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MindlessSelf  Working on the big PENSKE project

Posts by MindlessSelfBoardDate/Time
Thought this was xrp specific but btc dropped Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/18/2021 02:27:07 AM
A pullback was inevitable. We got it. That Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/18/2021 02:19:21 AM
If the sec can’t even touch Ripple after Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/17/2021 06:23:23 PM
We got some pullbacks this week but we Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/17/2021 07:22:35 AM
I am but they said it’s planned maintenance. Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/16/2021 06:44:43 PM
I don’t have a clue what this letter Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 10:17:10 PM
Explain this to me like I’m in 5th Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 10:09:06 PM
Partnership announcements now saying ODL and use of Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 07:00:19 PM
Red most of yesterday and went green end Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 05:20:29 PM
Yes though this is absurd. Ripple defense is Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 12:23:07 PM
And you will see in the thread this Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 12:19:37 PM
That was to dismiss digging up personal finances Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 10:58:51 AM
I think David Schwartz is a genious and Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 10:19:14 AM
I’m not a chart guy but there are Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/15/2021 10:13:26 AM
Chart closed green for the day here on ihub Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/14/2021 08:03:09 PM
We may still end the day green ! Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/14/2021 06:17:36 PM
Anyone who thinks Gary is going to dismiss Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/14/2021 03:30:15 PM
I don’t believe a lot of xrp conspiracies, Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/14/2021 02:21:22 PM
What pisses me off is everyone of these Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/14/2021 01:31:46 PM
I wonder if it will correct strongly at Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/14/2021 12:50:17 AM
I still think most of the world is Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 09:22:33 PM
Sadly David Schwartz sold something like 80% of Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 07:45:39 PM
The great thing with Nexo is you earn Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 06:39:20 PM
It’s works with xrp. Every day xrp gets Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 05:04:41 PM
Correct! Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 06:10:26 AM
Keep forgetting about it because the airdrop is Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 02:31:08 AM
Flare is at $1.90 Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 02:15:16 AM
Baby woke up crying. Right at $1.54 breakout. Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/13/2021 02:06:09 AM
I would not be surprised if we have Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/12/2021 08:19:21 PM
Nexo making us do fixed terms fir 1 Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/12/2021 06:51:59 PM
Coincides with when Gary Gensler takes office at Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/12/2021 10:23:14 AM
I panicked sold all my xrp after lawsuit Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 01:10:27 PM
Flare just spiked 1.35 Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 01:09:02 PM
I just refinanced a 30 to 15 a Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 11:15:52 AM
Cardano used to 0.04. Now it’s over $1.20. Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 10:47:44 AM
Only fir buys and transfers. Been awhile Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 10:39:08 AM
Agreed not until after Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 10:07:21 AM
I have 2 friends now listening and are Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 09:50:48 AM
I always ask why I am I hear? Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 09:44:25 AM
That is a lot of interest save and Ripple (XRPUSD) 04/10/2021 09:37:52 AM

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