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trv up 28% friday, something is good !!! doinit 11/22/09 8:32 PM
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RTV,the potential here is very good, one day doinit 07/24/09 5:59 PM
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TRV,canadian/ticker,TRVJF,u.s.ticker,now 10,515,815shares o/s !!!!! doinit 01/05/09 10:50 PM
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MOST RECENT NEWS, dec.1,2008 doinit 12/12/08 5:17 AM
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Trivello Energy Corp. (TRV)

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December 1, 2008

Trivello announces post consolidation private placement and warrant re-pricing

Trivello Energy Corp. (TSX-V “TRV”; the “Company”) announces it has arranged a post consolidation private placement consisting of up to 3,000,000 million units at a price of 5 cents per unit for gross proceeds of $150,000. Each unit will consist of one common share of the Company and one full share purchase warrant. Each warrant will be exercisable into one common share at a price of 10 cents for two years. Proceeds of this Private Placement are for general working capital and its ongoing exploration and development of the Company’s oil and gas properties.

Further, to the Company’s news from November 21, 2008, the Company is currently in the process of applying to the TSX Venture Exchange to consolidate its share capital on a 1 new for 6 old shares. Once completed, the Company will issue the units upon closing the Private Placement.

Concurrently, the Company will apply to the TSX Venture Exchange to re-price warrants issued in conjunction with a Private Placement announced April 9, 2008 in which a total of 11,070,000 units were issued. Post consolidation there will be a total of 1,845,000 warrants related to this Private Placement to be re-priced to 10 cents per warrant.

The proposed transactions noted above are subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval. 

On behalf on the Board of Directors:
Arndt Roehlig

 to contact co. news links


• Industry:  Oil & Gas Exploration and Development 
• 52-Wk Range:  $0.005-$0.18
• Shares Issued & Outstanding:  16,805,322

• Exchange:  TSX Venture Exchange (
• TSX.V Symbol:  TRV 
• Listed:  1997

• Warrants:   8.4 M 
• Options Outstanding:  1.3 M 
• Public Float:  85% 
• Escrow:  0

*Updated  November 18 2009


BackJune 16, 2008
news 10-28-2008 --


Trivello Energy files 51-101 Compliant Engineering Report for Lucy

Calgary, AB. Trivello Energy Corp. (“Trivello” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has filed a comprehensive 51-101 compliant engineering report for the Company’s shale gas property in the Horn River region near Fort Nelson B.C. This report can be viewed on
A short summary of the Company’s prospective reserves in BCF (Billion cubic feet gas) are as follows:
Low case
Lucy (1,974 acres]
Total gross prospective resource awarded in the ground is estimated to have a recovery factor of 55% and surface loss of 10%.

The extension to the mineral license has been applied for with the British Columbia governmental agencies and is expected within 60 days. Once obtained, such lease extension will permit the Joint Venture to continue the completion attempt of the drilled and cased two Muskwa gas wells previously drilled on these lands on a similar program scope that the rest of industry is using. A typical evaluation program would be a horizontal well drilled off a vertical, followed up by a hydraulic fracture program and well productivity testing. Up to 8 wells per section (Company owns 3 gross Sections) are possible under such a development. Upon success of this program, engineering for pipeline tie-ins will commence with potential production possible as soon as 2009 followed up by additional wells.

The Company owns an undivided 10% net Working Interest (WI) at Lucy.

To read more about the Companies projects, please visit

Back January 4, 2008
Drilling Commences on Lucy Prospect
Calgary, Alta. Trivello Energy Corp. (Trivello or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the operator of the Company’s Lucy Prospect has spudded the gas well and planned drilling operations are underway. Up-to-date progress reports will be provided as they become available.

Trivello has fully funded its share of its earned in 10% Working Interest (WI) for the drilling of the new gas well in the Lucy Prospect. Previous exploration once by a major, and again by Trivello and its joint venture partners did not result in encountering economically recoverable hydrocarbons. Subsequently, after conducting an internal geophysical review based on additional new seismic information, the current well location was established.

The Lucy Prospect is located in northeast British Columbia, approx. 50 kilometers northeast of Fort Nelson, B.C. The target is a Devonian Pine Point carbonate reef (Keg River Reef), which is on strike with analogous fields 10 miles to the north and nine miles to the south. This gas test well will be drilled to an approximate depth of 7,500 feet. Upon realization of successful drilling results, the Operator believes that the well can be tied in and generating cash flow by end of Q2 2008.

