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Stock Trend Capital Inc (STOCF)

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The OTCQB Venture Market, under the symbol: “WCEXF”.
The Company is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) under the symbol “PUMP”,
The Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “WCF” and “WKN:A2PF9C”

WCEXF website!



Cannabis delivery company that WCEXF has controlling interest!

World-Class Extractions Inc. aims to be a global leader in industrial-grade cannabis extraction and innovative processing solutions with a robust background in cannabis science & technology. From developing ground-breaking equipment to deploying purpose-built processing centres, World-Class is uniquely positioned to satisfy the needs of the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. World-Class Extractions – From Green To Gold


World-Class is an innovation-driven company which deploys and manages custom-built extraction centers for licensed cannabis and hemp processors. Utilizing its custom technology and processes, World-Class enables its licensed partners to efficiently produce high-margin cannabis and hemp concentrates and oils. Through its relationships with licensed partners, World-Class has the ability to offer toll processing of cannabis and hemp to licensed third parties that lack the expertise and equipment required to produce high-quality cannabis and hemp concentrates and end-products. In addition, Pineapple Express Delivery Inc., a World-Class subsidiary, a leading logistics technology company, offers legal delivery services of government regulated products, including cannabis delivery for both the medical and recreational markets in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and liquor delivery in certain jurisdictions in Saskatchewan.


The Company, previously focused on research and development, is exploring opportunities to deploy and operate revenue-generating, purpose-built extraction and processing facilities for cannabis and hemp. World-Class deploys and manages extraction and processing centres through alliances with licensed entities in Canada. With the recent acquisition of PED, the Company also added cannabis delivery to its businesses.

The Company operates through its two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Soma Labs Scientific Inc. (“Soma Labs” or “Soma”), and Greenmantle Products Inc. (“Greenmantle”), both based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and its partially-owned subsidiary, PED based in Burlington, Ontario.


WCEXF has Two Sub Companies


WCEXF sub company Soma Labs Scientific


Quality extracts. This is the pursuit that guides Soma Labs and inspires every aspect of our equipment design, research, and scientific services.

The Soma Labs team combines cannabis industry expertise with experience in:

  • Extraction system design
    Engineering and application
    Automation technology

We don’t just build the equipment – we use it.
Soma Labs in-house team of chemists work at the frontier of extract science, engaging in ongoing R&D for extract testing, formulation, and product development.

Our design and engineering philosophy rests on continuously adapting for ultimate performance. Soma Labs represents the nexus of craftsmanship and technology.

Cannabis industry experience, paired with scientific expertise allows us to operate a vertically integrated business. This comprehensive approach to design, manufacture and supply is why we are a leading provider of end-to-end extraction and processing solutions.

Viewing Oil

Soma Labs incorporated under the Business Corporations Act of the Province of British Columbia on January 8, 2016, is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of extraction and processing equipment and solutions. Soma Labs works with industry partners to design and establish extraction and processing facilities for cannabis and hemp oil production.


WCEXF's Sub Company

Greenmantle Products

Design and development of dispensing and consumption devices specifically for cannabis extracts with a specialty in vape hardware.
Greenmantle offers integrated extract and product development consultations to branding and packaging solutions.

Greenmantle Products is a subsidiary of World-Class Extractions.



Greenmantle Products designs and develops consumption devices specifically for cannabis extracts with a specialty in vape hardware. With in-house engineering and hands-on formulation experience, GMP works directly with manufacturers to design innovative solutions.

Greenmantle’s Offerings Include

  • Extract & Product Development Consultation
    Custom Vape Hardware & Ancillary Solutions
    Branded Consumption Devices
    Packaging Design & Supply

GMP has over 50 different cartridges, pens and vape solutions for licensed participants. Health Canada legalized the production and sale of cannabis extracts, edibles, and topicals on October 17 2019.

