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Briboy  Retired/Lay Counselor

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That's the bottom line Diversified Energy Holdings, Inc. (DIEN) 03/13/2019 01:09:03 PM
I wonder how many stock symbols this has Diversified Energy Holdings, Inc. (DIEN) 03/13/2019 01:04:28 PM
and I am NOT a fan of AOC; ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 03/06/2019 03:38:40 PM
Personally, I don't like most the posts on ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 03/06/2019 03:36:00 PM
Quarterly and EOY report today not great, Office Depot, Inc. (ODP) 02/27/2019 09:56:48 AM
Glad you like it buddy. Would you ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 02/21/2019 01:02:29 PM
Thanks for the data georgie ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 02/21/2019 12:59:11 PM
titi He's a good man, but how many of ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 02/14/2019 01:29:16 PM
OMG you had me laughin this time Tornado Alley (PROG) 02/14/2019 01:20:09 PM
Yo bro......my main man Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligente (GOL) 02/14/2019 01:19:12 PM
Are you still in SMRT jade77 ? Stein Mart (smrt) 02/14/2019 01:13:28 PM
titi Well....someone's involved with a very low ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 02/13/2019 10:36:56 AM
Thanks fuagf Tornado Alley (PROG) 02/13/2019 10:34:09 AM
newmedman All we are sayyyyyying, is give peace a chance. Tornado Alley (PROG) 02/13/2019 10:33:01 AM
Ah ....yes......another purrson that Tornado Alley (PROG) 02/13/2019 10:30:06 AM
Watch it or you'll be the first James Monroe Capital Corp (JMON) 02/13/2019 10:28:45 AM
It still trades James Monroe Capital Corp (JMON) 02/13/2019 10:27:51 AM
My friend, Yes, look at the sales, ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 02/13/2019 10:26:14 AM
OMG! I forgot ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 02/13/2019 10:22:48 AM
Oh it's trading, but barely, and only Ignis Petroleum Group (IGPG) 02/06/2019 02:07:12 PM
Can we give peace a chance? Tornado Alley (PROG) 02/05/2019 06:16:00 PM
Why is this P.O.S. still trading? James Monroe Capital Corp (JMON) 02/05/2019 06:14:31 PM
Hi Guys ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 01/29/2019 11:50:02 AM
Yesterday was good, until afternoon session Stein Mart (smrt) 08/24/2018 09:25:58 AM
Level 2 looks strong; to get back over China Pharma Holdings (CPHI) 08/20/2018 09:29:29 AM
ha ha Tornado Alley (PROG) 08/17/2018 02:43:08 PM
The "Have Nots" would get them ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 08/17/2018 02:32:06 PM
I've had this puppy a long time Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc (CYPW) 08/17/2018 02:27:36 PM
Hey Estrella Ignis Petroleum Group (IGPG) 08/17/2018 02:22:10 PM
F6: Greetings. Thank you for caring Tornado Alley (PROG) 07/23/2018 07:53:33 PM
Before I check this out, I wanted to Tornado Alley (PROG) 07/23/2018 06:57:10 PM
Hello my friend. Tornado Alley (PROG) 07/23/2018 06:56:01 PM
I agree sir KowaBunga! Inc. (KOW) 07/23/2018 06:46:50 PM
No Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/29/2018 11:16:11 AM
fuagf Most of your reasons to me are positives Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/29/2018 11:15:20 AM
Thanks......I just asked a question about it, ARO Liquidation Inc. (fka AROPQ) 04/29/2018 10:52:21 AM
I realize this company is in bankruptcy with ARO Liquidation Inc. (fka AROPQ) 04/29/2018 10:45:39 AM
computerguy I am so glad you are not out ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 04/20/2018 10:07:28 AM
Totally agree, and as you so plea with ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 04/20/2018 09:55:16 AM
buccaneer I've held on to a nice little chunk ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT) 04/20/2018 09:48:49 AM