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Widows and Orphans 

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Love the volume. Could see 250K plus Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 02/19/2019 03:45:22 PM
Gobble Gobble time Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 02/19/2019 03:18:59 PM
Quiet yes...Maybe many are waiting for the jump. Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 01/29/2019 12:02:37 PM
Ask at 1.0. Would love to see it. Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 12/05/2018 04:24:27 PM
We should get this party started right. We Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 11/30/2018 04:09:56 PM
Anyone have any background on the new CEO? Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 11/28/2018 02:27:33 PM
Anything under .01 is a value (long) anything Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 05/29/2018 09:34:41 AM
1-260 Giddy up Nasdaq :) Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 05/25/2018 11:54:47 AM
No account required to look at the posts Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 05/25/2018 11:51:50 AM
Long time listener, first time caller... Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 05/25/2018 11:28:22 AM

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