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learning curve 

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Buy….something just changed! Buy!!!!! Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/23/2021 03:59:09 PM
Take the 10% from 21 and get out…going down Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/23/2021 12:39:37 PM
Mark my words if drug is success he Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/15/2021 04:02:54 PM
Buy now! Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/15/2021 03:59:20 PM
This is a stock i pay close attention Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/14/2021 01:22:01 AM
If I were to guess...I’d guess someone gave BG Medicine, Inc. (BGMD) 06/11/2021 02:10:35 AM
Being an insider doesn’t effect predictions...it could just BG Medicine, Inc. (BGMD) 06/10/2021 02:39:05 PM
Anybody want to bet we see 1.25+ within BG Medicine, Inc. (BGMD) 06/05/2021 01:14:49 AM
Great! You’re invited to my party “then””!...maybe $60 Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/14/2021 02:21:14 AM
In the mean time; im gambling I can Stabilis Solutions Inc. (SLNG) 05/14/2021 02:16:27 AM
Followed by even more tightly wound volatility...with a Stabilis Solutions Inc. (SLNG) 05/14/2021 01:49:36 AM
Synchronized with Price remains stable.... Stabilis Solutions Inc. (SLNG) 05/14/2021 01:45:49 AM
It might make sense to announce a project Stabilis Solutions Inc. (SLNG) 05/14/2021 01:39:56 AM
Anybody think we can print 45-50 tomorrow without data? Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/14/2021 12:40:49 AM
To the moon! Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/07/2021 03:26:04 PM
Now you can buy back those $26s you Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/30/2021 02:35:08 PM
Oh... I forgot to mention i was working Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/25/2021 01:28:34 AM
Don’t worry I’m only up 60% on my Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/22/2021 11:42:31 PM
Thanks fox! But to continue where we left Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/22/2021 11:39:44 PM
You’re smart enough to know it was 3... Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/22/2021 07:15:47 PM
If it fails; I assure you they will Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/22/2021 07:14:33 PM
I saw something that told me to sell. Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/22/2021 12:06:19 PM
I saw something here too; I mean at Stabilis Solutions Inc. (SLNG) 03/31/2021 11:40:30 PM
I saw something here too; I mean at $slng.... American Electric Technologies (AETI) 03/31/2021 11:38:04 PM
I saw something here to reaffirm my convictions. BG Medicine, Inc. (BGMD) 03/31/2021 11:30:13 PM
I’m back as of today....just saying I saw something.... Cel-Sci (CVM) 03/31/2021 11:29:06 PM
What a post I wrote 2 years ago.... American Electric Technologies (AETI) 02/18/2021 11:28:54 PM
With SEC in the public sights. There will BG Medicine, Inc. (BGMD) 02/18/2021 12:22:48 AM
To go along with “your theory”....and combine it Cel-Sci (CVM) 04/03/2020 11:41:39 PM
Did you or anybody look at my Cel-Sci (CVM) 03/04/2020 02:14:35 AM
I don’t know if conversation continues aboit letter.... Cel-Sci (CVM) 02/28/2020 03:09:04 AM
I’ll be the first in line for a Cel-Sci (CVM) 02/28/2020 02:30:14 AM
Interesting interpretation. Cel-Sci (CVM) 02/27/2020 03:12:23 AM
INO is very interesting...i haven’t yet done all Cel-Sci (CVM) 02/25/2020 01:36:28 AM
Don’t ban shorts; I would have been banned Cel-Sci (CVM) 02/25/2020 01:25:26 AM
I would just say there has been a Cel-Sci (CVM) 02/21/2020 02:40:44 AM
Buy signal! Cel-Sci (CVM) 12/31/2019 04:03:48 PM
Yes, more or less... Cel-Sci (CVM) 12/25/2019 02:47:18 AM
This is a nothing....or it’s so much bigger Cel-Sci (CVM) 12/24/2019 04:15:38 AM
You’ve forgotten one thing....me! Cel-Sci (CVM) 12/24/2019 04:10:24 AM

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