An independent engineering report estimates “prospective resource” at a low of 3.2 bcf to a high of 15.3 bcf and a best estimate of 7.67 bcf of marketable gas. This engineering report is available on SEDAR. Investors are cautioned not to assume that any part or all of the resources in this category will ever be converted into reserves, or are economically recoverable, or can it be assumed that any part of a “prospective resource” will ever be upgraded to a higher category. In addition, "prospective resources" have a great amount of uncertainty as to their existence, and economic and legal feasibility.

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 6, 2007) - Trivello Energy Corp. (the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:TRV) is pleased to announce that pursuant to an "Independent Operations Notice" distributed by one of its Joint Venture Partners at Lucy (the "operator"), as well as a subsequent Partner Meeting, Trivello has opted to continue with its exploration program with an "earned in" 10% Working Interest (WI). After the operator conducted an internal geophysical review based on additional seismic that was acquired, a new drill location at A-079-A/094-P-04 was established and an application for a drilling license was submitted to the ministry of finance in B.C.

Furthermore, the Company has received a formal "Cash Call" from the operator to drill and case a new gas well at Lucy in the amount of $2,319,945. Trivello's 10% commitment equals to $231,994.5.

Also, Trivello received a "Cash Call" for its share of the soft costs for the construction of a pipeline at Lucy in the amount of $102,000 gross or $10,200 net. A drilling deposit of $239,108 gross or $23,910.80 net is also due. The Company will make payment for the above total of $266,105.3 to the operator immediately.

Trivello has received confirmation from the Lucy operator that a drilling rig has been contracted, the site is surveyed and the expected spud date of the Lucy A-079-A/094-P-04 Gas Well is December 20, 2007. An independent engineering report estimates "prospective resource" at a low of 3.2 bcf to a high of 15.3 bcf and a best estimate of 7.67 bcf of marketable gas. This engineering report is available on SEDAR. Upon realization of successful drilling results, the Operator believes that the well can be tied in and generating cash flow by end of Q2 2008.

The Lucy gas prospect is located in northeast British Columbia, approx. 50 kilometers northeast of Fort Nelson, B.C. The target is a Devonian Pine Point carbonate reef (Keg River Reef), which is on strike with analogous fields 10 miles to the north and nine miles to the south.

To read more about the Lucy Prospect, please log on to

On behalf on the Board of Directors:

Arndt Roehig, President

Production of 1st Oil Well at Wainwright

Miles Molstad reports

CALGARY, June 8 /CNW/ - Trivello Energy Corp. ("Trivello"), an oil and
gas exploration and development company provides a production update of the
Companies first oil well at Wainwright.
Trivello's wholly owned subsidiary DevExco Resources (1984) Ltd.
("DevExco") is operating and producing the oil well in Lsd 9-6-45-4 W4M at
Wainwright. Production rates of this well for May 2006 are as follows:

Hours on production / Total hours in May / Time on pump
------------------- ------------------ ------------
588 744 79%

Total Oil Production / Total Fluid Production / Water
-------------------- ---------------------- -----
1688 Barrels of Oil 1918 Barrels of Fluid 230 Barrels

During the month of May, balance average pricing was approx
$54/Barrel/Oil, with total gross revenue of this 9-6-45-4 W4M well being
estimated at $91,112.
Trivello's DevExco currently owns 71.62% gross interest in the 9-6-45-4
W4M well and has negotiated to increase its interest by a further 21% to
92.64% gross interest in the above well and 68.64% gross interest in the
remainder of section 6-45-4 W4M, which is set to close mid June 2006.
Miles Molstad, VP Operations of Trivello states: "We are pleased that
production of our first well at Wainwright has started to stabilize at a good
rate of 10 to 14 cubic meters (63 to 88 Barrels) of fluid per day with approx
12% water. While the second well in Lsd. 8-6-45-4 W4M has commenced test
production, it is still too early to disclose production rates at this time.
With the first two oil wells completed and pumping, we are currently in the
process of applying to the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board ('EUB') to
qualify for reduced spacing, to drill further targets in the field".

On behalf of the board of directors,

Miles Molstad
VP Operations/Director

Source: Canada NewsWire (June 8, 2006 - 12:21 PM EDT)

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