Greenmantle Ancillary Products


World Class Extractions Provides Year-End Update on Pineapple Express Delivery


Online ordering and doorstep delivery have become the new normal as patients and consumers continue to rely on convenient and sustainable delivery services

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2021 / World-Class Extractions Inc. (CSE:PUMP) (FRA:WCF) (OTCQB:WCEXF) ("Company" or "World-Class"), is pleased to provide an update on Pineapple Express Delivery Inc. ("Pineapple Express Delivery" or "PED"), a company in which World-Class has a controlling interest. PED is a leading logistics technology company offering compliant and secure delivery of controlled substances and regulated products, including medical and recreational cannabis delivery in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and liquor delivery in certain jurisdictions in Saskatchewan.

Pineapple Express Delivery - Highlights

The following PED revenues comprise of delivery services of medical and recreational cannabis within Ontario and Manitoba to various Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business licensed producer companies and liquor deliveries in Saskatchewan:

  • December 2020 revenues totaled $889,935 (November - $837,875) with gross margin of 34% (November - 30%) (unaudited).
    November 2020 revenues totaled $837,875 (October - $795,580) with gross margin of 30% (October - 30%) (unaudited).
    As a result of recent COVID-19 prevention measures, B2C revenue increased approximately 7% in November over October 2020 and an additional 4% in December over November 2020, mainly from an increase in the recreational delivery segment.
    During 2020:
    • monthly revenue grew from $131,179 in January 2020 to $889,935 in December 2020, representing an increase of 578%; and
      number of deliveries grew from 11,077 in January 2020 compared to 70,802 in December 2020, representing an increase of 539%.

The Company cautions that figures for revenue, gross profit and net income generated from the services offered by Pineapple Express Delivery have not been audited beyond April 30, 2020 and are based on calculations prepared by the management of Pineapple Express Delivery. Actual results may differ from those reported in this release once figures have been audited.

Pineapple Express Delivery - Operational Achievements

Since the Company's acquisition of a controlling interest in PED, PED has achieved the following operational milestones:

  • In addition to continuing to offer premium delivery services for recreational and medical cannabis products, PED expanded its delivery services to provide same-day and next-day delivery of wine, spirits and beer products from Saskatoon Co-op's Wine-Spirits-Beer retail stores in Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville.
    The number of cannabis and alcohol deliveries continues to increase month over month with 67,279 deliveries rendered in November, and 70,802 in December, compared to 62,327 deliveries in October.
    The number of drivers increased from 55 at the beginning of 2020, to approximately 200 by December 2020. Efficiencies have also been created by routing deliveries through hub expansions and concentrating drivers to tighter geographical areas, leading to less hours used by drivers for the timely delivery of packages.
    Within the province of Ontario, PED offers same day cannabis delivery service in 37 cities (183 postal code regions) and 3-day service in 65 cities (288 postal code regions).
    Expanded its services into the Ontario cities of Ottawa, Barrie, London and also into the Windsor/Chatham region.
    Launched and commenced operations of PED cannabis depots (hubs) in Ottawa, Kingston, London and in the Windsor/Chatham region.
    Partnered with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ to offer same-day delivery to their medical cannabis patients in cities in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™ is Shoppers Drug Mart's online platform for the sale of medical cannabis.
    Partnered with Spectrum Therapeutics, the medical division of Canopy Growth Corporation to bring same-day delivery to medical cannabis patients in the GTA, from Hamilton to Scarborough. This builds on PED's existing services contract with Canopy Growth which offers same-day delivery services for Tweed and Tokyo Smoke retail stores in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
    Subsequent to the period ending October, 31, 2020, PED entered into a licensing agreement to provide software and support services to an arm length party. PED shall provide set-up, implementation and development of the software and shall provide support to all locations catered to by the other party.
    Several contracts in place with Health Canada License Holders for delivery within select provinces in Canada.
    Late-stage applicant to Health Canada to obtain a ‘Sale for Medical Purposes' license for its facility located in the GTA. With a population of 6-million people, this sales license gives PED the ability to store inventory for other license holders, allowing PED to leverage its facility in the GTA and offer same day delivery services to the patients of those LPs.

Pineapple Express Delivery - Expansion Strategies

Pineapple Express Delivery continues to advance into new territories, offering safe and secure delivery opportunities to better serve the public. PED anticipates its revenues will increase over the coming months resulting from jurisdictional expansion and continuously improving and expanding its delivery services offerings:

  • Working to launch in three (3) new jurisdictions in Ontario.
    Working to launch alcohol delivery to service the GTA.
    Continuing growth of deliveries for the B2B sector which has seen month-over-month increases in revenue since May 2020.
    Expects to launch prescription medication delivery in British Columbia and the GTA in the near term.

