenue and profits in the future.



  • BioResearchAlert finds ATDS shares undiscovered and undervalued with current market cap of only $1.8 million and share price of 2 cents. Current market comps point to current ATDS share value over $.40 per share and significantly higher as current growth rate continues to accelerate


Data443 Rik Mitigation (ATDS: OTC) is a solid and fast-growing cyber security company that has seen its shares falling from $1.09 in the past 12 months to 1 cent within the past week. The company has been growing, but convertible note holders have been liquidating without regard to price and have consequently created an extremely undervalued opportunity for investors.


Adds Sophisticated Content Analysis and Intelligent Content Migration Capabilities to Growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Portfolio

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, Aug. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443” or the “Company”) (OTCPK: ATDS), a leading data security and privacy software company, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property rights and assets of FileFacets®, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that performs sophisticated data discovery and content search of structured and unstructured data within corporate networks, servers, content management systems, email, desktops and laptops.

The acquisition has closed, and all assets have been transferred. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

8K Filing August 21st 2020 
ITEM 5.03
Amendments to Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws; Change in Fiscal Year


On August 17, 2020, following receipt of written approval from stockholders acting without a meeting and holding at least the minimum number of votes that would be necessary to authorize or take such action at a meeting, Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (the “Company”) filed a Certificate of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada to increase the number of authorized shares of common stock from 750,000,000 to 1,500,000,000, effective August 17, 2020. The Certificate of Amendment is attached to this Current Report as Exhibit 3.1. All descriptions of the Certificate of Amendment herein are qualified in their entirety to the text of Exhibit 3.1 hereto, which is incorporated herein by reference.
ITEM 5.07
Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders.


 On August 17, 2020, the holders of 86% of the issued and outstanding shares of stock of the Company entitled to vote took action by their written consent and without a meeting, pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 78.320. The number of shares entitled to vote was deemed to be 2,620,701,789, representing the total number of issued and outstanding shares of (i) common stock; and, (ii) Series A Preferred Stock converted into common stock for purposes of voting. The Certificate of Amendment to the Company’s Articles of Incorporation to increase the number of authorized shares of common stock from 750,000,000 to 1,500,000,000 was approved. 2,250,000,000 shares were voted in favor of the Amendment, and such stockholders signed a written consent taking such action without a meeting or involvement of the Company. The written consent was delivered to the Company on August 17, 2020.

Recent awards:


Rapidly combining some of the best DRM, eDiscovery, Classification, Identity Governance and DLP technologies into a solution positioned for Privacy and Compliance activities – across virtually any data source and device. The only provider to offer a full GDPR/CCPA request management platform, and an open sourced platform that has over 10,000 active installations.

The  ARALOC  Boardroom by Data443™ Content Distribution and Board Management  System  provides  custom  configured  and  branded native  apps  to  streamline  your  corporate  board  governance  and  security  guidelines.  The only product on the market that features an array of user-friendly board content publishing and distribution automation controls, Boardroom requires minimal training and support. Using THE ARALOC Content Library, board members can use dedicated apps to view board materials from their mobile or desktop devices online or offline. With industry-leading fully enabled Rich Media Support, members are able to upload and encrypt all file formats for distribution. System notifications  and  automatic  synchronization  ensure  board  members  always  have  the  most  recent  board  content  materials. Multi-level views allow multiple boards to be houses and controlled from one central location.

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR Framework WordPress Plugin by Data443 allows for an easy, fast and cost-effective compliance solution for the GDPR. Achieve a fast time-to-value with 12 GDPR articles being met straight out-of-the-box. In a few clicks you can handle DSARs, consent, report and many other GDPR requirements. We are developer-friendly. Everything can be extended; every feature and template can be overridden. We are excited to announce we just hit 100k downloads and 10k active installations.

CCPA Compliance

Data443 ClassiDocs™ allows for an easy, fast and cost-effective compliance solution for the new CCPA. Achieve a fast time-to-value with the five key requirements of CCPA  being met  straight out-of-the-box. Data443 ClassiDocs™ supports over 200 file types and 400 databases while integrating with your existing DLP/CASB/SIEM/Cloud Solutions. Data443 ClassiDocs™ is the solution for classification, governance, and discovery across all data sources.

ClassiDocs™ takes the effort out of classifying your data by applying the same rules, technology, machine learning, and ongoing classification stewardship throughout the organization. This ensures always-accurate, continually relevant data security for your whole IT estate. ClassiDocs™ is purposefully user-centric to increase adoption and adherence with no training. Ease-of-use control with minimal interruptions and your-company-specific branding allows users to engage quickly and make fewer mistakes. Administration is simple via an easy-to-understand, centralized control panel that delivers both preset and customizable analytics.



