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In the wake of Terry Jones passing: Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 01/24/2020 02:23:02 PM
It's been a mess. Probably aged me twice Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 01/22/2020 02:31:30 AM
Thess, if things improve from here, I suspect Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 01/22/2020 02:16:09 AM
Since January 17th the company has recovered 15 Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 01/21/2020 03:56:49 AM
Since Keytruda got approved, we should be able Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLTFF) 01/20/2020 03:44:53 PM
As long as we crush Keytruda, we should Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLTFF) 01/20/2020 01:31:03 PM
Here's to more patients treated and more hospitals Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLTFF) 01/20/2020 01:51:34 AM
The only thing that lifts this stock are Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLTFF) 01/13/2020 01:50:18 PM
I hope you get rewarded in the end Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 01/03/2020 03:31:58 PM
Thess, it does not matter if the gold Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 01/03/2020 08:39:27 AM
You have guts, Thess. But be careful to Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 12/29/2019 12:18:47 PM
This is going to explode next year. Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLTFF) 12/17/2019 01:12:31 PM
At least the trend is intact… :-) Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 12/16/2019 12:35:30 PM
Rich, I do hope you get a reward Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 12/11/2019 03:14:41 AM
Thess, I have given up on Mexus. If Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 12/10/2019 02:32:52 PM
You never know, maybe something good comes next Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 12/04/2019 02:07:42 PM
Cervical cancer next? Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLTFF) 12/03/2019 01:25:20 PM
Now that is an excting PR !! Next Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLTFF) 11/27/2019 02:21:55 PM
Miz Ellie, is that Theralase you are talking Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 11/23/2019 02:31:35 AM
Even the semi criminals of the Bering Sea Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 11/13/2019 03:58:07 PM
Good to see this news. Let's see if Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 11/04/2019 03:37:29 AM
Fine tuning stuff takes forever sometimes. As long Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 11/01/2019 12:17:10 PM
Hope you are rewarded in the end, Thess. Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/31/2019 07:19:19 AM
Wouldn't surprise one bit. Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/30/2019 12:50:24 PM
Our future depends on the new machinery working. Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/30/2019 09:07:16 AM
Good. let's see if the machinery works and Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/28/2019 07:29:35 AM
Comes down the new plant. Simple as that. Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/25/2019 02:32:03 PM
Thanks for the update, Thess Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/13/2019 02:25:31 AM
It's not an amazing pr. It's an update. Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/07/2019 11:55:30 AM
Why do you complain? The plant is operational Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/07/2019 09:22:04 AM
Lol, that was funny :-) Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/04/2019 02:49:36 PM
LTT, it appears some are getting desperate, berating Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/03/2019 09:23:54 AM
30 million in debt?? Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/03/2019 07:27:47 AM
Ugh, those MarMar. Happy those fools are gone. Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/02/2019 11:20:45 AM
It has not been easy being a shareholder Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/02/2019 08:50:40 AM
2M? Man, I admit I am jealous. Good luck! Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 10/02/2019 03:08:44 AM
I have to say, LTT, your optimism always Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 09/23/2019 10:08:50 AM
But one wonders why they didn't get that Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 09/23/2019 03:53:44 AM
New machinery in Place in October. Well, it's Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 09/23/2019 03:46:55 AM
Thank you, wxdog. Mexus Gold US (MXSG) 09/11/2019 12:30:04 PM