Pineapple Express Delivery - Growth in Delivery Services: COVID-19 and Beyond

Aspiring to be the ‘Amazon' of regulated product deliveries, Pineapple Express Delivery is based in Burlington, Ontario, providing B2C and B2B delivery options for controlled substances and regulated products deliveries (cannabis, alcohol and prescription products). PED is currently one of the premiere, most utilized delivery services in Ontario, and will continue to maintain its high standards of security and compliance for same day and next day parcels, even as it grows to meet provincial need.

PED benefits from a management team with over 10 years of experience offering same-day delivery services in multiple industries across Canada. Its founder, Randy Rolph, founded Menu Express delivery in Quebec in 2010, which was subsequently purchased by Just Eat in 2014. Mr. Rolph then founded Delivery Direct in 2015, becoming the national leader in 60 min delivery. The proprietary logistics software behind Just Eat and Delivery Direct brings the most reliable same-day, last mile delivery services for the controlled substances and regulated market across Canada.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed shopping behaviours. With the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 and the cannabis sector deemed an ‘essential' service, there has been a surge in demand for delivery with more and more people staying indoors and practicing social distancing. Cannabis patients and consumers have embraced delivery to safely access regulated products, and PED is experiencing increased demand for its services. In response to this surge in volume, PED has increased the number of delivery drivers to over 200 in 2020.

An increase in deliveries during a health crisis also equates to an increase in routine and preventative measures. As such, PED has implemented strict COVID-19 practices and procedures in its offices, warehouses, and in delivery driver procedures, including equipping all driver vehicles with a 360º security camera. PED ensures that its staff has the necessary tools to abide by Health Canada and provincial health guidelines, including face coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants.

Rosy Mondin, CEO of World Class Extractions stated, "The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent demand for home delivery like we've never seen before and it's unlikely that Canadians will ever return to their old shopping habits. People shop online because of convenience - and online shopping and delivery of legal cannabis is no different. E-commerce is thriving, and according to a recent Paypal study, online shopping increased by 53% as more people self-isolated and worked from home, and over 45% of consumers also used home delivery[1]". Ms. Mondin continued, "Given the history of cannabis legalization, there still exists a lingering stigma of physically visiting retail cannabis stores for many new consumers. After months of lockdown and social distancing pushing more patients and consumers online, Canadians have come to value the convenience of a legal, proven and reliable delivery solution for cannabis and other regulated products, a trend that is likely to stay."

Randy Rolph, Founder & CEO of Pineapple Express Delivery stated, "In 2020, we have seen the public health and economic crises of the COVID-19 pandemic take a terrible toll on many Canadians and Canadian businesses and we are proud to be a platform that so many Canadians have been able to use to during these difficult times. The guiding principles of PED is that patients and consumers should be able to receive their regulated product orders (alcohol, prescription medications and cannabis) as quickly, safely and as easily as they can obtain any other product in Canada. The pandemic is far from over and many of the habits formed during this pandemic will likely stick post-pandemic. PED's widespread network and large delivery fleet provides important, much-needed access to thousands of patients and consumers every day."




Premium fabrication and integrated safety features: ASME, CRN, and HAZOP verified.


“We are excited about the development of the BEAST, the first of its kind in Canada. The Beast is a high efficiency ethanol extraction system which represents the end result of extensive research and development. The Beast has the capability of providing licensed producers the ability to process extraordinary amounts of biomass per day.”


WCEXF Update: Revenue 578%, Delivery 539% increased 



Senior Management

Rosy Mondin

CEO, World-Class Extractions Inc.
Co-founder, Soma Labs Scientific Inc.