DATA443 Risk Mitigation Welcomes Mr. Omkhar Arasaratnam To Its Advisory Board

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, July 29, 2020 – Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443” or the “Company”) (OTCPK: ATDS), a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced that it has appointed Mr. Omkhar Arasaratnam, a 20-year expert in information technology and leadership in global cybersecurity projects to its Advisory Board effective immediately.

Mr. Arasaratnam currently serves as Director of Engineering, Assurant Security for Google LLC, and is a Senior Fellow with the NYU Center for Cybersecurity at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and a member of the NYU Cyber Fellow Advisory Council. Previously, Mr. Arasaratnam served as Executive Director of Data Project Engineering at JPMorgan Chase, and has previously led security organizations at financial and technology institutions, such as Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, TD Bank Group, and IBM. In this capacity, he has revolutionized the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls. He is an accomplished author with several granted patents and has led contributions to many international standards.

Research Triangle Park, NORTH CAROLINA, July 20, 2020 – Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443” or the “Company”) (OTCPK: ATDS), a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced that its data privacy and security offering focused on sports teams has scored another victory – this time with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League with the signing of an agreement to provide the Company’s ARALOC™ Secure Sports Management platform.


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NORTH CAROLINA – (July 13, 2020) – Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443” or the “Company”) (OTCPK: ATDS), a leading data security and privacy software company, today provided updates on its current business and financing arrangements:

Completed Payments to Modevity, LLC for the ARALOC™ platform, the Secure Private Data Storage, Protection, and enablement platform

As previously disclosed, on October 22, 2018, Data443 acquired all technology, sales assets, and customers of Modevity’s enterprise cloud-based data storage, protection, and workflow automation platform, ARALOC™. ARALOC continues to lead the industry with Digital Rights Management, Secure Content Distribution and nearly instant large organization implementation.  Data443 continues to innovate with the product and will have forthcoming product and customer announcements in the near term.  Additionally, Data443 has now remitted to Modevity all amounts due under the purchase transaction (over $1.2MM USD) and owes no further amounts or any other consideration to Modevity.

Reached Shareholder-Friendly Forbearance Agreements for Outstanding Convertible Notes

Effective July 1, 2020, Data443 entered into privately negotiated agreements with a number of existing holders of the company’s outstanding convertible notes, which is intended to reduce short-term debt obligations of the company, while also deferring a significant amount of debt which otherwise could have been converted into common stock. The revised terms of these existing convertible notes can be found in the Form 8-K that was filed by the Company on July 10, 2020, which can be accessed at:


Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK: ATDS), a leading data security and privacy software company, announced today that it has completed its corporate actions with FINRA and began trading today with its new symbol – ATDS: All Things Data Security™.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Trading Symbol Completes Corporate Actions
    Clears the way for uplist and new corporate transactions
    New branding to engage a new Investor profile

Over only the past two years, the company has combined the technology, people and revenue assets of 5 product lines to form one of the fastest growing data privacy organization on the market.  These products on their own are market leaders in individual segments of the data security, compliance and governance marketplace. 

Jason Remillard, Founder and CEO of Data443 stated, “The wide operating platform we have built has two main purposes – provide a foundation for operating revenues for the company and provide a supporting platform for our forthcoming privacy enablement platforms.  We have more announcements coming in both areas in the near term – I am proud of the work of the whole team bringing this all together with all of our constraints – it is a considerable accomplishment!”

November 18, 2019

2,000,000 Common Shares Outstanding to be Cancelled & Removed from Float

  • Cancellation of approximately 17% of common shares outstanding as of today
    Settlement allows all parties to avoid expenses and distractions of continued litigation
    Nominal settlement amount of $65,000 to be paid by Data443

November 14, 2019

Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSRD), a leading data security and privacy software company, today reported operating results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2019, including net revenue of $628,000 for the quarter, and strong billings growth quarter over quarter.  Net billings represent actual sales which include revenues to be deferred over the term of the contract periods.

Jason Remillard, CEO of Data443, commented, “We delivered strong third quarter and nine-month results and continue to make solid progress towards achieving our long-term goals in delivering a complete data privacy, security and governance ecosystem that is unique and unrivaled in the marketplace. I’m very pleased with the seamless integration of DataExpressTM into the Company, along with achieving a significant customer renewal, and more to come! There’s no question that the last several months have been challenging in terms of our recent corporate actions, but I’m very proud of our team for keeping focused on the tasks at hand.”

