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There is somethig in the works......funding....buyout....partner....??!!

The I_BOX will be updated after more info is available..Mabey a PR.?! 


SymPowerco is an energy technology company focused on the design and development of clean and practical power and energy solutions.

 Our mission is to make practical Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Systems a commercial reality. Our unique Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell offers a practical solution to a host of global environmental and energy challenges.

                                                   08/05/2010   Sympowerco Board Approves Common Share Consolidation

                                                                    03/08/2010   SymPowerco Enters Phase II of Its Fuel Cell and HEV Projects

                                                                    03/05/2010   SymPowerco Announces Fuel Cell Prototype Objectives

                                                                    02/22/2010   SymPowerco Advances Timeline for Fuel Cell Specifications

                                                                    02/18/2010  SymPowerco Launches Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project

                                                                    02/16/2010  SymPowerco Corporation Announces Fuel Cell Prototype Project

                                                                    02/12/2010  SymPowerco Corporation Renames Subsidiary to Polygenic Power

                                                                    01/22/2010  SymPowerco Discusses Development Plans for 2010


                                                                                        SymPowerco: Simply right
                                            for our times, and for our planet

   Imagine your car's mileage suddenly increasing to over 100 mpg, without any apparent loss in performance. Imagine eliminating over 200 lbs of lead acid batteries in golf carts. Hybrid Power Systems will make these advances possible in the near future. SymPowerco intends to develop and market Hybrid Power Systems through our majority-owned (70%) subsidiary, Polygenic Power Systems. A hybrid power system has two or more power components performing cooperative power-supplying functions.




    The Markets for DMFCs

 Fuel cell systems are being developed for use in a variety of applications, including stationary power generation, portable applications and transportation. Fuel cell systems have several advantages over conventional power generation systems, including low or no pollution, higher fuel efficiency, quiet operation, potentially lower maintenance costs, lower capital costs, small heat signature and greater flexibility in installation and operation. These advantages enable fuel cells to offer clean and efficient alternatives to the existing polluting and less efficient power sources.


    Small Vehicle Markets

 SymPowerco believes that the largest users of FE DMFC Hybrid Power Supplies will be Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of small to medium vehicles such as golf cars, electric motorbikes and tuk-tuks (electric 3-wheeled rickshaws or taxis).


 In these types of vehicles, the fuel cell hybrid power system would allow about two thirds of the current battery weight to be eliminated. Golf cars contain over 300 pounds of lead acid batteries in order to provide sufficient energy for two rounds of golf. Because the batteries only last for 2 rounds, busy golf courses often require almost 2 complete fleets of golf cars in order to maintain adequate numbers of available, recharged cars for golfers.

 Flowing Electrolyte DMFC-powered hybrid power systems offer the advantage of an onboard battery charger that constantly maintains the battery charge as long as the golf car’s methanol tank is refilled, a simple and safe task that can be performed anywhere. The fuel cell powers the charger and the charger maintains battery charge while the battery provides power for the vehicle’s drive motor. The resulting loss of battery weight means that the lighter golf car is easier on the golf course, requires a lighter frame, requires less energy to run and reduces battery deep-discharge cycles that can limit the battery’s life.

 A particular benefit of fuel cell powered hybrid systems is that the power output of the fuel cell needs to be only about 25% to 30% of the power output of the electric motor that drives the vehicle. This is because the fuel cell runs continuously at constant output while the motor must have sufficient power for peak outputs during acceleration and hill-climbing, etc. The battery supplies the energy for these power peaks and the fuel cell “tops off” the battery while the vehicle is stopped, moving downhill or otherwise drawing low power. An added safety and convenience factor is that even in the unlikely event that the battery goes dead, the fuel cell would still be able 


   Motorbikes and Tuk-Tuks

 Besides golf cars, hybrid power systems are applicable for use in motorbikes, tuk-tuks and many industrial vehicles such as fork lifts. In the densely populated Far East, the motorbike is an important means of transportation. Taiwan, alone, has millions of these low-powered bikes in use. They present a huge pollution problem and many initiatives have been attempted to convince consumers to switch to electric bikes.


