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yup, but i am recoup'ing my investment via PAO Group Inc. (PAOG) 11/07/2018 12:12:15 PM
Ya, you'll be 'out' alright... out of money, EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 10/15/2018 11:15:36 AM
Meanwhile, in CBD-less beverage land, we have EQLabs EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 10/15/2018 10:45:31 AM
Only RED Turd in my punchbowl this morning... RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 10/15/2018 09:51:09 AM
They need a CBD play to go anywhere EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 10/12/2018 07:51:37 PM
This drink takes such a backseat to the EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 10/11/2018 02:32:30 PM
Farm bill delayed another 2 months...Merry F'ing Xmas! RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/26/2018 02:54:24 PM
This explains the big picture right here: RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/24/2018 10:34:39 AM
Therein lies the problem.. nothing has changed! RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/24/2018 10:09:42 AM
Wow...sure is quiet in here! All Moved-on.. EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 09/24/2018 10:07:12 AM
Spot-On General Grievous .. unfortunately RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/24/2018 09:49:38 AM
uh huh ya, lets see a screen-shot of that.. RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/21/2018 04:11:23 PM
You call THAT a website?? OMG...1 page WIX RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/18/2018 04:07:09 PM
what website? RSHN doesn't even have a website RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/18/2018 03:58:59 PM
Spot-on Again warfaretrader! RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/18/2018 11:12:07 AM
If they're not getting a cannabis/cbd infused drink EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 09/18/2018 10:04:08 AM
Phuk-N-A! Whoop! RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/06/2018 12:46:34 PM
This 'Company' doesn't even have a website.. RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 09/05/2018 10:27:23 AM
Etrade is showing 'After Hours'up 75% RIGHT NOW!! RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 08/26/2018 08:37:17 PM
Bunch of PUMP below, No Specifics beyond broad RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 08/26/2018 10:59:24 AM
RSHN needs some CVSI action, NOW! RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 08/24/2018 09:41:54 AM
Clear for take-off! CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/24/2018 09:39:56 AM
U can feel it in the air...the RSHN's RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 08/24/2018 09:25:38 AM
New here...do these guys even have a website? RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 08/23/2018 10:55:01 AM
Thanks to those who invested today! Enjoy the CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/22/2018 04:04:17 PM
Citron: Have u ever considered they may be CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/21/2018 08:30:12 AM
As the saying goes for small buyers....NEVER buy CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/20/2018 01:15:59 PM
Just 10 calendar days ago I got in CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/20/2018 10:54:43 AM
Excuse me, while I bust thru 8. Get CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/20/2018 10:48:40 AM
best to wait for drop tomorrow b4 jumping in? CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/09/2018 02:16:46 PM
I need this back up to $9 where Zyla Life Sciences (fka ZCOR) 08/07/2018 12:39:21 PM
UP 17.8% today and still Crickets in here.. Global Hemp Group, Inc. (GBHPF) 07/31/2018 03:49:10 PM
..and I just stacked another 83k on top EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 07/25/2018 10:07:57 AM
What? Up 473%? This must be a Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 06/11/2018 12:31:42 PM
should have said - what makes you think EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 06/11/2018 10:03:13 AM
"Updates Coming" ...uh huh, based on what? EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 06/11/2018 09:55:02 AM
F'ing TURD here...they have 87% of my money invested. Belgravia Hartford Cap Inc. (BLGVF) 05/31/2018 01:01:43 PM
Just saw a 980k bid!.... c'mon, pull us EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 05/17/2018 09:45:39 AM
I love all the positive & hopeful sentiment EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 05/16/2018 10:04:05 AM
Newb here, since 4/16 at .009. You my EQ Labs Inc. (EQLB) 05/11/2018 03:40:27 PM