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News: $TPII Partners with $OWVI for Crypto Mining boomboom681 04/13/22 1:43 PM
Look for good earnings next week, 3/25 Joeyohso 03/17/21 11:37 AM
Forgot to add. Look at today’s news! Joeyohso 03/17/21 11:35 AM
Been accumulating IPIX at these levels .25-.30 Joeyohso 03/17/21 11:35 AM
Bought back into NNDM at $8 and bought Joeyohso 03/17/21 11:34 AM
Damn I should’ve done the same. I paid Joeyohso 02/05/21 1:13 PM
Got me some BRGGF on E*TRADE, Fidelity wanted mayvid 02/05/21 10:56 AM
Happy new year everyone! Been awhile since I Joeyohso 02/03/21 10:01 AM
10% Stock Dividend coming to $FAGI!! SantaZar 06/04/18 8:35 PM
Interesting that $FAGI stayed below .03 most of SantaZar 12/03/17 3:10 PM
Jesus! Joeyohso 12/01/17 10:54 AM
Awesome!! From .03 to .43 in a few mayvid 12/01/17 10:18 AM
Fucking sick yankees18 12/01/17 10:01 AM
Thanks, I think we go higher! Will mayvid 11/28/17 5:37 PM
Nice call yankees18 11/28/17 3:58 PM
Amen! Finally! mayvid 11/28/17 11:30 AM
Finally a foot forward instead of backward. Future Joeyohso 11/28/17 11:12 AM
FAGI now worth $40 million! News today! HUGE mayvid 11/28/17 9:18 AM
$ASTI Just Got a Whole Lot Better BottomBounce 05/31/17 2:33 PM
$ASTI Incredible Solar Achievements – Recently, we learned BottomBounce 05/31/17 2:24 PM
KRFG expecting news any day now on share m0n 05/05/17 10:13 AM
Hell of a bid on that Joeyohso 05/03/17 2:18 PM
KRFG took some yankees18 05/03/17 12:51 PM
SLIO took a few yankees18 04/24/17 3:48 PM
DRWN I was about to count that one JerseyDrew 04/21/17 3:27 PM
Dammmm Joeyohso 04/20/17 10:02 PM
INMG from 0022 yankees18 04/19/17 12:20 PM
Nice call JerseyDrew 04/12/17 8:41 PM
INMG go time yankees18 04/12/17 11:53 AM
INMG nice news, great SS yankees18 04/12/17 9:57 AM
Nice hopefully you didn't buy my shares at .001 JerseyDrew 04/11/17 7:28 PM
DRWN played it on 1st go around. Jumped yankees18 04/11/17 6:58 PM
$DRWN took a dump today. Still holding some JerseyDrew 04/11/17 1:05 AM
$DRWN loading 7s JerseyDrew 04/07/17 2:19 PM
$DOLV pink current, see if they have some JerseyDrew 03/23/17 5:48 AM
$DOLV came back to life on filings Chinese JerseyDrew 03/22/17 7:32 AM
Looking good, what else you got? VICA Joeyohso 03/21/17 10:47 AM
saw a 150M cross end of day on Joeyohso 03/17/17 4:32 PM
godd dammmm Joeyohso 03/16/17 3:41 PM
GFGU movin, updates yankees18 03/16/17 2:19 PM
$ADVT sell the news. I like it under .025 JerseyDrew 03/15/17 10:20 AM
$FDBL Loading up BottomBounce 03/15/17 9:20 AM
Ascent Solar Technologies $ASTI BottomBounce 03/13/17 5:21 PM
I like $DOLV under .002 JerseyDrew 03/13/17 12:35 PM
Took some as a lotto yankees18 03/11/17 9:43 AM
You buying mmex? Joeyohso 03/10/17 10:14 PM
ABHI huge news yankees18 03/09/17 9:34 AM
ADVT retesting .03 JerseyDrew 03/07/17 10:48 AM
VTPI looks ready yankees18 03/03/17 2:40 PM
VTPI loadin yankees18 03/02/17 5:23 PM
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The Stock Commission 

Welcome to The Stock Commission 

Where MONEY, POWER, RESPECT, and LOYALTY is what we live by

Never go against the family



The Stock Commission will be focused towards Small Cap Stocks : OTC/PINK, NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, but really, whatever we can make money on.

I want this to be a place where we all can be REAL with one another. I want this forum to be a place where traders can share ideas, opinions, and education in a fun, respectful atmosphere. In an effort to keep that as a focus point, here's some things you should know about posting here :

Ex of a pump post : ABCD better buy before it's up 1,000%! <~~ Deleted 
Spam Post (for the sake of this board): Anyone posting a ticker on 3 or more boards (other than the ticker board). This is case by case though. 

Look, I get it. OTC's need awareness. BUT THERE ARE OTHER BOARDS FOR THAT!! THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!! No, this is a TRADERS
. We work together to find the best possible trades. 

2 ~ Help one another by sharing knowledge
3 ~ Stay honest and truthful when posting about any DD or stock trades
4 ~ Respect eachother and have fun trading!!

As a moderator and head of this board, I will be following the same rules as above, even elsewhere. I'm going to lead by example here...


OTC Market Strategies 

25 Axioms of OTC Investing by Vantillian ~ MUST READ ~
10 more ~

(This is the beginning of a LONG LONG IBOX post. Bare with me as this will take some time, so much to go over)

I've been trading since I was 16yrs old (now 26), but Pennies since I was 22. I lost a lot of money the first 1 1/2 years trading OTC stocks. It has taken a long time to get to the point with my trading that I'm at now. The biggest mistake as a new penny trader that I made, was listening to anyone and everyone, and getting caught up in the "hype". In other words : I was an emotional trader. Heck, sometimes, I still am!! When I'm up big in a stock. Anyways, in this game there is, a Pyramid Scheme. There's guys at the top (not that many), and people that work for them... There job is to be salesmen, to all traders, new/old, etc. You ever notice the same group of posters moving on from stock to stock? With no IRP's? Do they get payed? Probably not, but did they get shares first? Probably so. Now don't get me wrong, not every poster is involved in this stuff lol. As tickers get popular, or noticed,  other posters come in, etc. Point is, study posters and study ihub groups smile Also there are legit guys who just find stuff and post on it when they find it, etc, so not everone's a bad guy, but you need to put yourself in the best position possible.