Rosy Mondin

About Rosy Mondin

With over two decades of legal and entrepreneurial experience, Ms. Mondin has successfully launched and managed start-ups and publicly-traded companies.. Having specialized in corporate law and regulatory affairs, Rosy has held executive positions with venture companies in real-estate product securitization, market infrastructure (regulatory application and licensing), and in the cannabis industry.  Rosy has served as a director and strategic advisor for companies involved in the processing, distribution, retail, and safe use of medical cannabis. She is the founder of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC) and currently serves as special advisor to the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES). In 2016, Ms. Mondin was invited to participate in round table consultations with the federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation and at the Senate Standing Committee to provide key input on the Cannabis Act.

Ms. Mondin’s credibility within government, advocacy, education and business circles has earned her a solid reputation as an industry expert, entrepreneurial leader, special advisor, and legislative authority in the cannabis space.  In 2016, Rosy founded Soma Labs Scientific which amalgamated to form Quadron Cannatech Corporation. Quadron listed with the CSE in January 2017, making her the world’s first female founder CEO of a publicly traded cannabis company. In June 2019, Rosy was appointed as the new CEO of World-Class Extractions after the merger with Quadron, leading a diverse team of engineers, scientists and innovators.

Ms. Mondin is a renowned keynote speaker for major industry events such as the Lift Cannabis Expo, O’Cannabiz Conference and the International Cannabis Business Conference, to name a few. Rosy has been interviewed by major media channels including BNN, CBC, BTV, CTV and the Globe & Mail. In 2018, Ms. Mondin won the first-ever ‘Womxn in Weed – Trailblazer’ Award at the Canadian Cannabis Awards. She has been widely recognized as one of the most influential women in the cannabis space as featured in ‘Women in Weed’ and ‘The Growth Op’.

As the legal cannabis industry gains traction in Canada, and around the world, Rosy is excited to be on the cusp of this new, fast-growing industry.


Leo Chamberland

President, World-Class Extractions Inc.
Co-founder, Soma Labs Scientific Inc.

Leo Chamberland

With over 30 years experience in leadership, finance, business development and operations, Mr. Chamberland brings extensive senior leadership and finance expertise to World-Class Extractions.

Leo held numerous executive positions in successful private and public Canadian companies and has been involved in numerous private company acquisitions, mergers and integrations. His skills in negotiation and strategic development will enable World-Class Extractions to leverage partnerships and accelerate expansion.

Mr. Chamberland’s strategic vision enabled him to focus on developing advanced extraction systems and solutions by co-founding Soma Labs Scientific Inc. in 2014


Zara Kanji

CFO, World-Class Extractions Inc.


Zara Kanji

About Zara Kanji

Over 15 years experience in providing financial leadership, compliance and consulting services to private and public entities. Zara served as a controller for a marketing company, as an accountant in public practice for a CA firm, a CGA firm and as an analyst for a pension fund. Zara has served as director and officer for several listed issuers and has been part of teams that have facilitated several financings and acquisition transactions.

Ms. Kanji is passionate about financial literacy and regularly provides presentations for entrepreneurs, start-ups, women’s groups and new Canadians and is a Member of CPA BC and CPA Canada. Zara holds a Bachelor of Technology in Accounting  and a Diploma in Corporate Finance.

Zara’s diversified financial expertise adds substantial intellectual and leadership value to World-Class Extractions management team and strengthens the company’s position to meet its financial goals.



Shane Lander

CIO, World-Class Extractions Inc.
Co-founder, Soma Labs Scientific Inc.

Shane Lander

About Shane Lander

With over 30 years of business experience as an innovator and successful entrepreneur Mr. Lander was the driving force behind the conceptualization, design and build of the BOSS CO2 Extraction System. Mr. Lander is the CEO of Odorchem Manufacturing Corp., a manufacturer and distributor of ‘ONA’, the largest known odor abatement product specifically formulated for cannabis for 22 years.

Mr. Lander has 15 years’ experience working with supercritical CO2 and 25 years’ experience in mechanical design and systems automation.

With a wealth of experience in designing, building and executing on efficient extraction systems in the odor abatement or algae space, Shane has proven himself over and over to be an innovator, creating engineering, energy and resource efficiencies that will take our technologies to the next level.









Contact us



Suite 308 – 9080 University Crescent, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5A 0B7 





1 (855) 207-4491 (Toll Free) 
1 (604) 473-9569 
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