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Grabbed a few TGRR this morning too, perhaps Tiger Reef Inc. (TGRR) 07/12/2019 10:51:26 AM
Hopefully they can get a consultant or at InCapta Inc. (INCT) 07/12/2019 09:34:23 AM
Had to post a little about this SEC InCapta Inc. (INCT) 07/08/2019 10:27:44 AM
Totally agree... EMPM blowing up 150% seems just Empire Post Media, Inc. (EMPM) 06/13/2019 05:13:09 PM
Nice action on 8-K, huge pps shift coming Empire Post Media, Inc. (EMPM) 06/13/2019 05:01:51 PM
Light volume 4,284,200 no cross trades, it would 12 Retech Corporation (RETC) 06/12/2019 04:42:57 PM
Agreed this is going to explode one day Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) 06/12/2019 11:12:02 AM
RETC is now officially a fatty at 1.8 NO FATTIES!!! Outstanding Shares Under a Billion 06/12/2019 08:42:42 AM
GSFI Greens Stream Finance, solar financing and projects NO FATTIES!!! Outstanding Shares Under a Billion 06/12/2019 08:29:31 AM
ETKR .0064 name change, shares held at DTC NO FATTIES!!! Outstanding Shares Under a Billion 06/12/2019 08:09:24 AM
Really think they should put out financials before Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) 06/11/2019 03:31:40 PM
I agree but in defense of the surprised, 12 Retech Corporation (RETC) 06/11/2019 11:29:01 AM
It means you have to 100 shares to Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) 06/11/2019 09:12:51 AM
Stock dividend news just out! 1 share of Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) 06/11/2019 09:03:54 AM
Right ticker? GSFI outstanding is a fraction of Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) 06/10/2019 01:27:30 PM
I bet it's in the works, perhaps company 12 Retech Corporation (RETC) 06/10/2019 10:08:53 AM
That is interesting, hopefully everything will come together 12 Retech Corporation (RETC) 06/10/2019 10:02:48 AM
Just shows, interest with volume. This would be InCapta Inc. (INCT) 06/06/2019 03:26:52 PM
Another, 450k just now, keep them coming!!! InCapta Inc. (INCT) 06/06/2019 03:22:17 PM
Three separate buys, 5, 15 and 17 million. InCapta Inc. (INCT) 06/06/2019 12:03:18 PM
Last time people really got in and out InCapta Inc. (INCT) 06/06/2019 11:41:34 AM
I am tempted to kill my gtc... InCapta Inc. (INCT) 06/06/2019 11:17:40 AM
Now $1500 dollars, could be the start of InCapta Inc. (INCT) 06/06/2019 11:09:49 AM
Keep slapping!! Release me from $INCT InCapta Inc. (INCT) 06/06/2019 10:11:31 AM
Raised by about 400 million shares, should be VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/06/2019 10:08:00 AM
They may clear .0001's like the other day, VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/05/2019 02:16:25 PM
The outstanding share structure is at the very Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) 06/05/2019 02:05:43 PM
Look like cross trades, could be hangover... VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/05/2019 01:57:19 PM
Such a super low share structure after the Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) 06/05/2019 01:42:45 PM
That is really nice dd... rumor here is VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/05/2019 10:41:17 AM
No idea, he did agree .0002, .0003 loading 12 Retech Corporation (RETC) 06/05/2019 10:38:08 AM
Would love to see a reverse merger 8-K VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/05/2019 10:17:48 AM
Agree, the latest news is great for longs 12 Retech Corporation (RETC) 06/05/2019 10:15:25 AM
Absolutely, huge bids in at .0002 almost a VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/05/2019 10:07:32 AM
Not many left, definitely .0004 will be history soon! VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/04/2019 11:11:42 AM
Bought OBLN $1.55 based on stock twits pump Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. (OBLN) 06/04/2019 11:10:48 AM
Substantial ask slapping at .0004's! VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/04/2019 11:01:44 AM
Huge bids! .0004 looks to clear soon... VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/04/2019 10:45:04 AM
LOL looking great, momo is kicking in here! VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/04/2019 10:16:23 AM
Nice hits on VIZC, in at .0002 and VizConnect, Inc. (VIZC) 06/04/2019 10:10:13 AM