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Your answer is very kind and helpful and Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/11/2020 10:38:31 PM
I am in contact with someone (of serious Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/11/2020 01:21:27 PM
Thanks for the update on the ongoing blood Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 04/21/2020 10:10:42 PM
A new article, published this weekend, on COVID Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 04/05/2020 06:30:02 AM
Italy reports success of ozone therapies in COVID-19: Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 04/04/2020 11:37:11 AM
There are compelling reasons to consider investigating ozone Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/28/2020 01:58:01 PM
New article that mentions Medizone (twice): Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/17/2020 03:11:18 PM
On the new Asian Coronavirus and the promise Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 01/21/2020 08:10:28 PM
Madonna receiving ozone autohemotherapy: Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/06/2019 03:52:30 PM
Medizone therapy for Ebola is a long stretch. Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/05/2019 11:31:59 AM
Indeed, the idea that Asepticsure could/would sterilize an Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/27/2019 09:57:27 AM
Medical ozone in dermatology, a failed (non)-endeavor for Medizone Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/23/2019 01:25:26 PM
Yes, more feasibility studies should have been done Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 07/17/2019 12:04:46 PM
I agree with you BenK. I did not Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/25/2019 01:00:01 AM
BenK uses the word malfeasance, you use the Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/22/2019 09:49:12 PM
Very passive of you. Truth needs the light Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 05/20/2019 06:29:07 PM
All better relegated to catacombs of oblivion! Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 04/23/2019 09:59:07 PM
Too bad MZEI is no longer around to Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 04/06/2019 10:09:59 AM
GOOD POINT! Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/27/2019 10:47:47 PM
YES, "Not very bright" is one option for Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 03/24/2019 11:03:15 PM
MZEI lost its rudder when it failed to Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 02/05/2019 11:41:22 AM
Has anybody invested in the "Sand Dollar Solution?" Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 01/23/2019 08:00:18 AM
Your views have Much support out there. But Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/29/2018 02:48:07 PM
It wouldn't be so bad with a few Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/19/2018 12:58:06 PM
And what became of the "Sand Dollar Solution" Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/05/2018 10:35:38 AM
According to calculations, a million shares of MZEI Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 12/02/2018 02:52:43 PM
Unscientific as they may be, the "Laws of Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/29/2018 07:14:11 AM
Can the shareholders expect a Chairman's Happy Holiday message? Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/26/2018 06:55:05 AM
R.I.P. Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/19/2018 10:06:11 PM
Thank You Tane, for all your good ideas Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/18/2018 04:03:22 PM
Thank you, Medizone had the patent and the Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/17/2018 04:28:19 PM
Have ALL the investors been duped? Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/16/2018 07:23:02 AM
How much is 218,000 X 0.0002?, enough for lunch? Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 11/07/2018 09:27:30 PM
The Marshall Plan: Jump ship! Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 10/15/2018 03:04:08 PM
Thank you Zeppo! Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/20/2018 03:08:39 PM
Zeppo is an experienced, insightful, business-savy, science-savvy, wonderfully Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/17/2018 04:35:40 PM
Why buy 6000 shares when you now can Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/11/2018 11:49:40 AM
While all the shareholders are moribund, at least Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 09/03/2018 11:13:24 AM
This has been answered in my previous posts Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 07/19/2018 05:15:09 PM
Our Group agrees with your crisp perceptive psychological/economic Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 07/19/2018 12:31:47 PM