“As we look towards the end of 2019, we expect to end the year at a very active pace, both commercially, as well as at the corporate level.  As of today, we are less than two months away from the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) taking effect, the first significant data consent and privacy legislation in the United States, perhaps the most comprehensive regulations since GDPR. Many companies don’t understand that preparations need to be made now, before the regulation (and enforcement) goes into effect on January 1, 2020. This poses an incredible opportunity to drive home the importance of mitigating these compliance risks, positioning our sales staff to deliver more education and demos, with the goal of increasing our already growing customer base.

September 26, 2019

LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced another major client win within its DataExpress™ NonStop (DXNS) Secure Managed File Transfer Service. The customer is a leading global payments technology company that operates in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

 The customer approached Data443 with the following key business challenges:

    • Enabling global currency transactions for decentralized financial instruments
      Avoiding massive financial penalties for missing Service Level Agreements
      Moving critical data between enterprises in a secure, timely and auditable manner

September 17, 2019
LandStar Inc. Completes Acquisition of DataExpress™ – Secure, Managed File Transfer Platform

LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced it has completed the acquisition of DataExpress™, one of the world’s leading vendors for secure sensitive data transfer for hybrid cloud.

Key Takeaways:

    • Key value propositions for existing Data443 customer base – including data privacy, sensitive data delivery, storage and fully transparent data transport services
      Hybrid cloud architecture will enable key new business segments, including support for major vendors like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and others
      Existing flagship customer base key to support continued growth for Data443 in the financial services sector
      Strategic partnerships with major hardware vendors such as HPE™ extend Data443 reach into new segments
      Accretive acquisition delivering over $1.4 million in annual revenues and in excess of $0.8 million of adjusted cash flows
      Total deal valued at $2.8 million in cash, note payable, stock and assumed liabilities

July 18, 2019

LandStar Inc. Announces Expansion of Multiplatform Data Privacy and Security Archiving & eDiscovery Solution in Multiple Markets

LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced continued momentum in its product line with the addition of high-profile new data sources to enable in CCPA, GDPR, eDiscovery, archiving and data retention requirements.

The growing platform list of integrations include support for leading social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  These platforms are rife with potential privacy information and have a large part to play in any litigation response. 

Within ArcMail’s recently released Hybrid Cloud/On-Premise Software Subscription service, customers are enabled to search faster, store smarter, and protect better in light of increasing data privacy and compliance requirements. For highly-regulated industries like education, financial services, and government, ArcMail’s Hybrid Cloud/On-Premise Software Subscription service allows the organization to leverage a subscription-based service for full and continuous coverage, while reducing IT burden and spend.

June 27, 2019


TheAccessHub™ accelerates Identity Governance time-to-value by more than 2,600 percent

LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy company, and N8 Identity, Inc. the leader in agile, cloud-based identity governance solutions, today announced a major client win following a three-month pilot.

The new client, a global NYC-based 1.4B market cap NYSE-traded organization, approached Data443 and N8 Identity with the following key business challenges...

June 20, 2019


Deferral of any further conversions until March 2020 on existing debt and completion of previous conversions moves the company forward toward better financing options

LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy company, today announced the completion of joint efforts with finance partners resulting in the favorable new terms on existing debt. Additionally, the Company has received notice of final conversion of the $125,000 legacy convertible note issued by the Company in 2014 and subsequently acquired by Blue Citi LLC (“Blue Citi”).

Effective June 19, 2019 the Company and three existing note holders have agreed as follows:

    • Two convertible notes due in July 2019 will have their maturity extended to April 15, 2020, and there will be no conversions until April 15, 2020 – subject to the Company continuing its listing and share reserve obligations.
      Any conversion rights available to Blue Citi LLC under note for its investment in the Company will be waived until March 31, 2020– subject to the Company continuing its listing and share reserve obligations.
      Reduction in share reserve requirements for the Company to secure the existing debt instruments.
      A nominal premium of 10% has been applied to the existing note balances as part of the agreements.

May 8, 2019


LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy company, announced today that it has received notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) that the SEC has completed its review of the Form 10 Registration Statement as filed with the SEC on January 11, 2019; and, amended on April 24, 2019. The Form 10 was effective as of March 12, 2019. The completion of review by the SEC further confirms the Company’s commitment to being subject to the reporting requirements of the SEC, and specifically of the Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. While the Company has already filed an Annual Report on Form 10-K and five (5) periodic reports on Form 8-K since the filing of the Form 10, the Company will not be required to file any further amendments to the Form 10. 