 Unfortunately, the weight of the batteries, the inconvenience of recharging the batteries, the lack of recharging stations and the short range of these vehicles have prevented their widespread acceptance. The light weight and extended range and convenience of fuel cell hybrid powered vehicles have made the DMFC very attractive in the Far East and SymPowerco is already in dialogue with manufacturers in these markets.

 The 3-wheeled taxis (rickshaws or tuk-tuks) also represent a huge market for hybrid power systems. All the major cities of the Far East are attempting to replace the internal combustion engine in these vehicles with far more environmentally friendly power systems. SymPowerco will actively pursue these markets as well. 


     Retrofit Markets

SymPowerco also expects that the retrofit markets for its hybrid power systems will be very large.


 Golf cart batter compartment.

 Since most electric vehicles would have a two thirds reduction in both battery weight and space requirements after a hybrid power system retrofit, these vehicles would have more than enough available space available in them for the fuel cell and charger. In golf carts that are used frequently, the batteries wear out and are expensive to replace. SymPowerco believes that it will be very cost advantageous to replace these old batteries with new fuel cell technologies and thus extend the life span of these vehicles.


    Stationary Power Supplies

 The company anticipates a large market for stationary power supplies. There is a strong movement within the power utility industry around the world to provide sources of electricity other than the conventional hard wiring of buildings.

 It's estimated that in India 50% of middle class homes have gasoline powered portable generators and battery backup systems that are required due to the frequent power grid outages. The DMFC could find a significant market in these applications. Since methanol can be produced from biomass, it is a renewable energy source and is often plentiful in developing countries where the DMFC could have major appeal.

 There will also be a growing demand for power supplies aimed at the communications market where battery technologies may be displaced or backed-up in devices such as laptop computers, cell phones, battery chargers and small motive markets. 



 In the recreation industry the gasoline powered portable generator is used in motor homes, travel trailers and boats. These generators are noisy, polluting and create objectionable noise. A viable DMFC would easily displace this market.


    Military Power Supplies

 The US Military has been testing various hybrid power systems. The military requires systems that have low noise and heat signatures and that can be used in the field as power supplies and as battery recharging systems. It is expected that fuel cells will satisfy these rigorous requirements. SymPowerco has already established the required connections to actively pursue these opportunities.


    Tractor Trailer Trucks

 The Canadian and US governments are both interested in DMFC power supplies for long-haul tractor/trailers. To allow time for drivers to rest, these trucks are forced by regulations to park for several hours. During this time the tractors' diesel engines are often running, wasting millions of gallons of diesel fuel per year. The DMFC may eventually be required by regulation so that the tractor cabs and trailers retain power for lights, heat, air conditioning and refrigeration without requiring the engine to be running. It has been indicated that the governments may be willing to provide development funding for this purpose.

 SymPowerco’s research indicates that the markets for its FE DMFC power systems are extensive and will include markets for power supplies from 50 to several thousand Watts.

 Since the earliest days of manned space flight, the fuel cell has provided power for space craft. On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed on the moon. Its Command Module was powered by fuel cells. For decades man has reliably and safely powered space craft (and submarine systems, as well) with fuel cells, but a practical fuel cell, capable of powering even a small vehicle, has yet to be brought to the consumer market.

  SymPowerco’s majority-owned (70%) subsidiary, Polygenic Power Systems’ Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell not only runs on a renewable energy source, methanol, but we believe it has the potential to power the first practical and cost-effective fuel cell hybrid-powered vehicles offered to consumers. At SymPowerco, we believe we have the technology and the team required to bring an advanced, practical and rugged fuel cell to market.

  Almost all vehicles must have a means of storing onboard energy. Vehicles that use internal combustion engines must store energy in the form of gasoline, diesel fuel or alternative fuels like alcohol or natural gas. Of course, the internal combustion engine produces polluting emissions and noise and most engines burn non-renewable hydrocarbon fuels.

  Electric vehicles store electrical energy in batteries. They are quiet and electric motors are very efficient. However, to store enough electrical energy to be practical, these vehicles must carry huge batteries. The typical golf cart, for instance, has lead-acid batteries weighing as much as 350 lb! The batteries have barely enough capacity for two rounds of golf before they must be recharged. And when the batteries run down it takes several hours to recharge them.

