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Zenergy Brands Inc. (ZNGYQ)

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This company is in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceedings

Both the SEC and FINRA warn about investing in bankrupt companies:



Why'd they go bankrupt?  Because they were consistently losing money, made a bad deal, lived off of convertible debt, and got to the point they could no longer pay.  The O/S is 5.5B shares:


The original bankruptcy plan cancelled the existing common shares and gave 95% ownership of the company to the secured creditor and DIP lender.  That plan had to be tabled when that creditor was cited for fraud by the SEC and placed under a conservator:


Here's the cash flow for this company as reported to the bankruptcy court.  What is a company with this sort of revenue and operational loss worth to the holders of those 5.5B shares?


Updated Accurate Information Below:


Zenergy Brands, Inc. (“Zenergy Brands”) is a next-generation energy and technology company engaged in the business of selling energy-conservation products and services to commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. Zenergy Brands is a business-to-business company, whose business platform is a combined offering of energy services and smart controls. Zenergy Brands offers a unique value proposition to commercial, industrial, and municipal customers whereby it offers a means to reduce their utility expenses anywhere from 20% up to 60% through energy-efficient and smartcontrol products and services.
Through our Zero-Cost Program™, Zenergy can cost-effectively provide conservation and sustainability services that most utility companies simply cannot offer. We offer conservation, efficiency, infrastructure and smart control technologies as a service. This means our customer receives the economic benefit, without any capital expenditures – while at the same time reducing the demand on our grid and positively impacting the environment. 

Download a very interesting case study here: 


Zenergy was fraudulently induced into a bad loan agreement by a Senior Secured Lender called "TCA." The full extent of TCA's crimes are still emerging and unfolding.  A Sr. Secured Lender functions as a business' bank to assist with standard business operation costs.  The original loan agreement called for several installment tranches that would allow Zenergy to fulfill the overwhelming amount of contracts it had with municipalities, large corporations, etc.  

At the time of the original loan, it was not known that TCA was running a Ponzi Scheme.  In May, TCA settled fraud claims with the SEC for defrauding their investors regarding the amount of funds held under management.  The SEC whistleblower investigation of TCA is ongoing and TCA is being sued in dozens of other cases. TCA has been placed into a receivership by the SEC.
 https://www.i-aml.com/post/sec-sues-500m-tca-fund-management-four-cayman-funds-for-alleged-fraud and  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hedgefunds-tca-sec/florida-business-lender-accused-of-accounting-fraud-settles-with-sec-idUSKBN22P2Y6?feedType=RSS&feedName=PersonalFinance and 

TCA's failure to provide Zenergy with the agreed upon funding severely hindered Zenergy's ability to grow its business and TCA triggered shady legal language in the original loan agreement in a hostile takeover attempt, which forced Zenergy into bankruptcy.  The hostile takeover attempt has been thwarted and, via court filings, Zenergy will NOT be moving forward with the original March reorganization plan that would have allowed TCA to take the company private.  Instead, according to September 14, 2020 motion, it appears a White Knight has come in to save the company.   https://cases.stretto.com/public/X038/10048/PLEADINGS/1004809142080000000017.pdf https://www.investopedia.com/terms/w/whiteknight.asp


During the week of September 7, 2020, $ZNGYQ was trading $0 volume at -.0001 and was a dead "Q" stock.  

Out of nowhere, volume rose off the charts and approximiately $4,000,000 was invested into the company via OTC trading. WHY?

The next week, on Monday September 14, 2020, a likely explanation for all of the volume was explained in Zenergy's Motion to Extend filed and granted by the court, which confirmed Zenergy has found a third-party lender willing to provide financing and assist with the bankruptcy exit!

At this point, one can only speculate about who the third-party lender is but, in my opinion, it is likely another lesser unsecured creditor who did not approve of the original plan, which would have given the company to TCA.  That original plan is 100% dead in the water now per the recent filings and the new lender will free Zenergy up to go after TCA, should they so choose. Interestingly, Auctus is an unsecured lender in this case. 

The biggest question is whether or not commons will be saved.  The plan has not been finalized or made public yet but here's what we know:

(1) the approximately $4,000,000 that was poured into a -.0001 dead "Q" stock did not just fall out of the sky and get invested on accident.  Remember, these were COMMON SHARES that were purchased.
(2) The Motion specifically notes that: "IN THE PAST WEEK, the Debtors have identified a third-party lender willing to lend to the Debtors and are working with the Debtors’ management to structure a bankruptcy exit." so the timing lines up with the investments 
(3) the original plan which called for TCA to take the company private, thereby cancelling common shares, is 100% off the table and not moving forward. A new plan must be submitted to the court. 

(4) Big Time Financiers with enough free capital to fund bankruptcy exits do so with the intention of making a huge profit down the line. They aren't in it for 20%. These are 2,000%+ plays for them and the 3rd party lender (e.g., White Knight) willing to fund Zenergy's bankruptcy exit, as confirmed in the 9/14/20 filing, is doing so because they believe Zenergy is going to be a huge business. The White Knight referenced in the 9/14 filings will want an equity stake.
Please note: all filings related to this bankruptcy have been made public and are available for free so investors can do their due diligence and decide for themselves:
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