Jason Remillard, Chief Executive Officer of the Company and founder of Data443, said, “The completion of the review of our Form 10 by the SEC is yet another milestone achieved in our continued growth. We view it as a validation of our reporting process and financial management, which continues to evolve. Similar to when the Form 10 went effective back in March, this also underscores our commitment to provide our investors with transparency and accountability.”

May 1, 2019

LandStar, Inc. Appoints Steven Dawson Chief Financial Officer

LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced the appointment of Steven Dawson to the position of Chief Financial Officer. Dawson has over eighteen years of experience in corporate finance, treasury, financial planning and analysis, tax, strategic planning and risk management along with a deep appreciation for Data443’s commitment to driving innovation in the data security space.

“We are excited to bring Mr. Dawson onto the Data443 team to help us achieve our growth goals and support both our investor and client communities,” said Jason Remillard, founder and CEO of Data443. “His expertise will make an immediate and long-term impact on our business and we are especially enthusiastic about his ability to build and manage finance and accounting practices within complex, highly-regulated industries.”

April 12, 2019


LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy software company, today filed its Form 10-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) to disclose its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2018.

Key Takeaways:

  • Company emerges with Data Privacy & Cloud software focused product line
    Key major customer wins and awards continue to roll in
    Accretive acquisitions delivering value
    SaaS offering ready for CCPA, GDPR and Social Privacy revolution
    Strong product and acquisition pipeline growing

Management Commentary:

Jason Remillard, Founder of Data443 and CEO of LandStar, commented, “2018 was much more than a transitional year for LandStar; it was a major foundational year in which we established the platform that the Company is being built upon. I’m excited to say that we are now at the point where we can accelerate the pace of our planned corporate actions, as well as continue on our product development and acquisition roadmap.”

“These results only validate what has been our growth strategy all along; to acquire highly successful companies with complementary technologies and skill-sets that can easily fit and rapidly enhance our market positioning, provide a healthy customer base, and that are accretive to our bottom-line. I’m happy to report our initial revenues, and look forward to subsequent quarterly reports, when the full-quarter’s contribution of revenues from our acquired businesses will be reflected in our financial statements.” 



Two-Year Agreement with Leading Provider of Enterprise Information and Email Archiving Solutions Brings Strong Revenue Growth and Customer Expansion Opportunity

LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy company, today announced that the Company has signed a two-year   exclusive partnership agreement (the “Agreement”) with ArcMail, a leading provider of enterprise information and email archiving solutions for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of vertical markets. The Agreement is anticipated to add $2 million in revenue over the next twelve months for Data443 and enables cross-selling to its large existing customer base.  The product line will be offered immediately to the International reseller and VAR channel that Data443 has established.

December 4, 2018


LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy company, announced that it is has launched its online ordering platform for the ARALOC™ Board Management product.

Jason Remillard, Chief Executive Officer of LandStar and founder of Data443™, commented, “As we continue our marketing campaigns, the ability to order and provision online is an important step in the customer buying journey.  Our trial and buy portal has been long planned and we are pleased to offer several different editions of the leading ARALOC Board Management Software platform.  We will introduce more purchase options for the ARALOC platform and the rest of our product catalogue over the near Our existing stockholders may experience significant dilution from the sale of our common stock pursuant to the Financing Agreement. 

The sale of our common stock to PAG Group, LLC in accordance with the Financing Agreement may have a dilutive impact on our stockholders. As a result, the market price of our common stock could decline. In addition, the lower our stock price is at the time we exercise our put options, the more shares of our common stock we will have to issue to PAG in order to exercise a put under the Financing Agreement. If our stock price decreases, then our existing stockholders would experience greater dilution for any given dollar amount raised through the offering. 

The perceived risk of dilution may cause our stockholders to sell their shares, which may cause a decline in the price of our common stock. Moreover, the perceived risk of dilution and the resulting downward pressure on our stock price could encourage investors to engage in short sales of our common stock. By increasing the number of shares offered for sale, material amounts of short selling could further contribute to progressive price declines in our common stock. 

PAG Group, LLC will pay less than the then-prevailing market price of our common stock, which could cause the price of our common stock to decline. 

Our common stock to be issued under the Financing Agreement will be purchased at a ten percent (10%) discount, or ninety percent (90%) of the lowest closing price for our common stock during the ten (10) consecutive trading days immediately preceding the date on which we issue a Put Notice to PAG (as provided for in the Financing Agreement). 