Imagine a power system in an electric golf cart or other electric vehicle that:

  *  Eliminates over 60% of the battery weight and cost.
  *  Reduces vehicle structural weight because of less battery weight.
  *  Requires far less energy to run due to the reduced weight.
  *  Recharges its own batteries while it’s running, never needs to be “plugged in”.
  *  Eliminates the large charging stations where the vehicles are “plugged in”.
  *  Converts readily-available and environmentally-friendly methanol into electricity, onboard.
  *  Operates in a quiet, clean and safe manner.

  A hybrid power system is a combination of a power producer and the means to store that power in an energy storage medium such as lead-acid batteries or other battery types. In a golf cart or other such vehicle, peak power demand is satisfied with batteries while the batteries are continuously charged with a power supply such as a fuel cell.

  The average power demand in most vehicles is only 25 to 35% of peak demand. For instance, an automobile with a 200 hp engine requires only 50 hp or less while cruising on flat ground. Peak power capability is only used during acceleration, climbing hills or pulling larger loads.

  In a hybrid electric vehicle, the batteries store sufficient energy to supply the peak demand but the average demand is only 25% to 30% of the peak.

  The fuel cell therefore needs to be capable of producing a steady “trickle” charge at or slightly above the average power demand. For example, preliminary calculations show that a 0.25 kW fuel cell with a 0.75 kWhr battery pack hybrid system would provide more than the equivalent power of the 3kWhr lead-acid battery system currently used for golf carts indicating a 75% reduction in required battery capacity (and weight). And because peak demand is supplied by the battery, the output of the fuel cell needs to be 70% less than the vehicle's peak power requirements.

  So, because the batteries can be charged “on the fly”, far less weight in batteries can be used and the power supply needs to produce only slightly more than the average vehicle demand, together resulting in a far lighter, economical and environmentally friendly vehicle while still maintaining superior vehicle performance.

  SymPowerco, through its majority owned subsidiary Polygenic Power Systems, has acquired the rights to an advanced power producer, a Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell and the rights to use advanced battery technologies in hybrid applications.

  Investor relations

For investor relations inquiries, please contact our IR representative:

InvestSource, Inc
Web: www.investsourceinc.com
E-mail: info@investsourceinc.com
Phone: 1 (714) 847-2460



Contact Information Business Description

Sympowerco Corp.

3755 Avocado Blvd 


La Mesa CA, 91941



  • Phone: 775-636-8486
  • Fax: 250-277-1846
  • E-mail: info@sympowercocorp.com
Fuel Cell & Hybrid Power Systems Research & Development


  • OTC Market Tier

    Pink Sheets Limited
  • Primary SIC — Industry Classification

    3690 - Miscellaneous Electrical Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
  • State Of Incorporation

  • Jurisdiction Of Incorporation

    United States
  • Year Of Incorporation

  • Company Officers

    Andrew Austin      President
  • Number of Employees

    2 as of Jun 30, 2007
  • SEC Reporting Status

    non-SEC Reporting Company
  • Fiscal Year End

  • Estimated Market Cap

    $8,507,106 as of Mar 08 2011
  • Outstanding Shares

    30,382,5221 as of Mar 07 2011 
  • Authorized Shares

    20,000,000,000 as of Mar 07 2011
  • Float(shares)

    794,481 as of Mar 07 2011 
  • Number of Shareholders of Record

    116 as of Mar 07 2011
  • Current Capital Change

    *Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 100,000 split. Pay Date=10/13/2010
  • Company Notes

    • Formerly=Ethanoil & Gas Corp. until 1-2008
    • Formerly=Dinosaurus, Inc. until 9-06
  • Security Notes

    • Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 200 split. Effective date=5-16-06
      Capital Change=shs increased by 4 for 1 split 9/27/07
  • Legal Counsel

    Weed & Co, LLP
    4695 MacArthur Court
    Suite 1430
    Newport Beach, CA 92660

  • Investor Relations Firm

    InvestSource Inc.
    6352 Santa Ynez Dr.
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647






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