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Business Description

Zeecol International, Inc. operates as a farm management consultant. The Company offers effluent management technology that turns effluent into fuel, fertilizer, electricity, and feed. Zeecol serves customers worldwide.

From Poo to Power

Zero impact dairy farming

Zeecol farm technology recycles cow manure, transforming nitrate-rich effluent into fuel, fertiliser, electricity, and high protein feed for use on farm. The Zeecol system significantly reduces both farm input costs and environmental impact.

Turn your waste streams from a cost centre into a profit centre

A sustainable and competitive new model

With current NZ dairy pay outs below production costs of approx. $5/milk solid, dairy farmers are searching for answers to compete globally. The revolutionary Zeecol farm system utilises already proven biodigester and bioreactor technology. Farm input costs are reduced by recovering usable energy.
The system requires hardware to be installed on the farm. The equipment is owned, managed and maintained by Zeecol. The farmer is charged for the facility’s output at a rate of 80% of the comparative input costs that are being replaced.

Lessons from the US Clean Water Act for NZ Dairy Farmers

In 2011, the Parliament with the backing of the majority of people in New Zealand, created the Environmental Protection Authority. New Zealand’s own EPA. Like other environmental agencies around the world, New Zealand’s EPA had sweeping new powers to protect the environment of New Zealand. At that time Zeecol founder, William Mook could see the writing on the wall for New Zealand’s dairy industry.

Take the 1976 clean water act. When New Zealand’s EPA placed 800 sampling stations across the country, it was clear that the dairy industry would be looked upon as a major culprit, just as it was in the USA. In the early 1970s the USA had 12.5 million dairy cows. After 5 years, the number of dairy cows plummeted to 6.0 million. The value of farms plummeted too. 

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How this system works


The cow waste goes to the digester (Manure Process). There it is converted into methane gas, a nutrient rich liquid, and nutrient rich solids - all in parallel from the digester, like three lanes of traffic (Gas Process).

The methane gas flows to a generator.  That is burned in the generator and converted to carbon dioxide, heat and electricity.   The carbon dioxide is captured and sent to and bubbled through the photobioreactor which also receives the nutrient rich liquids from the digester.

Meanwhile back at the generator, the heat is captured and used to boil water which can be used for space heating or cleaning.  The hot water may also be used in an absorption cooler to create a chilling effect which is used in milk refrigeration or cooling.  Electricity produced by the generator is used to run the farm.  Surplus methane not burned by the generator is stored (not shown).

The photobioreactor grows biomass and produces nutrient rich water of its own. These all flow from the photobioreactor along with the waste solids from the digester, to an enzyme reactor. The enzyme reactor produces high quality balanced fertilisers, feeds and fuels like petrol and diesel, as well as pure potable water (the Enzyme Process). All of these have value on the farm and reduce the impact of the farm on the environment.

The Zeecol system recaptures the nutrients, supercharges them with sunlight, and feeds them back to the cow in a way that reduces environmental impact while producing major inputs for the farm.


Milk your waste

Dairy farming in New Zealand is under significant financial pressure, with international competitors producing at rates that the current grass-fed system struggles to compete with.  1 in 7 dairy farms in NZ are not compliant with the new Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Zeecol offers a new model for not only cutting costs,  but milking your waste and taking a giant leap towards meeting compliance requirements.  Instead of putting it into the waterway, turn your waste into useful products.

Benefits for farmers

Save 20% on the elements making up approx. 70% of farm input costs (fuel, fertiliser, feed, electricity).

Improve farm sustainability. Recycle available waste and convert it into fuel, fertiliser, electricity and feed for use on the farm.

Reduce your environmental impact by converting nitrogen to a form that is oil soluble, easily absorbed by plants while not easily washed away in water.

Develop your own regular food source all year round with consistent nutritional oomph that is not dependent on factors outside your control such as weather. Algae are among the world’s fastest growing plants.

Maximise milk production through being in control of supplying a balanced TMR (Total Mixed Ration).  Lucern, maize, grass and wheat are plant products.  200,000 varieties of algae have been identified and these produce every plant product (starches, sugars, proteins, oils etc) available from these other plants.  So Zeecol produces the same TMR feed using algae sources only, at a 20% reduction in overall cost to the farmer.

You no longer have to purchase expensive external feed. 

Leverage the best milk solid prices through expanding your lactation window.

An ability to increase milk solid output without increasing herd size means greater profit from your herd.

Achieve improved stocking rates without the need for purchasing additional land.  Only a few hectares of photobioreactors are needed to replace hundreds of hectares of grasslands.  The system creates more efficient use of land, enabling increased production on a smaller footprint.

Lift your productivity even in dry seasons and arid environments. Determine what proportion of the feed in the feed barn will be algae vs regular feed as related to productivity gains.

Maintain stocking rates in the face of environmental pressure.


Harness the free power of the sun to produce milk more efficiently. In the traditional grass-fed system, less than 0.1% of the sunlight turns into plant biomass, and specialty products must be applied to the plants to produce at high efficiency, whilst animals produce wastes that must be disposed of.

Sunlight →  Plants → Mixing → Animals → Milk

In the Zeecol system, more than 22% of the sunlight turns into plant biomass by taking the animal wastes which are totally recycled.  This radically improves efficiencies while eliminating waste.  Algae don’t produce leaves, roots, seeds, stalks.  This saves energy and makes algae more efficient at a very deep level:

Sunlight → Algae → Extraction → Animals → Milk

The ability to influence through the enzyme process what the final output is, creates opportunities for value-added bi-products to diversify and create whole new income streams and business propositions.



Zeecol International, Inc. Symbol: AMOO





Filings and Disclosure





Zeecol Limited develops a technology system for converting cow manure to fuel, fertilizer, electricity, and high protein feed for use on farm. It serves customers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Canada, Germany, Austria, Holland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Israel. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Contact Info
57a Nayland Street
Christchurch 8081
New Zealand
Ph: +64 274 360 354
U.S.A.: 347-709-6963


AMOO Security Details
Share Structure
  Market Value1 $24,033,333 a/o Jun 23, 2017
  Authorized Shares 450,000,000 a/o Apr 10, 2017
  Outstanding Shares 120,166,667 a/o Apr 10, 2017
  -Restricted Not Available
  -Unrestricted Not Available
  Held at DTC Not Available
  Float 3,528,600 a/o Apr 10, 2017

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