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Welcome to the WD Gann board!

I've been studying WD Gann and his methods for a couple of years now and I will tell you that I have a rudimentary understanding of Gann methods at best.  I have traded different things over the years and Gann's methods always struck me as being simple and to the point.  The reason for this board is to bring people together who are interested in contributing or learning from each other about how to apply his methods.  This is not a place to pump stocks nor is it a place to promote other things so if you do so or violate IHub TOS then your posts will be deleted.  There are no stupid questions and this board is open to everyone from beginners to advanced.

Subjects of interest would be SQ9, Gann angles, squaring price and time, examining time and astrological cycles, ratios, mathmatics, etc.  Charts are welcome and appreciated!

My free software of choice is Gannalyst Pro 5.0.  It may not have all the bells and whistles but Bill did a great job with it and for a free package it works great for me.  I think Gann is about simplicity and the software has all the tools that I have felt like I needed.


If you're new to Gann, the best thing you can do is read about his methods and here are some links that I find helpful.




I usually keep a spreadsheet open in the background for making calculations on the fly and converting between calendar and trading, or between weeks, months, years, etc.  One of my favorite spreadsheets looks like the one below and has various ratios and square roots and things.  During my Gann studies I have become convinced that ratios and reciprocals fit right in with Gann's methods.






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#54   Just want to post my code in case gitonwithit 05/21/09 02:17:12 AM
#53   The best way is with the shift parameter gitonwithit 05/21/09 01:39:11 AM
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