There are other factors involved. Dilution, MM games, many to list!! I won't go on and on here, but one day if you study hard enough and long enough, and take this seriously, you will UNDERSTAND this game. It took me 2 years. One day it just clicks.

So what can we do? As retail traders? How do we "find" plays? In OTC Land, there are many catalysts that can move a ticker. Good news, Mergers, Acquisitions, Hype... BUT they can die from Dilution, Lack of interest, Front loaders dumping, etc...

The best runs I've been in or apart of, have been the companies with a good story, nice s/s, no dilution (or they play nicely with it), profitable (easier to sell the story), SOS active. 

I've also made money on the most POS companies you can think of lol. Companies that stocks run so VC's can make money....etc...

What I'm getting to, is there is a way to SPOT this activity. Often times, BEFORE it runs, here's what happens...

What if an ihub group wants to run a ticker... and they've found one they like... what do they do?? They load first.. What if a company is going to release great news, what happens? Insiders load... friends load.... What if a promo is coming, what happens? Loading, cross trades.... What if someone wash trades to create volume and price changes to attract retail investors before they run stock so they can sell? HOW CAN WE CATCH THESE??? 

Scanning for abnormal volume....

I do this many different ways. I use DD Amanda, which IMO, is the best OTC scanning tool out there. I will post expamples here, but check out the website  I can scan for anything I want. Dropped stocks, RSI , MACD, GOLDEN X, Insider scan, Big Factor (huge abnormal volume increase)... It's how I recently caught IFLM and LCTZ .

I also use my Think or Swim platform to scan for stocks intraday between .0001 and .05 that have had 5 - 10 times there average volume in a 10 day period.

I have TD Ameritrade Strategy Desk open with Actives (otcbb) so it shows me active otc's

With DD Amanda, I can put a ticker in and just click a button to take me where I want to go to DD.. but in short I check:

OTC Markets 
IHUB Talk (what posters are on this)
Share Structure (O/S, A/S, Float)
Recent news 
Check to see if newsletters are on it 
L2 (this one is HUGE) 
52 week range
Read filings (toxic financing??, etc)

Is the ticker fresh?? or has it been played to death?? 

You need to look at the chart 
I use the 6 month and 3 month chart on stockcharts, and then on my TOS I have the 1 minute Daily chart with MACD indicator... this has given me very good buy/sell signals on stocks with volume..

Most OTC stocks are Short Term or Day Trades. I don't like holding an OTC for very long. I do on some, it just all depends on the ingredients really. 

You can trade anything down here, I've gotten in trades just from looking at L2 and the 1 min chart, when I can tell it will run or is catching momentum.. you don't always need to do some in depth DD... you can trade the MOMO... shoot this is what I do most the time... 

Once you find a ticker you want to enter, you need to plan your trade. 

(This is NOT a set of ruels, it's just the process I go by.....most of the time lol)

 Find your entry. Are you buying at resistance? Are you buying at support? What MM's are on ask? Should you bid for the stock or hit the ask?

You need to look at the chart 

Charts in OTC matter, but they don't matter as much as people make them out to be... lol... All these charts with 1,000 indicators lol... just used as a pump tool, trust me, I use to pump them with charts with all sorts of indicators, they don't matter when there's no volume for 10 months lol.. but they do matter because people MAKE them matter... (remember i'm not talking about Bottom Bounce charts, Breakout charts, etc) Just dead charts people pump...

 Just give me a basic chart with MACD, PSAR, Bollinger Bands, RSI and MA's... 


Bam. Simple. 

Why would you buy a stock on that ask that's at resistance level and has 4 mm's stacked up with huge blocks? lol. I used to do that, that's a great way to loose all your money. Sometimes you have to just be patient... or not trade it at all..


This one is big.. probably the most common problem among traders, shoot not just OTC, any trader... they see a stock getting a way and chase it... only for it to retrace a bit before the next leg.. .remember stocks don't just go straight up.. (well MJ stocks did LOL, but they were/are a freak of nature lol.) 

I know a trader who literally NEVER buys on ask.. EVER.. he sits bid and if he doesn't get hit, he just moves on.... thats a little extreme tho lol, I usually will sit the bid on a stock i'm accumulating or one with a wide spread, and or I hit the ask and sit on bid just incase it gets hit...

Buying on the bid is a great strategy, especially when you spot accumulation and loading going on, you can get in with them...

My favorite setups 

Abnormal Volume (5-10x +) with little chatter 
Stocks near there 52 week lows
Dropped Stocks on little volume 
Fresh tickers not played to death every 2 months on ihub 
Stocks that dropped with heavy volume (watch for the toxins to be done)
Low Floats 

Please post trade ideas with Ticker, Why you like it, what you notice, and chart if you can, obviously if you're mobile you can't.


There are many different ways to make money down here in the Market... and even more ways to lose it. We at The Stock Commission use a combination of experience, knowledge, information, and offer unbiased NO BS opinions, to try to take out the most risk possible, and try to give the upper hand to us as traders.

Opinions expressed on this board are only people's opinions. Neither I, nor any moderator or assistant of this board is a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone.
No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stock strategies, charts and or buy and sells signals discussed on this board you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.

Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.

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