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Posts by ApophisBoardDate/Time
What is a mio? NetList Inc. (NLST) 08/01/2021 11:06:57 AM
How many of you think NLST will get NetList Inc. (NLST) 07/03/2021 07:55:47 AM
Do we hit a volume of 3 million NetList Inc. (NLST) 06/25/2021 10:22:21 PM
Maybe we get a settlement over 3 NetList Inc. (NLST) 06/25/2021 10:12:55 PM
The reason is there was never a clarification NetList Inc. (NLST) 06/19/2021 08:14:19 AM
Is there a place to look to see NetList Inc. (NLST) 06/12/2021 06:00:12 PM
The court needs to step up and demand NetList Inc. (NLST) 06/12/2021 08:45:55 AM
Why are we trading just above two bucks? NetList Inc. (NLST) 05/06/2021 07:52:19 AM
Junk stock, down another 23% Personas Social Inc. (PRSNF) 04/27/2021 04:09:06 PM
He will not cover a stock under $5.00 NetList Inc. (NLST) 04/25/2021 09:57:17 AM
$18.00 by years end NetList Inc. (NLST) 04/20/2021 09:01:09 AM
at least 2-3 more by mid summer NetList Inc. (NLST) 04/20/2021 07:35:16 AM
I bet this is settled but waiting to NetList Inc. (NLST) 04/18/2021 07:06:26 AM
With all the patents I think NLST should NetList Inc. (NLST) 04/12/2021 02:25:35 PM
We know 3 of the companies named in NetList Inc. (NLST) 04/04/2021 09:49:50 AM
Is the Inphi damages under 500 million? NetList Inc. (NLST) 04/04/2021 09:46:21 AM
I think it was manifested from an inspection NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/31/2021 02:26:50 PM
From yahoo this AM NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/31/2021 08:38:18 AM
The market is down as investors look ahead NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/30/2021 10:13:48 AM
Many days the the buy to sale volume NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/29/2021 08:30:12 AM
Down another 15% - must have leaked out Personas Social Inc. (PRSNF) 03/26/2021 12:51:04 PM
Let us see if these clowns can dodge Personas Social Inc. (PRSNF) 03/25/2021 01:05:04 PM
A poster put it yahoo a few months NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/24/2021 04:42:46 PM
The next earnings will be interesting, production was NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/24/2021 12:45:07 PM
Are you trying to scare the weaker hands NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/24/2021 10:04:37 AM
way under valued WidePoint Corp. (WYY) 03/24/2021 09:37:36 AM
4Q EPS .94cents with a PE of 20 WidePoint Corp. (WYY) 03/24/2021 09:36:56 AM
Nice #s. We should go up another $5.00 WidePoint Corp. (WYY) 03/24/2021 08:15:25 AM
I think $2.10 is rock bottom Endra Life Sciences Inc (NDRA) 03/24/2021 08:13:40 AM
We should be $16-19/share right now, this stock WidePoint Corp. (WYY) 03/23/2021 08:48:56 AM
Good time to add or jump in to Endra Life Sciences Inc (NDRA) 03/22/2021 03:54:14 PM
FYI just saw this Personas Social Inc. (PRSNF) 03/22/2021 03:51:47 PM
We should break $4.00/share within 2 weeks as NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/20/2021 12:57:17 PM
Political influence at play NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/18/2021 09:27:24 AM
Some good sized sales hitting now. NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/15/2021 01:24:24 PM
Yes it qualifies, already talked with Bergman and Assoc. NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/15/2021 08:01:56 AM
Shareholders can also do a class action against NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/13/2021 02:51:22 PM
This will start moving so don't get caught NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/12/2021 12:41:29 PM
Nice, settlement is very near , NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/12/2021 12:36:59 PM
and that came from a Google lawyer NetList Inc. (NLST) 03/12/2021 08:21:55 AM

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