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Posts by william13BoardDate/Time
8k out today MariMed Inc. (MRMD) 10/26/2020 07:10:04 PM
8k out today MariMed Inc. (MRMD) 10/26/2020 07:10:02 PM
As GenCanna has reported, it has established a MariMed Inc. (MRMD) 01/13/2020 04:05:08 PM
As GenCanna has reported, it has established a MariMed Inc. (MRMD) 01/13/2020 04:03:16 PM
This fall, GenCanna successfully completed one of the MariMed Inc. (MRMD) 01/13/2020 04:01:22 PM
@sirus22 the fire is old news ? They MariMed Inc. (MRMD) 01/13/2020 02:45:25 PM
I am with Etrade but friday i called Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UURAF) 09/17/2019 08:22:51 PM
I noticed today i got a number for Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UURAF) 09/17/2019 06:05:29 PM
Thanks for sharing !!! Better PLT Sciences Inc. (VEGGF) 06/04/2019 11:46:20 AM
Is this trying to wake up from the dead? Garb Oil & Power Corp. (GARB) 05/29/2019 01:10:06 PM
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/epazz-zenapay-android-blockchain-bitcoin-14000069 Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 01/03/2018 09:15:21 AM
We need unexpected great news and high volume Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/30/2017 09:32:37 AM
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/epazz-zenapay-bitcoin-mobile-app-140000945.html Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/27/2017 09:28:19 AM
They were probably more concerned about their 7 Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (MARA) 12/26/2017 08:50:27 PM
First 7 minutes no volume Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/26/2017 09:38:37 AM
I believe we have a pr due before Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/23/2017 10:34:59 AM
JAN 2nd this will rocket back up. Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (MARA) 12/21/2017 09:01:47 PM
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/epazz-zenapay-bitcoin-point-sale-140000157.html Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/19/2017 09:27:06 AM
I just posted the last revenue report I Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/19/2017 07:48:58 AM
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/epazz-inc-reports-increase-first-130000361.html Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/19/2017 07:44:04 AM
Just added 10,000 at 0.21 I hope we Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/18/2017 09:46:08 AM
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/trillion-dollar-opportunity-secret-behind-0100005 Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/17/2017 09:39:28 PM
Big gainer tomorrow the shorts are wining a Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/17/2017 09:14:31 PM
I feel another good day coming.gl. Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) 12/17/2017 08:02:34 PM
My old shares were bought off yesterday.think about Garb Oil & Power Corp. (GARB) 05/09/2017 09:00:37 PM
wake up board up we go Enservco Corp. (ENSV) 04/26/2017 11:20:30 AM
they might need to tweak there product for Alkame Holdings Inc. (ALKM) 04/01/2017 07:45:38 PM
i bought in at 22 a couple months Rise Gold Corp. (RYES) 03/24/2017 07:42:35 PM
if this shell goes up a tick Garb Oil & Power Corp. (GARB) 03/23/2017 01:44:46 PM
Staying positive, maybe he is not a idiot Garb Oil & Power Corp. (GARB) 02/04/2017 03:02:00 PM

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