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Short term stock trading, Swing Trading, and sometimes even long term forecasts. The turnips charity: Aleh, is an organization building a home for a group of people society, by necessity, leaves on th way side. Extremely retarded people. Up to the age of 21, special institutions have been set up to help these youngsters cope with life, after 21, there is no solution, thus Aleh is building a village for these unfortunate people to care for them permanently. If you want to donate you can go directly to: For for a more lighthearted explanation of Zeev's Turnips?: Hungarian-English dictionary: The Q, BRCM, QLGC, MERQ, IACI, and the newest member JCOM. The Q is used for fast trading, not because these are good or bad companies, but because of their high volatility OB = Outrageous Bid. GNT = Grand Negative Tick (tick below 1000) Mosis = J6P = man in the street stock buying public IMTO = In My Turnips' Opinion PPT = Plunge Protection Team, a cabal that strangely comes to rescue the market at critical junctures. Some think that the PPT is active every single day, I am not part of that "some". Bu$$= Rambunctious Rambus, or RMBS Island tension see #msg-556281 Core issues: (not in at all times): COO, TLM, TTC, TBL, PII, MAXF, CAH, SKX, MRK, JNJ, IGT, POOL. Some Helpful sites (from LG): - The Traders Glossary - (If you don't know what they're talking about, here's a good place to start.) - Technical Analysis A to Z - (This web site should get you started on the basics of most TA methods and techniques.) - Chart Pattern Recognition - (This web site sticks to the basics, always a good success idea.) - StockCharts.Com - (Chip a previous regular on MDD put together a great charting site.) - DailyStocks.Com Gigablast Research - (A one stop place for all those fundamental needs.) Dr. A. Z. Hed 1938-2008
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#699615   Hello Lee, myimp64ss 04/01/12 09:52:18 AM
#699613   They have no memories. tinner 03/31/12 11:54:05 PM
#699612   Good one gt. byankee 03/31/12 10:37:37 PM
#699611   More like Carter's. gtober 03/31/12 09:54:25 PM
#699610   You perhaps have dabbled in this nonsense longer byankee 03/31/12 09:47:25 PM
#699609   Yankee, the markets float because of fiat. Get real. fois gras 03/31/12 08:49:57 PM
#699608   Zab- care to make a wager on those fois gras 03/31/12 08:46:27 PM
#699607   You noticed that too :) Foggy1 03/31/12 07:13:59 PM
#699606   Newly the pleasure is mine. pantmaker 03/31/12 06:11:55 PM
#699605   Nope. It was the Island Reversal after a lee kramer 03/31/12 04:43:15 PM
#699604   That's also the film that has the tweeters byankee 03/31/12 04:40:53 PM
#699603   zab, just read on CNN that AA posts 1st byankee 03/31/12 04:27:32 PM
#699602   Lions Gate Films, just came out with "Hunger lee kramer 03/31/12 04:24:44 PM
#699601   Good for you on your lgf short-what is it? byankee 03/31/12 04:20:52 PM
#699600   The Yank is on a roll. Get it lee kramer 03/31/12 04:15:36 PM
#699599   Empty, I think also that 15k by year end byankee 03/31/12 04:07:58 PM
#699598   I can't disagree Yank, I sometimes am full lee kramer 03/31/12 04:03:13 PM
#699597   Lee, we have learned from a previous deleted post byankee 03/31/12 03:57:50 PM
#699596   lee kramer 03/31/12 02:56:20 PM
#699595   Zab, The economy is not selfsustaining enough to allow Emptyhead 03/31/12 02:34:20 PM
#699594   Thats why this latest health care law needs zab 03/31/12 02:26:15 PM
#699593   AA- the mainstay of aluminum production, along zab 03/31/12 02:13:01 PM
#699592   Zab, interesting take on something that many folks byankee 03/31/12 01:41:02 PM
#699591   Well, Lee, great gams can only take a Newly2b 03/31/12 12:12:21 PM
#699590   Yeah, you're a tough broad; but oh those gams! lee kramer 03/31/12 12:09:45 PM
#699589   Delete -- duplicate post. Newly2b 03/31/12 12:07:58 PM
#699588   No, thank you for your words Newly. Newly2b 03/31/12 12:07:51 PM
#699587   No, thank you for your words Newly. lee kramer 03/31/12 12:00:29 PM
#699586   Why thank you, pants, how sweet of you Newly2b 03/31/12 11:58:37 AM
#699585   Why, thank you, Lee. This is a Newly2b 03/31/12 11:56:38 AM
#699584   The key to successful trading, I strongly believe, lee kramer 03/31/12 11:23:54 AM
#699583   Great post, Zab! Those who see things from postman 03/31/12 09:42:41 AM
#699582   I don't think so, I think this market zab 03/31/12 09:10:52 AM
#699579   It is now only matter of time Emptyhead 03/30/12 11:40:54 PM
#699578   Basser, I do what I do. Go to fois gras 03/30/12 10:04:07 PM
#699577   <<<So – as in Japan – radiation is basserdan 03/30/12 09:42:25 PM
#699576   Love those uranium stocks fois gras 03/30/12 07:39:21 PM
#699575   PDCO, VRNT, YNDX nice zab 03/30/12 04:08:05 PM
#699574   Amazing last hour, never saw so many gains zab 03/30/12 03:49:17 PM
#699573   Knocking off early, hungry. Prunes perhaps? Make it lee kramer 03/30/12 03:39:24 PM
#699572   You did it again.<g>HAGWE. cannabis 03/30/12 03:34:41 PM
#699571   Sorry, it was cappy. Cappy,Canny,Frannie and Annie. Very confusing. lee kramer 03/30/12 03:27:45 PM
#699570   Why does canny=cappy to you?You do that ALOT.<g> cannabis 03/30/12 03:26:01 PM
#699569   Bravo to Newly. Always thought she was pantmaker 03/30/12 03:22:59 PM
#699568   And cappy got an award for his outstanding lee kramer 03/30/12 03:22:51 PM
#699567   The committee has awarded kramer, after they got lee kramer 03/30/12 03:20:37 PM
#699566   I am pleased to report that the Committee lee kramer 03/30/12 03:16:24 PM
#699565   NDX negative...DOW wildly positive...kookville! pantmaker 03/30/12 03:13:30 PM
#699564   63% of avg. daily volume normal?...I know...volume pantmaker 03/30/12 03:02:22 PM
#699563   Good loss. lee kramer 03/30/12 02:45:41 PM