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Gonna be traveling over the next few days… Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/13/2021 05:55:14 PM
Relax... these things take time. Panicking isn’t Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/11/2021 03:10:43 PM
I think for sure there will be a Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/11/2021 02:58:17 PM
Didnt they drop news at like 2pm a Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/11/2021 09:51:45 AM
I really hope ouchie boo boo guy wasn’t Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/10/2021 12:31:07 PM
That’s the bottom line, because Bud-wiser said so! Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/10/2021 10:59:26 AM
Good morning fellow Wheelies! Where we heading Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/10/2021 09:52:29 AM
We will definitely see a nice pop when Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/08/2021 08:34:52 AM
I was thinking fair price right now was Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/08/2021 08:33:01 AM
Crazy that people are dumping with news of Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/07/2021 01:17:03 PM
Just FYI many companies say “No RS” and Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/07/2021 12:47:47 PM
Wow... this thing could soar today! Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 06/04/2021 09:18:44 AM
Holy S***!!! Disrupting Fintech and OTC! Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/28/2021 02:57:36 PM
This will not move until more news comes. Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/25/2021 10:43:20 AM
We got some movement here! Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) 05/25/2021 09:58:14 AM
40+M in volume so far! Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/25/2021 09:53:19 AM
What is their official Twitter handle? Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/24/2021 10:31:49 AM
Every time I take a look at my Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/24/2021 10:31:10 AM
I’m not complaining!! Lol I just think we Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/24/2021 09:36:11 AM
My only concern is this is way over Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/24/2021 09:30:25 AM
PPS should be at 0.04 if you take Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/21/2021 03:04:10 PM
Average at .022 and though I want more, Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII) 05/21/2021 09:00:13 AM
Current US Energy Initiatives Corp (USEI) 05/13/2021 09:02:20 AM
Pre-market for most stock is usually sketchy. Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII) 05/13/2021 08:39:17 AM
Was in at 0.017 - sold some to Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII) 05/11/2021 03:48:58 PM
Ok this looks interesting, I’m in. Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 05/11/2021 03:13:58 PM
We are touching .10 for sure today in Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII) 05/10/2021 10:17:12 AM
Luckily I got in at 0.0038... let’s gooo!!! Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) 05/10/2021 09:54:49 AM
Understanding biology/biochemistry helps with this... vaccine for cancer Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/30/2021 08:50:29 AM
You think? Sybleu seems to be doing their Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/30/2021 08:47:22 AM
You’re looking at long term and that’s fair, GEMXX Corp. (GEMZ) 04/29/2021 09:46:05 AM
People saying you lose money on a R/S GEMXX Corp. (GEMZ) 04/29/2021 09:36:40 AM
Where is this headed? Bought a while back Indo Global Exchange(s) Pte., Ltd. (IGEX) 04/28/2021 01:23:38 PM
Like 92 on the month 60ish on the week Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII) 04/28/2021 01:18:50 PM
Don’t anyone have info on word about an Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII) 04/26/2021 10:22:43 AM
Added a while back at 0.0018... looking like Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL) 04/22/2021 11:10:29 AM
It’s that not an effort? Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/20/2021 09:09:53 AM
8K shows they are making efforts to get Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/20/2021 07:22:08 AM
Going in hard!!! Not letting go of my shares! Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/19/2021 02:03:00 PM
Why is that not a good enough reason? Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/19/2021 02:02:06 PM

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