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Information within this ibox was compiled using the Company provided information available to the public.  All information is valid only at the creation date 3/14/15 and is subject to change.  Verify your own due diligence before viewing.


Valmie was provide unmanned vehicle software, hardware and cloud services for a wide range of commercial applications around the globe. Valmie’s mission is to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of unmanned vehicles and related high tech equipment and services. Valmie understands the critical role unmanned vehicles will play in the coming years, guarding countries, protecting life, providing valuable information and recording everything from sporting events to wildlife migration. We are proud to be involved in this exciting industry that has so much to offer and holds the potential to impact and improve the lives of so many people.


Easily customize drones for a variety of conditions
Access Valmie’s user-friendly ground control software and independent flight control system
Connect with open-source third party hardware and software solutions
Operate with blue-chip dependability Reliable, consistent networking between components



Seamlessly deploy custom-engineered solutions with the airframe and payloads best suited for each project
Humanitarian campaigns
Track the health and flight history of one vehicle or an entire fleet
Collect and share data using Valmie’s cloud services
Implement efficient and reliable work flows


Valmie develops aerial data collection hardware, software, and data storage solutions for commercial applications. Valmie’s systems collect and analyze the highest quality aerial data in the most efficient manner possible.

Our drones can be custom outfitted with an array of sensors including thermal imaging, stereoscopic and multispectral NDVI. All data is stored on servers and can be accessed by any computer.

AIMD Platform: Autonomous Intelligence for Mobilized Devices

Valmie is creating the most powerful and feature-rich system ever created for connecting mobilized machines, drones, and robots to enable communication, automation, and visibility. And its core capabilities are just the beginning. Choose from dozens of industry applications that have a growing need for visibility to help maximize operational efficiencies. And we’ve taken into consideration the need for a seamless point of integration, empowering the best-of-both-worlds – including hardware components and process information – to work better together. We developed the Autonomous Intelligence for Mobilized Devices (AIMD) Platform as the intersection point for real-time operational intelligence and effective work-flow – accessible anywhere, anytime.

Our open APIs and support for industry standards are designed to make it easy to add capabilities, integrate existing systems and innovate with our partners exciting new ways to harness all the power of their machines, devices, and controllers. Designing enterprise-grade scalability and security into the AIMD Platform was at the forefront of the functional requirements. And simplicity, reducing the “speed to the field”, and filtering the crucial data are all at the top of our list. Need to connect a new device in the field? No problem. Need more robust customizations or more automation control? The cloud-based interface provides access to your own rule-based actions. Need real-time notification for data-identified anomalies? AIMD recognizes and reacts to empower all assets to perform better – even in extreme environments.

AIMDx – Learning Service Module

AIMDx is part of the predictive intelligence required for next level businesses. Designed as an out-of-the-box external learning application, AIMDx lets clients connect, communicate and collaborate within a secure, cloud-based network – regardless of device type. AIMD transforms the data feedback loop into usable information that allows for real-time streamlining of analysis and corrective action. From image analysis to route discrepancies, the AIMDx module drives production and automating information flow for a new level of efficiency – allowing for cross-reference of first and third-party data sources. Unlike automation software, AIMDx looks for deep contact points of engagement, authentic end-use intelligence and lasting data assessment for use in the field. It’s quick and cost-effective via the cloud, and it’s focused on helping our customers achieve results.

Custom Designs for Unique Mission Requirements

Valmie’s engineers provide custom integrations and solutions to meet each unique mission requirement. Valmie’s V-1 drone is designed and manufactured using leading edge techniques to produce safe, lightweight, and robust airframes, ensuring reliable operations. Our in-house manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly. Valmie holds to the highest standards combined with the intention to remain on the forefront of unmanned system manufacturing processes. Valmie’s engineering team continuously assesses existing products, adjusts and adapts based on customer requirements and market developments.



Companies are chomping at the bit for a chance to use commercial drones they believe could revolutionize their business, as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) loosens the ban on these unmanned aerial devices.



Today, farmers use satellites, manned planes and walking the field to monitor crops. But these methods are time consuming, inefficient and often inaccurate.


Oil & Gas

Risk and data administration are at the forefront of oil and gas exploration, as well as pipeline and rig management.



Valmie is dedicated to providing cost efficient mission services; best-value logistics support and advanced training services.


Law Enforcement

When faced with potentially dangerous situations law enforcement needs as much information about the situation as possible before determining a course of action.


Valmie Resources (VMRI) Joins AUVSI as It Prepares for Unveiling of V-1 Drone

Mar 11, 2015 — DENVER, CO / Valmie Resources (OTCBB:VMRI) announces it has joined the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the leading global organization representing the views of the unmanned systems and robotics community. As a member, Valmie plans to attend the upcoming AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2015 conference in May where it will build relationships with leaders in the space and introduce its new V-1 Drone.…

Valmie Resources (VMRI) Encouraged as Investor Interest in Aerial Robotics Revolution Takes Off

Mar 04, 2015 — DENVER, CO / Valmie Resources (OTCBB:VMRI) announces it is accelerating the completion and testing of its V-1 Drone prototype. The commercial drone market expects an explosion of consumer demand now that the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) proposed regulations will provide a first step to integrating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) into the U.S. airspace. The decision to fast track the V-1 Drone comes as venture firm investment in the space increases sharply in anticipation of industry growth.…

Valmie Resources (VMRI) CEO Supports Legislative Push Toward Freer Domestic Skies for Drones

February 25, 2015 —- DENVER, CO / Valmie Resources’ (VMRI) President and CEO Gerald B Hammack spoke out today encouraging lawmakers to continue urging the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ease restrictions on commercial drones in U.S. skies..…

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