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July 18, 2019

Woodbook Group enters UAE with aquisition of Mondial (Dubai) llc

Share Structure for The Woodbrook Group 

 Authorized: 100,000,000
 Issued and Outstanding: 140,530
Float: 99,794

Latest financial reports 7/10/2019
Amended to meet US GAAP accounting requirements

Third-party audited

44.7% combined ownership by Inter-M Traders and partner OzCorp via Class A series preferred shares

Woodbrook Group websites:

Legal advisors listed as the highly respected, international mega-firm of Keystone Law

CEO, COO, and General Counsel, all hold positions with Inter-M Traders as well as with The Woodbrook Group

Other executives include 

Woodbrook manages assets of more than $2 BILLION: 

Also just bought Felicitas financial in June, 2018:

“The acquisition of Cyprus-based adviser Felicitas in June was the catalyst for the group’s latest expansion activity. The merger was the culmination of a seven-month process, adding £150m ($198m, €170m) in assets under Woodbrook’s management, with both firms having MiFID and insurance licenses.”

WDBG / Woodbrook Group CEO must listen to interviews below first from 12/16/ 2018 

Another must listen to the interview from 12/11/2018. This one has very important information from our new CEO.


Moving on though for anyone new, here is the filing that changed it all, and created as you will soon see, one of the largest penny stock financial companies you will ever see.

And here’s an article discussing how Feliticas (now under Woodbrook) is rapidly growing around the world:

And here’s another article about Woodbrook about to make more acquisitions around the world and grow:

And here’s an article about now NHPI CEO Michael Doherty highlighting how his company Woodbrook is a watchdog for scams in the European financial trust factor rises here guys:

Pink Current - look at all the filings recently done: no alarm bells here, perfect:

The SS is good and even better for you skittish out there: unchanging OS for almost 3 years now(!) Look at Page two of this Dec. 31st, 2017 filing...:

authorized 1,994,999,900 shares; issued and outstanding 1,248,789,109 and 1,248,789,109 at December 31, 2017 and 2016

And even better, when this stock ran on biotech rumors and then on the Woodbrook Group reality these past four  months (hit 6-month tab to see):

-and there was about a total of 5 billion shares traded in that time...well like any other company can you blame them if they diluted? BUT the incredible thing is they didn't dilute ONE SHARE into OS during this run. See the OS updated just today on the OTC 

WDBG: Zero convertibles, debt, stock offerings, or even shares sold in the last two years

-no wonder a company of Woodbrook’s international caliber chose to merge into this NHPI/WDBG shell: its as clean as clean can be, and former CEO David Ambrose - well we applaud him. Confirmed in 3/15/19 filing

4) Issuance History

List below any events, in chronological order, that resulted in changes in total shares outstanding by the issuer in the past two fiscal years and any interim period. The list shall include all offerings of equity securities, including debt convertible into equity securities, whether private or public, and all shares or any other securities or options to acquire such securities issued for services, describing (1) the securities, (2) the persons or entities to whom such securities were issued and (3) the services provided by such persons or entities. The list shall indicate:

As of: 10/18/18

A. The nature of each offering (e.g., Securities Act Rule 504, intrastate, etc.); n/a

B. Any jurisdictions where the offering was registered or qualified; n/a

C. The number of shares offered; n/a

D. The number of shares sold; n/a

E. The price at which the shares were offered, and the amount actually paid to the issuer; n/a

F. The trading status of the n/a

G. Whether the certificates or other documents that evidence the shares contain a legend (1) stating that the shares have not been registered under the Securities Act and (2) setting forth or referring to the restrictions on transferability and sale of the shares under the Securities Act. N/a

And finally, below sums it all up, and 2019 is already shaping up to be another breakout year of growth with their planned expansion into Latin America and Dubai, and their new Irish wealth mgt company, brokerage firm and HUGE insurance firm that is to employ some 1,500 people (!):

“ The Woodbrook Group is one of the world’s fastest-growing financial advisory firms, and 2018 was the year the company truly made its presence felt on the global stage.

Set up by Irishman Michael Doherty just over five years ago, the firm is about to make a public offering on the Nasdaq Stock Market as Woodbrook’s ambitious expansion plans continue apace.
Months of frenetic activity have seen the company undergo significant expansion through a series of mergers and acquisitions. The Cyprus-domiciled company is bolstering its adviser headcount to add to its existing office network in Budapest, Bucharest, Moscow, Bratislava, Marbella, Geneva, Warsaw, and Ho Chi Minh City.
Plans to set up a base in Latin America are at an advanced stage, and the company is also in talks with Dubai and Dublin-based companies with a view to expanding its European and Middle Eastern operations.
The acquisition of Cyprus-based adviser Felicitas in June was the catalyst for the group’s latest expansion activity. The merger was the culmination of a seven-month process, adding £150m ($198m, €170m) in assets under Woodbrook’s management, with both firms having MiFID and insurance licenses.”          


 WDBG has a Life Insurance company/small brokerages/wealth mgt division coming in 2019 : it goes on and on and on here guys. Insane. 

.” Advisory firm Woodbrook Group has announced plans to set up a life assurance company in Ireland, as part of a significant investment in the emerald isle. 
Chief executive and founder Michael Doherty have confirmed that he is seeking to headquarter the Irish operation in the south-east of the country, “a region earmarked for significant growth over the next decade”. 
The firm is also planning to set up a wealth management division in Ireland in early 2019. 
Woodbrook is currently in talks with a number of small brokerages with a view to rebranding and incorporating them into the insurance entity. 
In addition to the planned €100m (£89.7m, $113m) investment, Irishman Doherty says that over 1,500 jobs could be created in the next four years, with an initial tranche of 500 employees set to join in 2019. 
Doherty, who was included in International Adviser’s IA 100 list of the most influential figures in the industry, said the initial discussions with relevant local stakeholders have been “extremely positive”. 
A few potential sites for the business have been identified. 
The news follows Woodbrook’s recent announcement that it is undertaking a reverse initial public offering in order to be listed on the Nasdaq. 
Doherty has stated that his goal is to make Woodbrook one of the top five financial brokerages and corporate services companies in the world. “

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