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They say he is suggesting a 25 cent Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/24/2018 10:43:53 AM
But that was suppose too change as of Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/24/2018 09:56:38 AM
So it is half true. Errors are there Freddie Mac (FMCC) 02/24/2018 09:54:44 AM
More the reason the economy needs the twins Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/24/2018 09:44:53 AM
All crazy talk from people who no doubt Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/23/2018 06:17:14 PM
Government is going too have too share the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/23/2018 03:20:10 PM
What I am saying and thinking is there Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/23/2018 03:11:40 PM
I was thinking Freddie ready. Fannie needs work. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/23/2018 03:04:22 PM
That's interesting. Wonder where I heard Freddie was Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/23/2018 02:59:33 PM
Freddie has 0% risk but Fannie still risk Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/23/2018 02:46:56 PM
Freddie has 0% risk but Fannie still risk Freddie Mac (FMCC) 02/23/2018 02:46:13 PM
The courts have been valuable in applying pressure Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/21/2018 08:58:19 AM
Bingo. A beacon in a dark room. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/20/2018 07:29:18 AM
Can't get it wrong all the time. Judges Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/20/2018 07:21:22 AM
Ha Ha Ha, chuckle chuckle chuckle LOL LOL Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/20/2018 07:14:42 AM
Yea, maybe file that with the assumption that Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/20/2018 07:09:34 AM
A percentage of something that exists as too Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/18/2018 11:41:55 AM
If the courts would get off their asses Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/17/2018 07:54:43 PM
Jeb doesn't take any responsibility and won't. He Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/17/2018 07:48:41 PM
That is a multi billion question. As the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/17/2018 07:41:08 PM
When you think about it Mel is doing Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/17/2018 07:35:10 PM
Well is it that both where put under Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/16/2018 02:52:37 PM
I thinking she is on too something. He Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/16/2018 02:42:40 PM
Everyone is busy with day to day activities. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/16/2018 10:36:16 AM
Guess what is reflected in my little town Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/16/2018 10:30:45 AM
I was thinking Freddie has 100% risk diversion Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/16/2018 10:13:38 AM
Me thinks the price has hit the entrenchment Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/16/2018 10:03:14 AM
All the budget talks, debt, and spending and Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/16/2018 09:22:30 AM
Please someone tell me if derivatives are the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 04:35:34 PM
Because there are too many who are afraid Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 04:31:34 PM
Why, they been playing us for eight plus years. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 04:27:53 PM
I would be killing him as he have Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 04:24:24 PM
All together now lets chum the water and Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 04:21:25 PM
These here rrrr shark infested water. Be very Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 04:20:01 PM
Looking to get in cheap at the expense Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 09:22:22 AM
Who is going to share the risk unless Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/13/2018 07:00:22 AM
Yea, well then we just need him to Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/12/2018 07:19:59 PM
These are great ideas. There are many things Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/12/2018 07:11:17 PM
Well the idea is too grow the economy Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/12/2018 05:18:40 PM
Not going too sing Trump praise but will Fannie Mae (FNMA) 02/12/2018 10:55:26 AM