PAG has a financial incentive to sell our shares immediately upon receiving them to realize the profit between the discounted price and the market price. If PAG sells our shares, the price of our common stock may decrease. If our stock price decreases, PAG may have further incentive to sell such shares. Accordingly, the discounted sales price in the Financing Agreement may cause the price of our common stock to decline. 

We may not have access to the full amount under the Financing Agreement. 

The lowest closing price of our common stock during the ten (10) consecutive trading day period immediately preceding the filing of this Registration Statement was approximately $0.26. At that price we would be able to sell shares to PAG under the Financing Agreement at the discounted price of $0.234. At that discounted price, the 4,046,995 shares would only represent $946,997, which is far below the full amount of the Financing Agreement.

December 3, 2018
Data443 Joins Forces with Business Partner Solutions, Inc.

"Data443 has joined forces with Business Partner Solutions, Inc. (BPS), a U.S.-based security focused value-added reseller (VAR). Founded in 2005, BPS is a certified CPUC and Woman Owned and Operated enterprise, a proven go-to for security VAR focused on providing emerging but proven security and compliance solutions to its customers. These clients include many Fortune 500 companies, public utilities, healthcare and retail. The partnership expands U.S. market coverage for Data443’s growing portfolio of products and aligns the company with a leading reseller that has specific expertise in data security, privacy compliance, and risk mitigation."

November 15, 2018

Data443, a leading data security and privacy company, announced today the completion of the audit of its Consolidated Annual Financial Statements for the fiscal years ending December 31, 2016 & 2017. An independent auditor (which is a PCAOB registered accounting firm) completed two consecutive years of the audits of the Company’s financial statements within the guidelines of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The results will be filed without delay with OTC Markets as an amendment to the Company’s previously filed financials for its year ending December 31, 2017.

All Additional and Pertinent News Can Be Found Here:

Review of Q3 - November 15, 2018

  • Review of Q3 Business Highlights
    Market Opportunites & Blueprint for Growth
    Q & A

    Recorded audio of the session can be accessed here:

Data443/ClassicDocs Competitive Review


Classidocs Pricing

ARALOC Pricing 

Data443 Secures Global Rights to Leading WordPress GDPR Solution

Downloads history as of 5/13/2019
Today 188
Yesterday 156
Last 7 Days 2,877
All Time 232,028

"A Serious Effort at GDPR Compliance. GDPR compliance is a complicated matter. Definitely not something you want to wing by yourself. And definitely not something you want to ignore. The obvious solution is a plugin that guides you through the process of making your site compliant. This plugin is the easiest and most comprehensive attempt that I have found so far. It has a wizard that walks you through the setup and lots of options you can configure afterward. It even builds a page where users can download and delete their personal data. It’s written by developers for developers, so you can customize just about everything. In today’s world, you’d expect to pay a hefty annual subscription for something like this. But the developers are providing it for free. All they’re asking is a five-star review, and I’m happy to give it to them. Thanks guys!"

"My colleagues and I are amazed at the functionality of this plugin. We researched many solutions to adding GDRP compliance to our client’s sites and your FREE plugin was the best. The documentation you include was essential to our understanding of GDRP.

We were also impressed at how fast the support team responded with fix a recent glitch with a new feature."

"This plugin cuts the time it takes to understand the new guidelines in half! So easy to use, everyone should be using it."

"Very happy with this plugin. There is attention to detail and it works well for visitors wanting to download the data we have. Very much hope they add the cookie policy part soon so we can have everything just under this one plugin. Big thanks and appreciation to the developers "

Market Cap                   7,950,604   
Authorized Shares        60,000,000
Outstanding Shares      11,692,065
Restricted                     4,997,968
Unrestricted                  6,694,097
Held at DTC                  5,670,348

Float                             6,694,097





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Subsequent to March 31, 2022, the Company issued TROW 05/18/2022 12:04:53 PM
Looking at 148K outstanding shares at the end Bubae 05/17/2022 07:47:11 PM
They reverse split with around a million outstanding Bubae 05/17/2022 11:29:41 AM
Only a matter of time before this scam Heywood4164 05/16/2022 03:26:00 PM
Typical paid pump piece for this stock. Maybe Bubae 05/15/2022 07:53:18 PM
"Green Planet Microcaps was compensated $2,500 for this TROW 05/15/2022 09:35:57 AM
The HEAD of GOOGLE Cybersecurity is on ATDS SmallCapStockAlert 05/14/2022 02:49:02 PM
For several years now Jason has acquired products Bubae 05/11/2022 07:37:34 PM
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