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Wall $treet Kid is Retail Investor and I am not licenced in the finacial services industry or had any industry training or education.
The stock picks on this page and in my various post on this page/website, Twitter, Facebook or other sites are not to be construed as finacial advice of any form.

These are quite simply my personal stock picks please be responsible and always do your own personal Due Dilligence and Invest only what you can lose or sit on for unknown periods of time if a trade goes south. Invest at your own risk

I am a Fundamentals Investor and not so much a Technician/Chartist or a Trader, I tend to hold most of my stock picks for an average of 2-3 years and pull profits each year 

Those that know me know I am thorough in my DD, I look for SOS Filings, SEC Filings, Finacials, Press Releases and Products a company may have, as well as calling and or emailing BOD Members aka Company Insiders/Principles

However sometimes the wool gets pulled over my eyes by company insiders in these cases the DD was good the BOD was not and I got suckered 

2016 I had a 83.7% profitble trade average, hey I am human and sometimes I make a wrong call but usually if I lose on a pick it's because the emotion greed aka I married Greedy Gretchen and she got the better of me.

I have been investing since 1992 and been in the OTC since 2004, on Investorshub since 2007, Reverse Mergers & MJ stocks since 2013 

Here are some of my successes

I successfully called the bottom on Twitter, sadly I do not play the big boards but please feel free to check my post history on the updates I believe it did run 300%


- I was in MNST in 2003-2005 when it was a little known juice company called Hansens HANS

- I was in Netflx when it was mail order

- I was in SIRI when they were competeing with XFM, and took a calculated risk when it looked like they were going to miss paying a note I believe DISH was a WHITE NIGHT on that one and I made a quick 30% by buying Friday and selling Monday

In 2014 I was in SIPC the image below was a few days before it peaked at $0.0285 and I held a bit to long but did sell 2/3's for a double of my initial total investment (put into poor picks & lost) and sold the the remaining 1/3 thinking RSII would run first. Sadly SIPC ran to $0.05 a few weeks after selling so my SIPC for $40,000 to early as it would have been over $250,000 when it peaked at $0.088 in 2016 easy come easy go.

Note I did stop trading from Nov 2014 vorce to Jan/Feb 2016 while in Separation/Divorce process and used the time to fine tune my skill set/rules/ect

Some here may see me from time to time telling folks to take money off the table as it happens to all of us where Greed gets the better of us and we become hogs and lose money on a stock after being up hundreds of percent.

Always try to take your initial investment out ASAP whether it be a bit daily as it climbs or selling 1/2 when it doubles. Trust me it's easy to sleep when your riding free shares.

 The first image was taken early in the day and by the end I had made on paper just under $72,000 in one day and was up almost $150g

Here is my largest play in totol as well as best one day single stock gain of just under $72,000 

If you see me bashing run as there is a known fraud attempt being played by a long just look at my DKAM Post in 2016 going into the Presidential Elections when unscrupolous traders were pumping Trump Vodka 10 years after it went belly up, I made money on DKAM when there really was Trump Vodka being distributed by them and got tar & feathered by the Trumptards

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