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PURA VIDA  To Retire in Brasil

Posts by PURA VIDABoardDate/Time
VALX is trying their hardest to "STEAL" your Karora Resources Inc. (KRRGD) 03/13/2020 02:57:30 PM
I invest and also day-trade. I have Karora Resources Inc. (KRRGD) 03/02/2020 10:08:49 AM
And that is exactly why VALX is trying Karora Resources Inc. (KRRGD) 02/28/2020 10:42:44 AM
Yes, still signs of life. Got an Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 05/05/2019 03:07:03 PM
Broke below both 20/50 EMA's on 10 and Qudian (QD) 04/24/2019 10:36:04 PM
Well, I must say - with the "fast Qudian (QD) 04/24/2019 01:31:51 AM
Okay. Excellent profits thus far on a Qudian (QD) 04/22/2019 11:11:20 PM
So what's the new story here? Been Liberty Star Uranium and Metals Corp. (LBSR) 04/19/2019 10:07:40 AM
I should say - Very similar thoughts Qudian (QD) 04/13/2019 02:27:39 PM
Agreed - truly undervalued and has been for Qudian (QD) 04/13/2019 02:00:14 PM
Patiently waiting for another email from Kevin. Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 04/13/2019 01:50:12 PM
I've been following QD for months now. Qudian (QD) 04/13/2019 01:45:16 PM
Yes, still are signs of life. Heard Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 03/28/2019 08:08:18 AM
Just heard back from him - hope is Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 02/26/2019 09:50:00 AM
Not sure - no response from my email Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 02/20/2019 11:46:39 PM
Don't know for sure. Have been waiting Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 02/08/2019 04:39:47 PM
Nope Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 01/29/2019 04:03:48 AM
A very good technical money maker thus far..... Qudian (QD) 01/19/2019 11:47:33 PM
Last email from earlier this week: Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 01/19/2019 02:36:20 AM
Wow JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 01/05/2019 12:18:20 PM
So far - So good. Qudian (QD) 01/04/2019 09:01:00 PM
Hey there, I have waited to post until Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 01/03/2019 03:04:46 AM
Today should be quite interesting. Being the Qudian (QD) 12/31/2018 03:19:57 AM
Gap is now filled as we touched 4.35 Qudian (QD) 12/27/2018 03:39:47 PM
I believe right now, end of year selling Qudian (QD) 12/22/2018 09:29:23 PM
It surely appears that the massive short campaign Qudian (QD) 12/21/2018 12:55:52 PM
I'm not a short seller - do some Loop Industries Inc. (LLPP) 12/13/2018 09:09:50 AM
Pre-Market/overnight rally on great news! Qudian (QD) 12/13/2018 09:08:26 AM
It is sad, but with many countries banning Loop Industries Inc. (LLPP) 12/11/2018 11:36:07 PM
I wish you luck. Loop Industries Inc. (LLPP) 12/11/2018 07:40:02 PM
It surely shows now. Flipped a few times Loop Industries Inc. (LLPP) 12/11/2018 07:26:25 PM
Quite frankly, everything involved with the monetary system JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 12/04/2018 03:14:22 AM
Shorts definitely kicked our asses today. Qudian (QD) 12/03/2018 03:47:03 PM
What price target have analysts set for QD? Qudian (QD) 12/03/2018 02:26:41 AM
Wow, hadn't looked at this ticker for a UBIQUITECH SOFTWARE CORP (UBQU) 11/30/2018 06:25:05 PM
Shorts are covering..... Qudian (QD) 11/30/2018 10:15:26 AM
Seems no one really cared about this news Loop Industries Inc. (LLPP) 11/29/2018 05:21:38 PM
SmallCapIR began promoting SPEX this morning. The company AIkido Pharma Inc (AIKI) 11/26/2018 04:20:49 PM
Great minds think alike (grin). Not sure Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 11/25/2018 12:34:37 PM
There are tremendous needs all across the globe. Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL) 11/25/2018 02:07:07 AM